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Management Faculty attended ATAL-AICTE virtual FDP

Dr. Rajeev Johari, Department of Management, Institute of Technology and Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad

attended five days ATAL-AICTE virtual FDP organised by GTU Innovation Council’s Rajkot centre on the subject “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Its Relevance in Educational Practice” during 24th August, 2020 to 28th August, 2020.

Shri Nitin Gadkari Hon’ble Minister for MSME, RT & H and Shipping was the chief guest of the program. Dr. Anil Shastrabudhe, Chairman of AICTE and Shree Bhupenrasinh Chudasama, Hon'ble Education Minister, Government of Gujarat were the guest of honors. The Chief Patron was Prof. (Dr.) Navin Sheth, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, GTU and Dr. K. N. Kher, Registrar, GTU was the invitee.

The FDP highlighted on innovation strategies to be inculcated in educational practice in teaching pedagogy amongst faculty fraternity by promoting and nurturing an advancement in the culture of design, innovation, creative problem solving and entrepreneurship. The FDP was delivered by eminent speakers, experts from academia, industry and government bodies. The FDP covered the whole Design Thinking process and innovation, creativity to help faculty to teach the students to inculcate entrepreneurship qualities and approaches, which can be taken in educational practice apt for all the Faculty Members who want to acquaint with Design Domains.

Ms. Bhuminka Sukhadia of OPE Lab delivered a session on design thinking for catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship. Shri B. K Chakravarti of IIT conducted a live lecture on 7 concerns of innovation. Dr. Piyush Jain delivered the session on Innovative composite materials and it’s applicability in latest design and manufacturing trends. Dr. Preet Deep Singh of Invest India delivered a practical session on blockchain. Mr. Rohit Bhatia of SIEMENS delivered his session on NX Additive manufacturing. Ms Jinali Thacker of IIM spoke on Company Incorporation. Mr Vishal Sarvaiya delivered his lecture on Govt selling and tendering. Mr. Gudipuri Krishna Sharma of Invest India delivered his lecture on Startup India Schemes. Dr. Suchita Markan of BCIL delivered her session on Best Practices of Technology Transfer – Catalysing Ideation and Commercialisation. Mr. Janak Sinh Jhala of Khaitan & Co. spoke on Patent Prosecution in India and abroad. Mr. Chet Jainn delivered a session on Fundraising – best practices. Ms Nidhi Sureka delivered lecture on Business Model canvas and value proposition. Mr. Ashish Gupta delivered his lecture on Legal Compliances and Mr. Ahmed Mustafa delivered a session on MSME insights.

Overall the sessions followed the approach of employing real life issues towards effective practical learning with numerous relevant examples and cases. It was a rich learning opportunity for the participants. The interactive nature of the sessions further added to better imbibing of the contents touched during the course.

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"Corporate Talk for PGDM (2020-22) Batch"

Department of Management ITS, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk for PGDM (2020-22) Batch

by Ms.  Richa Sharma, Founder- The Book Cafe & Virtual Coffee Table, Director- DreamTeam Technologies, An IIMB Alumnus on the topic “Start Up Vs Business- The Indian Mindset” on 28th August, 2020.

Ms. Richa Sharma shared her opinion that Start up and Traditional Business both requires sweat, blood and hard work to be successful. She further added that concept of traditional business is much wider than that of a lean start-up. In traditional business, the postulations of a company are huge and are ratified with the objective to makes substantial gains and support.

Ms. Richa emphasized that the most fascinating fact about a start-up is that it is not subjected to any hard and fast rules like a traditional business. It enjoys full flexibility in terms of employees, infrastructure, products and services, etc. Start-ups do not make money from the very first day of its initiation. The entrepreneur has to work towards the growth and development of the company in terms of services, users and clients.

She further said that However, both the business have got their own pros and cons, It is on an individual on what he/she wants to venture. To become successful early on, you need to be passionate, world class at something core, and competent at just about everything else so create great team engage them passionately with the company’s Vision and Mission for company’s early success.  In the end of the corporate lecture, a special vote of thanks was given to her.

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Corporate Talk on “Disruptive Methodology of Customer Acquisition in the Digital World" for PGDM students.

Department of Management I.T.S, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad organized Corporate Talk for PGDM (2019-21)

Batch by Mr. Subhashish Banerjee, Director- Sales, Triniti Corporation, Dubai, UAE on the topic “Disruptive Methodology of Customer Acquisition in the Digital World" on 26 August, 2020.

Mr. Subhashish Banerjee shared  that Powerful and interconnected technologies today including the cloud and AI, mean any business going through a digital transformation journey will be handed lucrative opportunities, but will also have to face dramatic threats. He added that m ajor disruptive forces creating a new contest which will result in fresh winners and losers.

Mr. Banerjee further explained that although the long-term impacts of customer journey mapping promise to be deep and far reaching, But a carefully considered, strategic response is invaluable in approaching digital transformation so that your business remains sustainable and agile in this ever-changing environment. And for this organizations need to understand customer journey and creatively applying the right technology to build greater customer engagement.

Mr. Subhashish said that start leveraging digital to develop compelling value propositions and Implement Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to push the better customer engagement. Instead of incremental innovation, companies should focus on full-blown customer service strategies to respond the rising customer expectations and acclimatize to the breakneck speed of technology.

At the end of the Corporate Talk, a special vote of thanks was given to him.

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FINVEST CLUB Activity organized “THE MIND FIZZ” for PGDM students

Finvest Club of Department of Management at ITS – Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad organized an online activity “THE MIND FIZZ” for PGDM (2019-21) batch on 23rd August, 2020.

The activity basically comprised of mind riddles based on reasoning and quant to see the ability of the students of how much they are capable of thinking out of the box. There were total 25 questions totally pictorial, out of them 3 questions were generalized and the rest varied between both reasoning ability and quant.  The activity started sharp at 8.00 PM and the responses closed at 8.15 pm, a total time of 15 minutes were allotted. We in total got 43 responses out of that the top 5 performers of the activity will be given the Appreciation Certificates and rest others will be the Certificate of Participation. The activity was conducted under the Faculty Mentor Dr. Anurag Bahadur Singh.

Result of the Event -:

1st Position : Ananya Gupta, Section B

2nd Position: Neha Aggarwal, Section A

3rd Position: Vaishali Menon, Section A

4th Position: Aditya Tripathi, Section C

5th Position: Raunak Sanwaria, Section A

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Training session on “Discovering the Joy of Selling” by Mr. Achal N Rangaswamy

Management Department of I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a training session on “Discovering the Joy of Selling” for PGDM (2019-21)

students by Mr. Achal N Rangaswamy, a versatile and highly successful Sales and Marketing trainer, facilitator and Coach on 22nd August, 2020.

The session started with a warm welcome of Mr Rangaswamy by Dr Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management). In her opening remarks, Dr Sekhri said, Sales has always been among the most important functions of business. Sales as a career is a definite path to reach at top. It is challenging but exciting field. Those who take pride and enjoy in being into the sales can do wonders.

Mr Rangaswamy, shared that As a sales professional, he enjoys personal satisfaction, growth, an unmatched income potential, and financial stability. A career in sales is not everyone’s first choice. But if you’re looking for a career that gives you a good income and the chance to truly succeed, you owe it to yourself to consider it.

While responding to a question Mr Ragaswamy said that some people are genetically designed to be more extroverted than others but one need not to possess a certain artificial face to be an effective salesperson. Sales is more about hard work, strategy, and persistence than one’s gene pool. He demonstrated that a sales person should be a good story teller, as good stories serve as a unique kind of glue, lingering with the clients long after the facts and formulas fade away. Story construction around a context benefit almost every presentation, be it online or offline. Organizing information into a format with a beginning (setting the stage), middle (the challenge) and ending (new reality) can do magic to deal with many complex issues with the potential customer. He shared many stories of his own life and business organizations to convey effective messages to the participants. 

It was great to have such deeper insights on one of the most challenging career options by the expert. At the end, Dr V N Bajpai, proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Rangaswamy for sparing his valuable time and enriching the participants with his words of wisdom.

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“Aspirations 2020” Day 3 - Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management conducted the third day of “ASPIRATIONS-2020”, as a part of PGDM (2020-22) Orientation Programme, a session on “Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing” on 19th August, 2020.

The session commenced with the warm welcome of all the alumni by Dr Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management). In her opening remarks, she said that the new batch joined I.T.S PGDM programme with lots of expectations and dreams in their eyes to be fulfilled in the days to come. She inspired them to become a true professional by inculcating all those traits and skills which are expected in corporates.

Prof. Durba Roy, Associate Vice President, Corporate Resource Centre, moderated the session and shared her memories with these alumni and their batch mates.

Alumni of PGDM Programme included:

- Mr. Deeraj Verma, National Business Head (Institutional Sales), Dabur,

- Mr. Vivek Tripathi, Associate Manager – HR, Apollo,

- Mr. Abhishek Das, General Manager, MFI Documents solutions Ltd.,

- Mr. Shayan Dasgupta, Area Sales Manager, Himalaya Wellness, Nepal,

- Ms Parul Garg, Distribution Manager, Red Bull

- Ms Vaishali Malik, Team Leader, Amazon.

They all shared their experiences of corporate life and gave valuable tips to the students to make themselves corporate ready. They shared that Passion, positive attitude, communication, confidence, networking, team spirit are few traits, one should have to be a true professional.

To listen to them was a great experience for the students as it gave them a glimpse of how their lives would be after two years from now.

It is a matter of pride for I.T.S to have graduated such students who are scaling new heights of success in their respective fields and bringing glory to themselves and to their alma-mater.

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Orientation Program “ASPIRATIONS 2020” for PGDM (2020-22) Batch.

I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Department of Management began the Second day of Aspirations 2020 with a session on Personality Development.

The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, Executive Director Confluence Integrated Services Private Limited. He was welcomed by Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management).

Dr. Sekhri shared some valuable insights with the new batch. She said that the need of the hour is adaptation. She advised the students to be focussed from Day 1 and keep the learning going with every passing day.

Mr. Surya Narain shared some useful tips with the students. He gave them a 20 pointer self development program and discussed some live case studies. Topics that were covered in the training program included understanding oneself, importance of self-discipline, self-determination, overcoming fear of failure and dealing effectively with difficult situations.

The sessions witnessed an enthusiastic participation by the students in all the activities. Training programme ended with award of certificates to the participating students.

The Post Lunch Session of Day 2 was graced by the presence of-

1. Mr. Siddharth Dasgupta, Associate Director, Ernst & Young; 2. Mr. Tapo Kar, General Manager, HR, Bata India Ltd.;

3. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, MD Yamaha Motors solutions India.

Mr. Siddharth Dasgupta introduced three keywords – Reimagination, Response, Recovery to the students. He explained how these words will becomes pillars for future success for them. Mr. Siddharth answered many questions to the students.

Mr. Tapo Kar had a very interactive session where he inspired the students to be proactive to face the challenges of a Corporate life. He further explained how and what can the students do in the next two years so as to get an edge in the Campus placement.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh shared some interesting excerpts from the Corporate Life so as to make the students familiar with the challenges they would be facing in the coming years. Mr. Sanjay presented the new set of expectations of the Corporates and how the life has changed in these times of crisis.

Virtual plaques were presented to all the Guest Speakers by Director Management.

Overall, the session was enriching and full of learnings for the students.

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Inaugural Ceremony of “Aspirations 2020” - Orientation Program of PGDM 2020-22 batch.

Three days Virtual Orientation Program “Aspirations-2020” at I.T.S - Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad commenced with an inaugural ceremony to welcome the 25th batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2020-22) students on 17th August, 2020. 

Mr. Kamal Bali, President & Managing Director- Volvo Group India was the Chief Guest and Mr. Naveen Aggarwal, Partner, Corporate and International Tax U.S. Corridor Leader, India Global, KPMG, India was invited as the Guest of Honour for the Inaugural session. 

The event was graced with the benign presence of Director PR, Shri Surender Sood and Director (Management), Dr. Vidya Sekhri. 

In her welcome address, Director (Management) Dr. Vidya Sekhri congratulated students for embarking their new journey with the Institute towards building successful corporate career.  She inspired students with her stimulating address and advised them to strive hard for achieving their objectives with zeal and enthusiasm, develop positive attitude and skills to gain employability. 

Director PR, Shri Surender Sood delivered an invigorating address and motivated the budding managers to pursue their dreams and put in their best efforts to overcome challenges posed by turbulent business environment. 

Dr. Anusha Aggarwal, Chairperson -PGDM presented an overview of the orientation program.

The Chief Guest of the session Mr. Kamal Bali highlighted the challenges in light of the global pandemic and advised students to convert these challenges into opportunities for growth and explore new avenues by being innovative. He emphasized on the need for maintaining calm, helping others, extending outreach to communities, conserving resources and optimally utilizing them along with being empathetic to emerge as winners in these critical times. Students participated enthusiastically and raised several queries which were addressed by Mr. Bali. 

The session concluded with a formal vote of thanks to the esteemed guests along with presentation of a virtual plaque as a token of gratitude and reverence. 

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Sports Club ‘STATESMAN’ organized online event, ‘MINDBUZZ (Sports Riddles).

Department of Management, I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad, Sports Club ‘STATESMAN’ organized online event, ‘MINDBUZZ (Sports Riddles)’ for PGDM (2019-21) on 16th August 2020 (Sunday).

During this lockdown period in order to keep the logical thinking balance along with the fun factor of the students, the club conceptualized this event. This event was on Sports Riddles. There were 20 questions and the time allotted to solve those 20 riddles was 10 minutes. When the event was publicized, we could receive an overwhelming response from the students.

On Sunday evening the participants were highly enthusiastic and passionate to win. The event started at sharp 8:00 pm, where we shared the Google Form through the mail to the students of PGDM Batch 2019_21 in the concern of Dr. D.K. Pandey sir and Dr. Sanjeev Tandon sir and all the members of the Statesman Club. 40 participants enrolled for the event.

It was a great evening and each participant was displaying strategic mind along with complete zeal to win the activity. The event required presence of mind, time management, logical thinking and sports knowledge. The event came to an end at 8:10 pm. It was a great experience and much required change for all the students during this lockdown period. The event ended happily with much of learning for each participant.

Result of the Event -:

1st Position : Mukul Raj (2019-21), Section A

2nd Position: Sarbik Paul Chowdhury (2019-21), Section B

3rd Position: Sudhanshu Jhanwar  (2019-21), Section B

4th Position: Rahul Rastogi (2019-21), Section C

5th Position: Vaishali Menon(2019-21), Section A

The event was a grand success. All students appreciated the initiative taken by team "STATESMAN".  

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 Dr. Rajeev Johari and students of management department, PGDM (19-21batch) attended the virtual FICCI GLOBAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INDUSTRY CONNECT 2020 on 24th July, 2020

to 14th August, 2020, which is a series of webinars planned for 52 weeks on every Friday evening at 5 to 6 pm. Each week features a new leader either of national or international repute or a new successful entrepreneur as speaker. These interactive webinars are being organized by Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) in collaboration with Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC-OIP), Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM B-FII) and National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI).

Students and faculty members both from India and across the globe regularly attend the online event. Students of ITS too participate actively in these interactive webinar series by way of attentive listening and posting relevant comments and queries. The webinars are motivational in nature and offer a new, interesting and enriched learning content every time.     

The fifth of this series was on 24 July’20 on the topic Journey of a Mariner to an Entrepreneur deliberated by Mr. Siddharth Choudhary, Founder and CEO of Helicrofter which is an agri business ecommerce platform involving selling to two different buyers that is retailers and community leaders which is well connected network of rural entrepreneurs. This webinar was truly inspirational for students and budding entrepreneurs as the guest speaker oriented the listeners on three important aspects of self viz. will, courage and experience that decide the success of any entrepreneurial endeavor and shared the story of his dramatic shift of career from marine engineering to agriculture and discussed stories of his struggles and personal sufferings and how they propelled him to keep moving.

The sixth of the series was on 31 July’20 on the topic the new normal- is it a risk, a challenge or an opportunity with the key note speaker being Dr. Nayana Dehigama, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, EPIC Technology Group, Sri Lanka who shared the favorable policies observed by Sri Lankan governments during the pandemic period and the opportunities that had opened up worldwide owing to the pandemic.

The seventh in the series was on 7th August’20 on the theme The Dairy: livelihood for 100 million rural entrepreneurs featuring the dynamic delivery of Dr. R.S Sodhi, Managing Director of AMUL who shed light on coping strategies of the dairy industry amid the covid-19 crisis, the factors behind the nationwide acceptance of AMUL products, marketing strategies and the offer extended by AMUL to others for replicating the AMUL model.

The eighth in the series was the highly informative session on 14th of August on the topic reinventing startups: creating new value chains that benefit customers, society and the planet with Mr. Pedro Eloy, CEO, Pelham Grey, Chairman UN ESCAP SBN youth and women entrepreneurship as the international speaker who highlighted the significance of startups, what determines their success into transformation into major players and shared the key success markers of entrepreneurship interestingly illustrating the role of innovation through many real time useful simple examples.

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