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Re-orientation Programme “Campus to Corporate: Changing Expectations”

I.T.S School of Management at Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabadorganized an online Re-Orientation Programme “Campus to Corporate: Changing Expectations” for PGDM (2020-22) batch students on 26th July, 2021.

The Re-orientation Programme started with the welcome address presented by Director Management, Dr. D.K Agarwal. Hestarted his talk with a quote “Crisis is the genesis of innovation” and also mentioned 5 essential elements to be a successful manager. He briefly mentioned about the need to have Inspiration, Innovation, Integrity, Professional Commitment, Business Insights and Sensitivity towards environment & society. PGDM Chairperson, Dr. Anusha Aggarwal welcomed the distinguished experts and talked about the theme “Campus to Corporate: Changing Expectations” and also gave best wishes for the bright future of students. Distinguished experts for the session were Mr. Arnob Mukherjee, Business Head, Ethinos, Mr. Rahul Garg, Vice President of a leading communication firm, and Mr. Pratyush Panda, Country Manager India & SAARC, FORBO Floorings & also Alumnus 2005-07 Batch.

Mr. Arnob Mukherjee started his talk by saying communication is the key to success.He briefly mentioned about Expectation & Deliverables: The conundrum, Gig Environment, Buzz words now-a-days like (pandemic, mental health, work life balance) and industry expectations like commitment and enthusiasm. Mr. Rahul Garg discussed about hyper connecting societies, robotics which are replacing human jobs in some or the other ways. He talked about value creation, team work and their role in today’s corporate world. Mr. Pratyush Panda elaborated some important and practical aspects at workplace like Attitude vs Skills, Humility vs Arrogance, Personal life vs Professional branding, Network = Net Worth, (Learn, Unlearn, Relearn), Curiosity has no substitute, Appearance matters, Less facebook but more linkedIn.

The session concluded with the presentation of plaque to the distinguished speakers as a token of remembrance and gratitude.

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Management faculty attended a one- week FDP organized by IIT- Guwahati

Prof. Parul Gupta, Faculty of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad, attended a 6- day Virtual FDP on ‘Mentoring Pedagogy and Teaching for Higher Education’ from 19thJuly – 24thJuly 2021,

organized by the E&ICT Academyof IIT- Guwahati. The online FDP witnessed participation from 50 selected Faculty members from across India. The resource person of the program was Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, Managing Director- Indian Skill Academy and Empanelled member of E&ICT Academy, IIT- Guwahati. The details of the topics covered are mentioned below-

1.               Online Devery Techniques

2.               Core Life  Skills

3.               Leaning to Learn, Mindset Crafting

4.               Core Values and NAAC – Probable areas

5.               Career Counselling, Needs

6.               Mentoring Pedagogy, Techniques

7.               Effective Presentation, Public Communication

8.               Classroom Delivery Enhancement Techniques

9.               Project Work

This FDP followed a peer-learning approach. It was highly interactive and intensive program which included daily quizzes and project work for final assessment based on which the certificate was awarded.  The resource person being a seasoned trainer, brought his valuable knowledge and experience to the discussion and created immense learning during the entire program.

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Management faculty attended ATALFDP on "Quantification of Human Resource with HR Analytics’" .

Prof. Ritu Saxena, Faculty of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad, attended a 5- day

Virtual AICTET Training  and Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on “Quantification of Human Resource with HR Analytics’" from 19.07.2021 to 23.07.2021 at DATTA MEGHE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

The online FDP witnessed participation from 80 selected Faculty members from across India. The resource person of the program was Ms. Megha Dixit, DGM – HR & Training, Cancer Hospital, Bombay & Dr. Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav , Assistant Professor, Prestige institute of Management, Gwalior.  The details of the topics covered were Business Analytics-The HR Perspective, Business Understanding for HR Initiatives , HR Balance Score Card, Data Analytics with tool pak , HR Analytics- Tableau .

There were daily assignments given by the organizing Institutions. At the end of the training program one test was also conducted, in which it was mandatory to achieve minimum 60% marks.  This was a great learning experience for me while attending all the sessions and it would definitely help me in my teaching-learning process in the field of HR analytics.

It was highly interactive with practical applications of analytics and Tableau. The resource person being a HR Analytics trainer, brought his valuable knowledge and applications to the discussion and created deep learning during the entire  FDPprogram.

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A Session on “Stress Management through Yoga” on the Occasion of "International Yoga Day" for PGDM/MBA students

During the session Students & Faculty members performed various stress reliever exercises like; Anulom-Vilom, Chakrasana, Kapalbhati etc.

Students enjoyed all the exercises and learnt them. At the end Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director- Management, during her address to the gathering said, that, in the fast-pace modern world and globalization, the academic fraternity and students, knowingly and unknowingly undergo through some pressure and stress which are resulting some physical and mental disorders like lack of discipline, confidence, concentration, focus, memory, strength, efficiency, creativity and resulting in chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, code of conduct and  disrupted relationships. Therefore in present scinerio, Yoga is the only solution of all these problems, and hence we all should do yoga exercises everyday. Director Ma'am also thanked to Acharya Mukesh ji for the wonderful session taken by him.

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The Institute Innovation Council of I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organised an online session on “Building a Consumer Friendly Innovative Product”.

The resource person for the occasion was Mr. Rajat Bharadwaj, Founder and CEO of Jupiter Air and Space. Mr Bharadwaj has been an aerospace engineer with NASA.

Mr Bharadwaj started the session with a presentation on “Understanding the Product before Development”. He explained that one needs to understand the problem through indepth market research, so as to gain insights on all aspects. He also reasoned that product development requires a coordinated approach with a view to optimise resources. He added that because of a dynamic market it is necessary to remain updated constantly so as to survive and adapt.

Mr Bharadwaj also held forth on how innovation contributes to market change. The company needs to be on par with its competition through data, information and knowledge that is constantly refreshed. He also emphasised on a personalised approach towards the customer, so that she is alive to the product. Internal development is the need of the hour for gaining a proper understanding of the customer. The company needs to stay in touch with the market and remain conscious via feedback.

Towards the end of the session several queries were raised by the students, which were effectively handled by Mr Bharadwaj. It turned out to be an enlightening session for all present.

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I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad under MoE’s Institution Innovation Council organized session of Innovation Ambassador for students and faculty

The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Vinod Shastri, Head (Academics & Research), Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Bennet University.

Dr. Vinod has rich and diverse experience spanning over 3 decades in Entrepreneurship Development across multiple organizations including MCED, NIMID, NEN and SIBM.

The speaker began the session by highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship development in the country. He also discussed the government efforts that are sincerely directed towards encouraging entrepreneurship in India. discussed the concept of 3 E’s which are essential for developing Entrepreneurial mindset among the students. Encouragement, Exposure and Environment are the components of the 3- E framework which must be aligned by the institution to promote student entrepreneurship. He emphasized the importance of building an entrepreneurial mindset in students and talked about the how institutions can work upon creating an environment that promotes entrepreneurship development right from the beginning by introducing various courses, electives and workshops on the subject. He highlighted various entrepreneurial ventures which have come to life under his guidance. He also discussed various challenges faced in starting up an enterprise and how can you overcome those challenges.

Towards the end of session, the speaker took up participants queries and answered them sincerely. The participants appreciated the session. The session was engaging and fruitful.

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Department of Management Studies at I.T.S – School of Management, MohanNagar, Ghaziabad organized online webinar on “Discovering the joy of selling”

The key speaker of the occasion was Mr. AchalRangaswamy, Veteran sales and marketing professional. He was the president- Marketing with Bell Ceramics Ltd.

in his last job. He was awarded as the Winner of AMA – ZydusCadila Marketing Man of the year award by the Ahmedabad Management Association. He was also professional author of 4 books, Life coach and Tedx Speaker.

The session stared by the welcome address delivered by Director(Management) Dr. VidyaSekhri and later she welcomeMr. AchalRangaswamy and mention about sales & its importance in today’s world.

Mr. AchalRangaswamy started his talk by mentioning that ‘Sales is an Ocean’. He mention his journey in a form of story & taught Six different lessons of sales. Lesson 1 (Never mind the terrain, the weather or the “Whether”s& Always enjoy the journey). Lesson 2 (Every Yes brought business & joy whereas Every No brought great lessons). Lesson 3 (Be proud of what you do). Lesson 4 (The need to sell with dignity, with pride & respect). Lesson 5 (Create the wave, stoke the flames, spread the fire and engulf the world). Lesson 6 (Learn to sell, or prepare for Hell). He explained all the lessons with wonderful examples & stories of his experience in life.

Mr. Rangaswamy also mention “Don’t just make a living, Make a life” by spreading happiness. He said in this Covid 19 pandemic sales & salesperson plays a very crucial role by fulfilling the demand of customers by taking order & supplying the required material. At last he concludethe talk by saying a Quote “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME”.

In Q&A session many questions were raised by the students which were handled and satisfied very effectively by the distinguished speaker.

At the end of the session Dr. VidyaSekhri, Director (Management), put her concluding remark and presented a digital Plaque to the guest as a token of gratitude and remembrance.

It was a great learning experience for all the participants.

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I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad, Department of Management organised its annual fest WYSIWYG on May 1st2021

in virtual mode. The event witnessed a huge registration from around 130 colleges across 15 states in India. The event consisted of 7 different competitions such as Puzzle Mystery,JAM Twister, Business Quiz, Solo Dance, Abhinay, Face Painting and Music Mania.

The program commenced with Inaugural session whereDirector- Management Prof. (Dr.) Vidya Sekhri, presented a heart-warming welcome address. She emphasised that the aim of this platform is to encourage positive and creative pursuits among students. The inaugural session was graced by the presence of Shri. Nitin Sharma - Executive Vice President - Distribution at 9X Media and Mr. Omkar Paralikar and Mr. Rohan Chinchore- Classical artists who performed Live from Pune.Mr. Nitin congratulated the participants and emphasised that we should all look for positivity in such difficult times. Mr. Omkar and Mr. Rohan mesmerised the audience with perfect jugalbandi on Sitar and tabla. Director-Managementpresented virtual plaques to the dignitaries as a token of gratitude.

Post inaugural the 7 events were initiated at separate virtual platforms where the participants exhibited their aptitudes and amazed the audience with their talent.All the participants and winners were felicitatedin the Valedictory session.The event concluded with a heartfelt tribute paid by ITS fraternity to all the frontline fighters against COVID19.

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"Entrepreneurship Summit 2021"

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, Department of Management organised the Virtual Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 on the focal theme “Channelizing New Age Technologies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ignite, Innovate & Transform" on 17th April .


The inaugural session witnessed the benign virtual presence of Honorable Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group, Shri Arpit Chadha; Chief Guest of the event Mr. Pankaj Kankar, COO, Fareye Former CTO,; Guest of Honour Mr. Divyanshu K, Vice President (Strategy), boAt Lifestyle; Distinguished Guest Mr. Saurabh Bohra, Founder & CEO, NovaSatum; and Prof.(Dr.) Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management).

Mr. Pankaj Kankar emphasized on the need to use innovation and technology in building simple, sustainable development strategies that benefit the masses at the bottom of the pyramid.

Mr. Divyanshu K discussed the various pillars based on which entrepreneurship development works. He also highlighted the importance of nurturing budding entrepreneurs and their thought processes since they act as job creators and not job seekers.

Mr. Saurabh Bohra stated the impact of technological developments on fintech companies such as Paytm, MobiKwik, etc and how these have made our lives easier amidst the crisis.

After the successful inaugural session, Panel Discussion 1 and 2 included different eminent speakers.

The theme for the session 1 was “Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration”. The eminent speakers for the session were
- Mr. Abhjinav Pathak, Co-founder & CEO-Perpule;
- Ms. Rohini Nair Partner and Founding Member, ANB Legal, Advocates & Solicitors;
- Ms. Rimjhim Ray, Co-founder & Advisory;
- Mr. Ankit Tripathi, Founder - Uneko & Planet Changemaker.

The theme for the session 2 was “Entrepreneurial Behavior, Skills and Capabilities”. The eminent speakers for the session were
- Mr. Khalid Isar, Founder & CEO, iTech Ecommerce LLP, Business Partner,;
- Mr. Raj A. Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance and MD, India STEM Alliance;
- Mr. Jonathan Daniels, Co-Founder & Director, JP Morgan Chase, Belgium;
- Mr. Vikram Kumar, Senior Director Strategy, Verticurl Pte Ltd., Singapore; and
- Mr. Pranav Kharbanda, Vice President, Corporate Relations, Shiksha Redefining Education.

All the eminent speakers talked about the importance of ensuring all aspects before starting any new venture and motivated the students for doing great in life.

The session was attended by almost 200+ participants and it garnered immense enthusiasm and involvement from all, followed by an extensive Q&A round.

The event concluded with the presentation of virtual plaques as a token of gratitude by Prof.(Dr.) Vidya Sekhri to all the eminent speakers.

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Alumni Talk on Distribution Management by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra,

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad  organized virtual alumni  talk on Distribution  Management for the students of PGDM (2020-22) on 16th April, 2021.  

  Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra, alumnus of PGDM (2012-14) batch, presently associated as Sales Head- Uttar Pradesh with Amazon India discussed various issues involved in designing and managing an effective distribution channel system.  He described General Trade and Modern Trade with examples and covered variety of channel partners involved in the various formats of business. He mentioned that Distribution channels are pathways along which products travel from producers to ultimate consumers. They are routes along which products, information, and finance flow. 

Mr Pradeep said that an effective distribution channel can be a source of strategic advantage for companies. But unfortunately very little has been done to explore the opportunities that exist with the distribution channel structure prevails in India, which is largely traditional and quite unique. In his lecture he covered overview of distribution channels, particularly their constituents and structure, with a special focus on distribution channels in India. He also highlighted the issues related to channel conflict and techniques to manage it. He shared his experience of managing distributor and their ROI. While answering to the queries of students he focused on the challenges that companies in India face in designing, constructing, and managing distribution channels on the ground. He talked about challenges before organizations operating in a multi-channel context including need to balance the requirement to extend their reach with the necessity of managing costs and brand experience. It was a great learning experience for the students.

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