Conference & Seminars

International Conference on “Globalization: Prospects And Opportunities For A New India”

International Conference started with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. The hon’ble Chief Guest was Dr. T. Haque (Chairman: Land Policy Cell, NITI Aayog) while the Guests of honor was Prof. Bikram Keshari Pattanaik, Ms. Priya Deshmukh and the Keynote speakers were Dr Dalip Kumar & Dr. Vivek Kumar.

Honorable Shri Arpit Chaddha (Vice Chairman- ITS The Education Group), Director PR- Shri Surinder Sood, Director Management and the Conference Chair Dr. Ajay Kumar inaugurated the Conference jointly by lighting the lamps before the idol of Goddess Saraswati.

The conference had three sessions – the first was inaugural session and the second & the third sessions were marked for research paper presentations.


This session started with the address by eminent speakers on the conference theme high lightening Globalization and its impact on India. Speakers talked about “New Ideas in Rural Finance”, “Measurement of Employment & Unemployment”,” Digitization” etc.



The session started with a small presentation by one of the conference sponsors - Pearson - about their company and products.

A panel of four eminent academicians – Dr. Seema Singh, Dr. Ghulam Yashdani, Prof. B.K. Pattanaik and Dr. Vivek Kumar judged the research papers and the presenters who were in a competition to win the best paper award in different categories.

Glimpse of some of the notable papers which got jury’s appreciation are listed below:

Under General Management category different topics were taken up by the presenters under the theme- “Globalization: Prospects and opportunities for new India” such as Analytical Study of Traffic Building Techniques for e-Business, Flipped Classroom Approach: - a Student’s Perspective which included Digital Market, Built Better Relationship, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Under Finance category, the research paper was presented by Ms. Manisha Gupta who talked about the factors affecting individual investment decisions in Indian Capital Market taking Delhi NCR region under study. She told about objectives of investor i.e. maximum return, minimum risk, hedge against inflation etc. and constraints such as liquidity, age, time horizon, need regulator income etc. The decision was affected by demographic factors, lifestyle, psychological, risk bearing ability and self image. The sampling design was of random sampling and the questionnaires considered were 42 out of 50 on which survey was done.

Another paper was presented by Ms Shrimoyee Ghosh on “Cross Border Merger and Acquisition: An Analysis”. She talked about Major International and National mergers and acquisitions taking examples of Tata Group, Airtel, and Hindalco etc. She also talked about major merger and acquisition failures and their solutions.

A research paper on “Evolution of growth and micro finance in India” was presented by Neha Roy where she talked about the provisions of financial services to the people who are just above poverty line and those who are below poverty line. She gave a brief of the salient features of micro finance for borrowers from low income group borrowing small amount for short duration, without collateral and high frequency repayments (more EMIs). Her survey highlighted the fact that 87% poor do not have access to credit that stands to $30 billion. She discussed the role and challenges of micro finance as well.

The fourth paper which got jury’s appreciation was presented by Richa Mishra on the topic “Micro Finance and Regional Rural Bank – Current Scene and The Path Ahead”. In this paper her objective was to study different age groups of rural customers of RRB’s and to study the thinking of rural population towards RRBs. She explained the methods to remove poverty by introducing micro finance. She emphasized the importance of such schemes in rural India.


Research papers presented in the area of marketing touched various topics. The different topics taken up by the presenters under the theme- “Globalization: Prospects and Opportunities for a new India” included Digital Marketing, Viral Marketing, Flipped Classroom Approach, Factors affecting sustainability of Startups and eNAM – the initiative by the government of India.

Highlights of some of the selected papers are as below:

Research paper presented by Ms. Priyanka Gupta was on “Digital Marketing – A Global Weapon to Overcome Customer Resistance to the New Product”. Her objective was to explore the challenges faced by consumers as well as marketers in launching the new product in the market. There were several hypotheses and the research was based on qualitative analysis. She talked about the various reasons of not adopting the product such as – Lack of Innovations, Risk, Traditional Barrier, Lack of Information (features, advantages and benefits of the product) and Lack of Role Model. She then talked about the overcoming strategies and need of personalization.

Another paper was on “Viral Marketing” where the presenter introduced the various techniques used in viral marketing that enhance the marketing effectiveness on the internet. Presenter explained how it is useful for various startups, students promoters, NGO’s etc. he made the comparison between digital marketing and viral marketing and its advantages over digital marketing.

Dr. Sunita Shukla, under general management category, discussed about Flipped Classroom Approach – A Student’s Perspective. She explained it as a blended learning approach in which the students are provided with the data to be studied beforehand and the classrooms are only for learning the practical aspects of it. She used empirical methodology and considered undergraduates and postgraduates under study through questionnaires. Her data figured that 98% student are comfortable in Flipped Classroom approach. She used ANOVA Test to reach to the conclusion – FLIPPED TEACHING + ACTIVE LEARNING = AMAZING EDUCATIONAL POSSIBILITIES.

The fourth paper talked about the factors affecting sustainability of startups. The several reasons of failure of today’s startups include copying from western culture, higher cost per unit, less revenue per unit, lack of vision and local market impact on customers. The challenges during these startups are fund raising, recruiting talent etc. The presenter gave the sustainable model of startups and the government incentives for startups and concluded the research.

The fifth presenters were Shiva Shah and Shreya Nand who gave the analytical study of eNAM- an initiative taken by government to improve the conditions of farmers. They gave reasons of gap between farm and non farm income such as industrialization, inequality in formation of policy etc. They talked about the Mission 2022 of government and the area of improvement such as Agri productivity, Industrialization, Govt. intervention etc. They studied the Action Plan of government and took into account the primary data collected from the village Karehda near Ghaziabad. They concluded with the benefits and drawbacks of eNAM and current status of the policy implemented.

Research paper in HR presented by Shikha Gupta was on “360 Feedback Method” which talked about supremacy of 360 degree over traditional methods.

Conference came to an end with a valedictory session wherein each winner was given a certificate and a citation for best paper in its category.


Best Paper in General Management:

Dr Sunita Shukla, Ms. Radhika Jain & Ms. Aprajita Srivastava

Best Paper in Finance:

Ms. Richa Mishra

Best Paper in Marketing:

Mr. Shashank Srivastava

Best Paper in HRM:

Ms. Shikha Gupta

Conference concluded with the formal Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Rajeev Johari.

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Business Summit 2018

Department of Management studies at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar organized second edition of Business Summit with a focal theme “New Frontiers of India: Skill, Speed and Startups” on Saturday, 17th February, 2018.

This summit was one of the leading platform where business, policy-makers, civil society and academia came together to discuss the current trends and challenges in the Indian business landscape.

This second edition of Business Summit was blessed by Hon'ble Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. SURESH P. PRABHU with a video message wherein he congratulated I.T.S for organizing business summit on a relevant theme for country and discussed about challenges of a talented individual to become an entrepreneur and then a successful business person in India.

Business Summit witnessed the presence of prominent speakers across the industries on the day. Mr. Hemant. G. Contractor, Chairman- PFRDA addressed the gathering as the Chief Guest and Mr. Pradeep Khanduri ,Procurement specialist, CGN INDIA LTD as the Guest of Honor.

Principal partner of the summit was UN Global Compact and summit was also successful in attracting other partners as Ghaziabad Industries Federation, Centre for Education Growth & Research and Ghaziabad Management Association. Main sponsors of the summit were Cox and king and Eggsperts and co-sponsors were Digiperform, Vision express and Yours pizza. More than 50 delegates from corporate & academia registered themselves. Students from Delhi/NCR showed huge enthusiasm by participating till the last session of the Summit.

The Summit was designed with an inaugural session, keeping focal theme in mind and three different panel sessions focusing on digital marketing, future trends in BFSI sector and role of leadership in revamping organizations for digital age.

Inaugural session commenced with welcome note of Prof Shikha Arora followed by motivational address of Mr. Surinder Sood (Director PR). Dr. Anusha Agarwal gave a brief overview of Summit. After that, Dr. Ajay Kumar (Director Management) set the tone of summit by giving a warm welcome address to all. Mr. Pradeep Khanduri, keynote speaker, beautifully intertwined all three parameters Skill, Speed and Startups in his deliberation. He spoke about internal and external transformation to create an identity as a successful entrepreneur. He also touched upon Internet of Things & Marketing 4.0 to reflect the journey from traditional to digital. Mr. Hemant. G. Contractor, Chairman- PFRDA reproduced facts about demographic condition of India and discussed about the key areas of improvement in financial sectors, pension policies and related challenges in India due to poor pension policies.

Session I

Mr. Anil Kumar (Founder CEO) LOCOVIDA discussed about types of consumers in today’s market, how decision got influenced by various people, how rapidly data getting transmitted on regular basis on the world wide web and insights about digital and intelligent marketing with a reference to Neuro Linguistic Programming and Artificial intelligence.

Mr. Lakshman Kanuga (President corporate affairs) BOTOIL OIL TOOLS INDIA LTD, shared insights about digital disruptions in Oil and Gas industries. He focused upon disruption drivers in form of market dynamics, geopolitical disequilibrium & environmental concerns. He also discussed government initiatives in last 4 years in the field.

Mr. Harsh Kalra (MD) EGGSPERT NUTRI INNOVATION PVT. LTD, talked about journey of an entrepreneur and role of entrepreneurs in building startup culture in India. He provided deep insights related to various challenges of egg industry and value of risk taking in entrepreneurial journey.

Mr. Vipin Singhania (CEO) LSONIC FOODS & SERVICES PVT. LTD, also shared his experience of setting up a venture and the challenges faced by an entrepreneur in initial stages. He briefly discussed about global leaders like Google and Microsoft and their journey to attain the present level.

Session II

Mr. Ajay Deep Khurana (Founding Partner) McKinley Global Advisors took the audience towards cashless economy, which is an outcome of digitization only. He specifically pointed out development in last 10-15 years indicating scope of numerous opportunities & innovation in India. He spoke about digital revolution like Jio and innovations in Indian Banking Sector.

Mr. Amit Sharma (CEO) Satin Housing Finance Ltd. stated various facts about Housing sector with a reference of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban & Rural Housing Interest Subsidy Scheme. He also mentioned opportunities in housing sector and shared that already Rs 10.8 Lakh crores are invested in Housing Finance in India.

Mr. Kaushal Mehtani (Senior Finance Expert) at McKinsey & Company elaborated various trends in BFSI Sector and the factors to be kept in mind before investing money. He also talked about Skill development in the form of re skill, cross skill and up skill. He emphasized upon customer relationship in era of Digitization & Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sabat (AVP) IL & FS spoke about infrastructure use in financing sector with a special mention of Hyderabad Airport Project worth Rs 3000 crores. He discussed various problem faced by infrastructure financing and recent innovative financing Methods.

Mr. Gopal Mondal (CFO) at IDFC Foundation painted image of India v/s Rural India (Bharat) in front of audience. He interestingly pointed towards change in the behavior of consumer after Demonetization & implementation of GST. He said even GST changed the Kachaa - Pakka Business (without invoice) scenario. He also shared latest trends in technology impacting consumers.

Session III

Mr. Annirudha Singh, Group President (HR), Monnet Ispat & Energy LTD spoke about digital revolution, virtual organization & challenges related with them. He said that the decision making will be data-driven along with inner gut & feeling in time ahead and intellectual work will be done by machines.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Head (HR), IPGCL deliberated upon the digital economy & its impact on life of people. He told about Sweden, 1st Country to adapt to cashless transactions. He stated that transactional HR like EPF, PF etc., would be automated in coming time. He emphasized upon technology updation of HR fraternity in order to imagine the future, design the future & align the future with the present.

Mr. Ashish Pradhan, COO, E-SHAKTI.COM (we design, you customize) highlighted his company’s achievement in getting through the World’s top 100 companies for providing the best quality-customer products. He emphasized upon the role of leadership in making a business successful & addressed the various attributes of leaders that are relevant in digital era.

Mr. Prashant Singh, Vice President, Paytm, gave an insight related to ways of “leading in the times of transformation”. He correlated employability & its potential impact on the several industries, e.g. Google v/s Facebook, Hotel v/s Airlines etc. in the form of first order impact & second order impact by taking the reference of technological advancement in terms of AI, block chain, autonomous cars, foodtech, medicines etc. He advised everyone to rethink about the concept of leaders & the leadership in changing times.

Business Summit 2018 ended with vote of thanks proposed by Prof G K Diwedi.

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International Conference on Global trends in Management, Governance and Ethics.

Department of management of Institute of Technology and Science Ghaziabad organised an international conference on global trends in Management, Governance and Ethics on 15 April 2016.

The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr Jitendra Kumar Das Director School of Management, New Delhi. Dr A K Puri Director General, delivered the welcome address followed by conference overview by Dr Puneet Kumar.

During his keynote address Dr. Jitendra Kumar Das discussed how management governance and ethics are interrelated to each other. Dr Das discussed how initially computers came into being in India and discussed the evolution of computing Technology and very aptly highlighted the end user and the technology interface. Dr Das also talked about how technology can be used to increase efficiency. He emphasized that entrepreneurial activity is killed by too many regulations and freedom to do new things, he emphasized that how entrepreneurial activity has become social driving force in our country to empower the youth and creating the employment in the economy.

Technical Session:

The technical session was attended by distinguished speaker from the Academics.

Dr Kanhaiya Singh professor GLA University, Mathura, Dr Alok Pandey, Professor Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi, Dr D K Batra Professor IMI, New Delhi, and Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi professor IIFT New Delhi was the main speakers for the session.

The first speaker was Dr. Kanhaiya Singh and he spoke on how banking can change the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how banking can be used to transfer the benefits especially in the social sector to the needy one in the rural areas.

The second speaker, Dr Alok Pandey has his main focus on how various financial services have evolved over a period of time and have become an integral part of overall development in our economy.

Dr D K Batra, discussed how marketing and various aspects of marketing can be used by various start-ups and the existing players in the economy. He said that management governance and entrepreneurship are somehow related to each other and they need not to be seen differently.

The last speaker was Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi wherein he emphasized how international trade is evolving over a period of time. He also emphasized on the urgency and the need to create a system where in government should promote exports and make the balance of trade more favorable in the long run.

The third session was research paper presentations by participants from various institutes more than 20 papers were presented in different categories of Management function like Finance, Human resource, Marketing, International Business, Information Technology in Management and General Management.

    Best paper award was given to
  • 1. Samiran Jana in Finance area
  • 2. Chirag Malik in Marketing area
  • 3. Prof. Sonika Sharma in Human Resource area
  • 4. Prof. S.K Tannan in General Management area

Conference came to an end with a valedictory session wherein each winner was given a certificate and a citation for best paper in its category.

Conference ended with a vote of thanks given by Dr. Surendra Tiwari.

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Dr. Rajeev Johari attended IARNIW conference at Jaipur.

Dr. Rajeev Johari attended a two day illuminating annual conference of the Indian Association of Research on National Income and Wealth, IARNIW a registered society funded by the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, Govt. of India & RBI at The Theme Hotel, Jaipur during 16-17 March, 2017.

    The conference was based on the following themes:
  • National Accounts
  • Indian Economy & Data Base
  • Regional Accounts
  • Social Sector
  • Each theme had eminent discussants engaged in observation, commentary, evaluation and suggestion. Each session was chaired by distinguished subject and area experts from Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Reserve Bank of India and senior academia from various universities. Each paper was discussed for about 40- 60 minutes. Most of the paper presenters were specialists and macroeconomic research analysts in CSO, NSSO, RBI, NCAER, IHD, IIPA based in every corner of India. The main purpose of the conference was to compile and collate information regarding National Income and Wealth for government record as in economic surveys and dissemination of the same. The topic of research paper was “Social Sector Accounting – A SWOT Analysis”. It was a learning experience for him as very senior experts present for the session threw tremendous light on new concepts pertaining to the subject deepening his understanding of the topic and his paper was reviewed to the fullest unlike previous conference presentations which are restricted to simple and brief question answer session.

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Dr. Vijesh Jain presented paper in International Conference at Amity University.

Dr. Vijesh Jain, Professor, ITS, Ghaziabad presented a paper titled - "Investigating the Real Benefits in terms of Work Life balance of Self Initiated Expatriation by Skilled Expatriates from India", at International Conference “Impact of Emerging Trends in Entrepreneurship: Focus on Digital India, Start up India Stand up India Initiative” on 7-8 March, 2017, at Amity University, Noida.

The paper was well received by the session chair and audience. Apart from the paper presentation, Dr. Vijesh Jain also chaired one technical session at the conference and was one of the panel members of the panel discussion on the main theme of the conference.

A number of academics and scholars from national and international universities and educational institutes attended this 2 day conference. A number of students from other universities also presented their stories about their entrepreneurial ventures and discussed the success and failures of their projects. Some of these projects were very promising projects and got the attention of banks and other investors at the conference itself.

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Prof. Anuja Roy presented a paper at 2nd Global Leadership Research Conference organized by Amity Business School , Greater Noida.

Prof. Anuja Roy of ITS Mohan Nagar presented a paper titled “Healthcare Services At The Doorstep: A Conceptual Insight To The Indian Home Healthcare Market” at the 2nd Global Leadership Research Conference organized by Amity Business School , Greater Noida on 23rd -24th February 2017.

The conference theme addressed the issues and solutions surrounding Innovation, Sustainability and Change in marketing of goods & services.

The Inaugural session commenced with lamp lighting, followed by a welcome address by Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar, the conference co-chairperson. Dr. Thomas Mathew, IAS, Additional Secretary to the President of India was the guest of honor for the inaugural. Other eminent speakers from the industry were also present for the inaugural.

The speakers emphasised the need for innovation in an ever changing marketing environment.

The Inaugural Session ended with a vote of thanks by the session co-chair.

The next course of the conference was divided into three technical sessions. During the first session, distinguished speakers from the Industry discussed on the “Contemporary Issues Challenges in Marketing”. The session was chaired by: DR. Hemendra Dangi, Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi.

The technical session II was on “Innovations in Health Care and Services Marketing” which was chaired by DR. Sanjay Dhir , ‎Professor, Strategic Management Area, DMS, IIT Delhi.

The technical session III was on “Sustainability in Social Media and Online Marketing”. This session was chaired by Dr. Rakesh Singh, Professor IMT Ghaziabad.

Delegates across Industry and Academia presented their research during the two day Conference.

The seminar attempted to arrive at a course of actionable points that accurately described the path to follow and how to meet the challenges.The conference was well received by the participants.

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Management Faculty attended 27th National Annual Convention of GMA.

27th National Annual Convention of GMA was held at Radisson blu, Kaushambi, Delhi NCR, on 21st January,2017. Theme of this event was Digital India for Growth & Empowerment- Power to empower. Event started in the presence of dignitaries with the lamp lighting before Goddess Saraswati. Welcome address was delivered by Dr. R.K Agarwal, President GMA & Director AKG Engineering College, who briefed the audience about the achievements of GMA for the past academic year. Dr. Agarwal also sensitized the need of the hour, which is Digital India.

Keynote address was delivered by Sh. Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief, BW Businessworld Media Group, who raised the very valid question of, whether India is ready for the Digital Era. Sh. Batra also recommended to watch the video “The Last Lecture” and introduced his book “8 days a week”.

Sh. Sameer Gupta, Chairman & MD, Jakson Group & Immediate Past Chairman, CII, U.P State, emphasized on nine pillars of Digital India. E-governance, E-Kranti, Cyber Security and E-justice were the key terms explained by him.

Inaugural session was followed by the high tea. First technical session was coordinated by Dr. A.K Puri, Director General, I.T.S Ghaziabad. This session focused on E-education & healthcare. Prof. Premvrat, pro-Chancellor, professor of Eminence and Chief Mentor, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon. Prof. Premvrat emphasized on E-enabled distance education and teacher's role as access facilitator for the learners.

Prof. S K Kak, Ex. Vice Chancellor, Mahamaya Technical University emphasized on the connectivity to all, by going beyond and knowing what is not known. Continuous education, teacher’s need sensitize students, identify and utilize “Dark Fiber” was highlighted by Dr. Kak.

Dr. Rajat Agarwal, HOD, Deptt. Of Critical Care Medicine, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, explained “Hub and Spoke” model of e learning, which was followed by the informative talk of Dr. Asit Khanna, Sr. Consultant, Cardiology, MAX Hospital, Vaishali, who informed about Whatsapp Doctors, NeHA, E-Mamta, National Health Portal (NHP) and Health on Net (HON) etc.

This session was followed by lunch. Second technical session was equally informative, which was coordinated by CA Mr. Anil Agarwal, CEO, Anil K & A Associates, Chartered Accountant. Mr. Vivek Madhukar, founder proper X Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sandeep Kalia, Deputy Executive Director, Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd., Mr. Chandrashekhar Tiwari, Senior Maanger, Siemens Ltd. Gurgaon were the eminent speakers of this session. Theme of this session was E-commerce and manufacturing.

Valedictory session on e-governance & Cyber Security was taken by distinguished guest, Mr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Cyber Security & Cyber Laws and Mr. Sanjay Bahl, DG, CERT, NIC, Min. of IT, New Delhi.

Mementos were given to sponsors and significant contributors as a token of remembrance. The thrill was added by announcement of winning chance of LENOVO laptop at the end of both the sessions. At the end of the program, vote of thanks was extended by Mr. Vinay gupta, Executive Director, GMA.

Prof. Anil Kalra, Dr. Abhinav P. Tripathi, Prof. Parul Gupta and Dr. Shuchita Singh from I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad attended the convention.

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Prof. Alok Singh participated and presented a research paper at ABV-IIITM Gwalior.

On December 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2016, XXth Annual International conference of Society of Operations Management was organized at Atal Bihari Vajpayee- Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior. The conference saw a great gathering of wonderfully acclaimed speakers throughout the world. This conference was devised to create a platform for discussion on the current and contemporary issues on Supply Chain Management, E- Business, Process Excellence, Optimization and Operations Management. The conference had also allowed the participants to discuss current and pressing issues with senior level executives and academicians from different countries.

On the behalf of I.T.S- Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad; Prof. Alok Singh has participated among the elite galaxy of eminent scholars and presented his research paper titled “An Empirical Framework for Supply Chain Performance Evaluation of Perishable Products in India”. More than 100 quality research papers across the world were submitted by different area experts in their different domain of expertise. The conference was inaugurated with benign presence of Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Sankar (IIT Delhi), Prof. (Dr.) M. K. Tiwari (IIT Kharagpur) and Prof. S.G. Deshmukh (Director- ABV IIITM Gwalior).

This three day international conference was organized by Society of Operations Management at ABV-IIITM Gwalior Campus.

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