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International Conference on Global trends in Management, Governance and Ethics.

Department of management of Institute of Technology and Science Ghaziabad organised an international conference on global trends in Management, Governance and Ethics on 15 April 2016.

The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr Jitendra Kumar Das Director School of Management, New Delhi. Dr A K Puri Director General, delivered the welcome address followed by conference overview by Dr Puneet Kumar.

During his keynote address Dr. Jitendra Kumar Das discussed how management governance and ethics are interrelated to each other. Dr Das discussed how initially computers came into being in India and discussed the evolution of computing Technology and very aptly highlighted the end user and the technology interface. Dr Das also talked about how technology can be used to increase efficiency. He emphasized that entrepreneurial activity is killed by too many regulations and freedom to do new things, he emphasized that how entrepreneurial activity has become social driving force in our country to empower the youth and creating the employment in the economy.

Technical Session:

The technical session was attended by distinguished speaker from the Academics.

Dr Kanhaiya Singh professor GLA University, Mathura, Dr Alok Pandey, Professor Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi, Dr D K Batra Professor IMI, New Delhi, and Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi professor IIFT New Delhi was the main speakers for the session.

The first speaker was Dr. Kanhaiya Singh and he spoke on how banking can change the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how banking can be used to transfer the benefits especially in the social sector to the needy one in the rural areas.

The second speaker, Dr Alok Pandey has his main focus on how various financial services have evolved over a period of time and have become an integral part of overall development in our economy.

Dr D K Batra, discussed how marketing and various aspects of marketing can be used by various start-ups and the existing players in the economy. He said that management governance and entrepreneurship are somehow related to each other and they need not to be seen differently.

The last speaker was Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi wherein he emphasized how international trade is evolving over a period of time. He also emphasized on the urgency and the need to create a system where in government should promote exports and make the balance of trade more favorable in the long run.

The third session was research paper presentations by participants from various institutes more than 20 papers were presented in different categories of Management function like Finance, Human resource, Marketing, International Business, Information Technology in Management and General Management.

    Best paper award was given to
  • 1. Samiran Jana in Finance area
  • 2. Chirag Malik in Marketing area
  • 3. Prof. Sonika Sharma in Human Resource area
  • 4. Prof. S.K Tannan in General Management area

Conference came to an end with a valedictory session wherein each winner was given a certificate and a citation for best paper in its category.

Conference ended with a vote of thanks given by Dr. Surendra Tiwari.

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Conference attended by Dr Abhinav P Tripathi at IIT –Delhi

Dr. Abhinav P. Tripathi has participated and presented a research paper on “Non-deceptive counterfeit brands: a descriptive approach to understand consumer perspective” co-authored by Prof. Durba Roy in a refereed, international conference on "Brand Management" organized on 16th and 17th April,2016 at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT–Delhi), Delhi.

This conference was an initiative to bring the research, academia and industry on the same platform to discuss the various initiatives and consequences of brands and its management. More than 500 researchers and scholars from across the globe have joined at this international conference, which was being further supported by Adobe and Emerald as digital and knowledge cum printing partners of this international conference research proceedings. This two days international conference widely addressed the issues of startup branding and valuation, Public sector branding, branding by not for profit organization, technology branding, b2b and ethical branding.

The conference was jointly inaugurated by department of management studies of IIT Delhi along with Curtin University, Australia. Dr. Harish Chaudhary, Dr. Mahim Sagar, Dr. Kanika Bhal, Prof. sushil , Prof. Ravi Shankar, Prof. S.S Yadav, Dr. S.K. Jain, and Prof. Tony Travaglione , Prof. Lucey, Prof. Camerford, Prof. David Groth are the few names who were available there during the two days international conference.

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Dr. Rajeev Johari attended IARNIW conference at Jaipur.

Dr. Rajeev Johari attended a two day illuminating annual conference of the Indian Association of Research on National Income and Wealth, IARNIW a registered society funded by the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, Govt. of India & RBI at The Theme Hotel, Jaipur during 16-17 March, 2017.

    The conference was based on the following themes:
  • National Accounts
  • Indian Economy & Data Base
  • Regional Accounts
  • Social Sector
  • Each theme had eminent discussants engaged in observation, commentary, evaluation and suggestion. Each session was chaired by distinguished subject and area experts from Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Reserve Bank of India and senior academia from various universities. Each paper was discussed for about 40- 60 minutes. Most of the paper presenters were specialists and macroeconomic research analysts in CSO, NSSO, RBI, NCAER, IHD, IIPA based in every corner of India. The main purpose of the conference was to compile and collate information regarding National Income and Wealth for government record as in economic surveys and dissemination of the same. The topic of research paper was “Social Sector Accounting – A SWOT Analysis”. It was a learning experience for him as very senior experts present for the session threw tremendous light on new concepts pertaining to the subject deepening his understanding of the topic and his paper was reviewed to the fullest unlike previous conference presentations which are restricted to simple and brief question answer session.

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International Conference: ICDMTB-2016

Department of management of Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organised an International Conference on “Developments in Management, Technology & Business” on 01st & 02nd April, 2016.

The International Conference has made ripples in Management Education. The congregation of academicians helped in creating very positive vibes in the academic industry. In all 18 academicians of repute including Dr. Vinay Sheel Gautam, Sr. Advisor KPMG and Founder Director IIM K, Dr. T V Rao, Chairman TVRL and Former Professor IIM A, among the most renowned name in management education, Dr. C P Srimali, Director MDI Gurgaon , Dr. Ganesh M Prabhu, Professor Strategy, IIM B, Dr. Atanu Ghosh, Prof. Strategy SOM , IIT Mumbai , Dr. Punam Sehgal , former dean IIM Lucknow , Dr. Srini R. Srinivasan, faculty Jamnalal Bajaj Mumbai and many others from MDI, IMI, IMT , joined us during the conference.

01st April, 2016: Inaugural Session

The conference was jointly inaugurated by the chief guest Dr Vinayshil Gautam, Sr Advisor KPMG, Founder Director IIM K and First Head of Management Department, IIT Delhi and keynote speaker Dr C P Shrimali, Director, MDI Gurgaon and Shir B K Arora, Secretary, I.T.S The Education Group.

Dr Sapna Rakesh, Director Management delivered the Welcome address followed by Conference overview by Dr Anita Mathew.

During his keynote address Dr Shrimali talked about technology as a driver of modern age and touched upon various issued concern with Technology leverage. Dr Vinayashil Gautam in his address sensitized the younger generation about opportunities available in India and their role to drive India ahead. He said that our challenge is to train and mentor the next generation of effective leaders who will shape the future of business, politics, and education in the face of global change.

At the end of the session the conference proceedings were released. Prof Anuja Roy coordinated the session effectively.

Technical Session 1:

The first technical session was on Financing, Marketing and Capability Building to accelerate competitiveness. Dr Ajay Pandit, Former Professor, FMS, Delhi University, Dr Ganesh M Prabhu, Professor- Strategy , IIM Bangalore and Dr Deepak Tandon, Professor- Finance, IMI, New Delhi were the speakers of the session.

Dr Ajay Pandit talked about the increasing demands on marketing organizations that are leaving marketers and their firms vulnerable. Most marketers would endorse this assertion and then acknowledge their uncertainty about how to navigate this reality. The drivers for the widening marketing performance gap are increasing complexity, interacting with an accelerating rate of change in markets and serious organizational impediments to responding.

Dr Ganesh M Prabhu highlights that goal of most strategies is to build an enduring competitive advantage by establishing clever market positioning or assembling the right capabilities and competencies for making or delivering an offering. Companies undertake periodic strategy reviews and set direction and organizational structure on the basis of an analysis of their industry and some forecast of how it will evolve and develop competitiveness.

Dr. Deepak Tandon said in the marketplace, it’s not the strongest who win, but ones most responsive and adaptable to change. Today, for business leaders and CXOs, it is a constant struggle to adapt to a fast-changing business environment. It’s not just about making the right choices for themselves but for all their stakeholders – employees, business partners, clients, customers, policy makers, shareholders and investors.

The session was well coordinated by Prof Shikha Arora.

Technical Session 2:

The second technical session was on Strategic drivers for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in business. Dr Shailendra Nigam, Professor- HR, IMI New Delhi, Dr V J Sebastian, from IMT Ghaziabad and Mr C K Sabharwal, MD Crop Health have addressed the gathering and answered the questions of the participants.

Dr Sailendra Nigam said that today we live in a technological ‘age’ and global economy where competition has become knowledge-based. In modern theories of growth and development technological innovation has taken the centre stage. Our love for novelty and new gadgets is thus based on practical and theoretical foundations.

Dr V J Sebastian highlighted the growing interest in the relationship between technological innovation (and entrepreneurship) and the way it can promote global growth and development. Prof. C K Sabharwal said that Governments and development agencies are focusing on generating inclusive innovations, using policy instruments that induce the private sector—working on its own or in partnership with the public and non government sectors—to create and disseminate innovations that relevant for underserved market segment.

02nd April, 2016:

Technical Session 3:

The second day of the conference took off with deliberations on another exiting theme “Management Challenges to engage with New order stakeholders” with the prolific academicians like Dr Atanu Ghosh from SJMIMS, IIT Mumbai, Dr Srini R Srinivasan from Jamna Lal Bajaj Institute, Mumbai, Dr Shobha Kulshretha, Renowned consultant in International Business Area and Dr Deepak Singh, Director HR, KPMG.

The discussion and deliberations revolve around Stakeholder engagement as a cutting edge tool. Some companies like Starbucks, which is crowdsourcing new product ideas through its “My Starbucks Idea” social media platform, are showing leadership in identifying and holding discussions with diverse stakeholder groups. But just as many companies are struggling to build the basics of engagement and appropriately respond to increasing pressure. This is happening in part because stakeholder engagement is part of the CSR basics.

It has become such a norm that companies complete it to tick a box rather than endeavoring to understand what engagement specifically means to them. Managers charged with stakeholder engagement are also feeling pressure created by social media. More voices clamoring in more outlets for more attention is changing the reasons companies engage, how they engage, and with whom they engage.

The session was very well coordinated by Dr V N Bajpai.

Technical Session 4:

Dr Punam Sahgal, VP HR National Institute of Smart Govt., Dr Ganesh M Prabhu from IIM b and Dr Rishiraj Singh, Director, NIESBUD discussed in length on Emerging Business models to drive growth in India. The speakers of the session talked about the opportunities and challenges involved in managing with the emerging business models based on IT platform. How India is benefiting from the growth of startups in this area.

Technical Session 5:

Dr T V Rao, Chairman, TVRLS, Former Professor IIM A, Dr Kavita Singh, Professor-OB, FMS, Delhi University, Dr. Debi Saini, Professor HR, MDI, Gurgaon, Dr A M Sherry, Head & Dean, HCL Talent Care discussed the issues related to the theme Technology, Society and Social change in India. Dr Rao said that in the wake of modernization and globalization, the processes of social mobility, the nature of demographic changes and increase in urbanization and industrialization have brought significant changes in Indian society. There have come vast changes in the fields of new professions, banking, management, media and information and several other sectors of service.

The conference received huge response from research scholars, academicians and industry participants. Over 200 research papers were received. 151 abstract and 6 theme papers have been included in conference proceedings published by Bloomsbury, a well known publication house. There were 66 selected paper presentations from close to 45 institutions including paper from IIM Kashipur, BHU, Jamia Islamia, RGIIT Kerala, amongst many others in six different tracks with session chairs of Professors from IIM B, IIT B, Jamna Lal Bajaj, Mumbai, IMI, Delhi and IMT Ghaziabad. 111 delegates and 18 speakers attended the Conference, which included 22 international delegates from Ghana, Butan, Kambodia, Peru, Russia, Namibia, Zimbabwe also.

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Dr. Vijesh Jain presented paper in International Conference at Amity University.

Dr. Vijesh Jain, Professor, ITS, Ghaziabad presented a paper titled - "Investigating the Real Benefits in terms of Work Life balance of Self Initiated Expatriation by Skilled Expatriates from India", at International Conference “Impact of Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship: Focus on Digital India, Start up India Stand up India Initiative” on 7-8 March, 2017, at Amity University, Noida.

The paper was well received by the session chair and audience. Apart from the paper presentation, Dr. Vijesh Jain also chaired one technical session at the conference and was one of the panel members of the panel discussion on the main theme of the conference.

A number of academics and scholars from national and international universities and educational institutes attended this 2 day conference. A number of students from other universities also presented their stories about their entrepreneurial ventures and discussed the success and failures of their projects. Some of these projects were very promising projects and got the attention of banks and other investors at the conference itself.

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I.T.S, faculty & students attended AIMA's 2nd National Leadership Conclave

Management faculty & students attended AIMA's 2nd National Leadership Conclave “Breaking Through: Making India a Creative Superpower” at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi

PGDM (2015-17) Batch students Shalvika Singh, Shashank Paliwal, ShwetaTyagi, Shwetank Srivastava, Anchal Grover, Ankit Sirohi, Sameer Mohd, Pawan Chauhan, Swati Sharma,Tusher Kaushik, Awanitka Chand along with faculty members Dr. D.K Pandey and Prof. Parul Gupta attended AIMA's 2nd National Leadership Conclave “Breaking Through: Making India a Creative Superpower” at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi on 3- 4 March, 2016

The conclave was organized by All India Management Association (AIMA). This two day conclave was divided into multiple sessions which covered different dimensions related to the idea of making India a creative superpower.

Session 1 on Budgeting for Growth: Balancing Discipline and Stimulus

  • 1. Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal (Senior Vice President, AIMA and Joint Managing Director, Hero Motocorp Ltd and Chairman, Hero Corporate Service Pvt Ltd)
  • 2. Mr. Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda- Indian Politician, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Biju Janata Dal
  • 3. Mr. N.K. Singh (Former Member (Rajya Sabha), Economist and Senior Member, BJP)

The discussion in the session focused on budgetary measure to increase investment in India and on increased public spending without breaching its fiscal deficit target.

Session 2 on Make in India: Building for Long-Term Growth

  • 1. Mr. Rahul Bajaj (Chairman, Bajaj Auto Limited, India and Head, Bajaj Group)
  • 2. Mr. R C Bhargava (Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Maruti Suzuki India Limited)
  • 3. Mr. Amitabh Kant (Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Government of India)

This session focused on political and policy environment reforms for quick and easy implementation of infrastructure and industrial projects.

Session 3 on Green Signals: Ecology, Growth, and Democracy in India

Speaker – Mr. Jairam Ramesh (Senior Leader, Indian National Congress, Member of Parliament

This session detailed on the efforts to change the way environment is viewed both by proponents of environmental security and those who prize economic growth at all costs.

Session 4 on Budget 2016: A Boost for the Economy

Speaker: Mr. Jayant Sinha (Minister of State for Finance, Government of India)

This Session analysed the budget 2016 in its implications for the poor section of the society.

Session 5: Talent Economy: Creating Global Knowledge & Skills Hub

  • 1. Mr. S Ramadorai (Chairman, National Skill Development Agency & National Skill Development Corporation)
  • 2. Mr. Vineet Nayar (Former CEO of HCL Technologies and Founder of Sampark Foundation)
  • 3. Mr. Vinay Sheel Oberoi (Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development,Government of India)

In this session the speakers discussed on how India’s demographic dividend be turned into a key asset for durable growth.

    Session 6 India Ventures: Becoming Entrepreneurial Nation
  • 1. Mr. Patu Keswani (Chairman and Managing Director, Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd)
  • 2. Mr. Rajesh Magow (Co-Founder & CEO – India, MakeMyTrip)
  • 3. Mr. Raaja Kanwar (Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Apollo International Limited)

This session focused on measures to promote entrepreneurial attitude and the leadership needs to facilitate an ecosystem for start-ups

Session 7 Energizing Growth: Powering Productivity

Speaker: Mr. Piyush Goyal

Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy, Government of India

The session focused on measures to provide uninterrupted power supply to cater to the increasing demand of growing India.

Session 8 “PaxIndica: Shaping a New World Order”

Speaker: Mr. Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha and Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs)

The speaker focused on how India can be a global creative superpower using the soft power it possesses.

Session 9: “Exponential Technology Advances, Disruptions of Industries, and Opportunities for India”

  • 1. Mr. Vivek Wadhwa (Fellow, Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Stanford University and Director of Research, CERC, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University)
  • 2. Mr. CP Gurnani (CEO and the Managing Director of Tech Mahindra.)

Session 10 Indestructible Brands: Building Brands to Survive Disruption

  • 1. Sam Balsara (Chairman and Managing Director of Madison World and Madison Communications)
  • 2. D Shiva kumar (Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd)
  • 3. Santosh Desai (Managing Director & CEO of Future brands India Ltd. Author, Columnist, Social Commentator)
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