• Two types of specialization options are available to the students of PGDM Program. Students will have liberty to choose any one option out of these two. One has to opt for total Eleven (11) electives plus three seminar courses from their chosen specialization area which will be equivalent to 3 credit course (one full Paper).
  • Students have to opt as per following structure:

    • Major: 8 papers , Others: 3 Papers + 3 Seminar Courses (Equivalent to 3 credit, One Full Paper)
    • Dual 1: 6 Papers, Dual 2: 5 Papers + 3 Seminar Courses (Equivalent to 3 credit, One Full Paper)
  • Specialization Option
    • Major / Minor Specialization: Under this option, a student has to opt for total Eight (8) elective papers from any one of the specialization areas (Marketing/ Finance/ HR/ IB/ IT/Operations) out of which two electives from Major Area should be selected in Term III. Remaining six (06) electives can be opted in IV, V and VI trimester as 3, 2 and 1 elective respectively. The Remaining of the electives i.e. (11-8=3) can be opted in III, IV and VI Term as one each respectively from one area of minor specialization.
    • Dual Specialization: Under the dual specialization option, a student has to select any two specialization areas out of the specialization areas available ((Marketing/ Finance/ HR/IB/ IT/Operations) and has to opt for six (06 + 05) elective papers from the basket of each of these two specialization areas. Out of which two electives should be selected based on the specialization area (Dual1) of their summer internship and reaming four (4) elective from that area(Dual 1) should be opted in term IV, V and VI as 2, 1 and 1 respectively. The five (5) electives from other specialization area (Dual 2) should be opted in term III, IV, V and VI as 1, 2, 1 and 1 respectively.
    • Note: Please note that the total number of electives in each trimester that can be taken is fixed as following.

      Trimester Number of electives that can be opted
      (Major + Minor =Total) Dual (D1 + D2 = Total)
      III ( 2 + 1 = 3 ) (2+1=3)
      IV (3+1=4) (2+2=4)
      V (2+(1 Seminar Courses)=3) (1+1 +(1 Seminar Courses)=3)
      VI (1+1=2) (1+1=2)
  • Seminar courses in each functional Area.
    • Each Seminar course will be of 10 hours followed by compulsory examination.
    • Students have to opt for three (3) seminar courses which will be equivalent to 3 credit course (One Full Paper).
    • Seminar courses will be introduced in 4th Trimester to the students.
    • Students will give their preferences for Seminar course by the end of 3rd Trimester.
    • Accordingly selected Seminar Courses will be offered in 4th & 5th Trimesters.
    • The credit for all three Seminar courses (Equivalent to One Full course) will be counted in V trimester
  • Elective/ Specialization Areas Offered
    • Marketing Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Financial Management
    • International Business
    • Information Technology
    • Operations Management