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HR CONCLAVE- 2019 organized on 2nd November 2019.

Department of Management atI.T.S Ghaziabad organized HR conclaveon the focal theme HR 4.0 CHANGING LANDSCAPE” with the objective that how organizations are changing mainly due to technology.

This Conclaveprovided a platform to highlight the various upcoming issues, opportunities and challenges in corporate in coming future. Eminent speakers from Industry and Academia shared their insight and valuable thoughts on various subthemes.  Mr. Dinesh Jain President( Legal& Corp Affairs) Uflex graced the occasion as a chief Guest and Dr. Debi S. Saini Emeritus Professor-HRM , IIM, Ranchi was present as a Guest of Honor. In the very beginning the program was started with inaugural session where Mr. Arpit Chadha (Vice Chairman) felicitated the chief guest and the guest of honour with plant sapling. He also shared words of wisdom and motivation to address the audience. In the inaugural session, Dr. Debi Saini make us aware what AI is actually and how it is helping and intervening in HR and Mr. Dinesh Jain shared their views like what challenges can come with AI listed as which process, Is AI can replace human workforce? He also added no one will be jobless. The Various eminent speakers during the Technical Sessions and Panel Discussion focused on concepts like AI is mainly Augmented Intelligence and we need to work on pace of change. VUCA(Volatile, uncertain, Constant, Ambiguous) is current scenario and how technology will affect various activities by 2030. We need to be ready to unlearn for adapting change. Mundane jobs can be handle by AI. With AI, value plays a key role.In Technical Session 2, eminent speakers gave an insight on topic “Leaders of 2030- Decoding New Paradigm”. Their views were “Leaders will be self, critical & bold.” There are 3 major competencies- Talent development, communication, leading change. The Top Management should be easily reachable for good leadership. Authenticity will have to be come in a big way.In session 3, Panel discussion on topic “Diversity & Inclusive Initiative” speakers enlighten and added in our knowledge by saying that there should not be only Lip Service. We need to be change from D&I to I&D. Inclusion should be worked on as society.At the end Dr.(Prof.) Vidya Sekhri(Director-Management) expressed his gratitude by Presenting Mementos as a token.


Overall session was very interactive and full of practical knowledge and insights shared by them on the topic which we are going to face in upcoming years.

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Department of Management organized Business Summit 2019

Department of Management studies at I.T.S, Mohan Nagar Campus organized third edition of Business summit with a focal theme “Digital Transformation and Business Evolution” on Saturday, 16th February, 2019. This summit was one of the leading platform where business, policy-makers, civil society and academia came together to discuss the current trends and challenges in the Indian business landscape.

Business Summit witnessed the presence of prominent speakers across the industries on the day.  Major General Dilawar Singh, Director General, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India addressed the gathering as the Chief Guest and  Shri Raghavender G.R. IAS, Joint Secretary Department of Justice Ministry of Law & Justice Government of India as  the Guest of Honor . Other renowned experts for the business summit were, Mr. Prashant Sharma, Senior Vice President ,Kotak Securities, Mr. Vinayak Lal  , Senior GM, DS Group, Mr. Avinash Srivastava , General Manager, DLF, Ms. Latika Wadhwa , CEO (Founder), Mompreneur Circle,  Mr. Jyoti Das Business  , Head Asia Pacific, Calvin Klein,  Mr. Akash Sharma, VP – Finance ,Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Mr. Narendra Kumbhat, Founder Mentor, Virtual  CFO Partners Pvt Ltd.,Mr. Bharat Bhushan , Head (IT& Social Media), Doordarshan,  Mr. Pramod Joshi , CEO, Winning Mantra,  Dr. Shobha Kulsrestha, Corporate Trainer, Mr. Amit Kumar Tanwar, AVP – Business Banking Group, IndusInd Bank,  Ms. Manavika Sharma, AVP –HR, BIS Research, Ms. Margaret Chari, Organization and position : Sports and Recreatio, Commission,  Business, Development and Marketing Manager from Zimbabwe, Ms. Daniela Tello Rioja, CEO and Co-Founder Tinto Libre. Social entrepreneurship on economic vulnerability reduction from Colombia,  Mr. Abdibeshir Said , Lecturer and College registrar head at Haramaya University from Ethiopia. 82 foreign delegates from 35 countries (Ethopia, Jimbabe, Afganistan, Argentina, Kenia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Columbia etc ) and 60 delegates from corporate & academia registered themselves for Summit. Foreign Delegates & other delegates from Delhi/NCR showed huge enthusiasm by participating till the last session of the Summit. 

The Summit was designed with an inaugural session, keeping focal theme in mind and three different panel sessions focusing on Marketing Practices During Innovation, Customer Engagement Trends in Financial Services, Leveraging Digital HR for Organizational Excellence  

Inaugural session of Summit started with the opening remarks of Sh. Surinder Sood, Director (PR) , I.T.S – The Education Group. He emphasized on the role of digitization for upliftment of unorganized sector, expedition of corporate social responsibility activities of business . Dr. Anusha Agrawal, (Convenor)  discussed an overview and detailed program of the Summit. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director (Management)  delivered welcome address. He discussed issues related with digital intelligence, digital innovations, company culture and virtual business system with the help of digitalization. Sh. Arpit Chadha, Vice Chairman, I.T.S - The Education Group addressed all representatives from industry, academia, government and educational institutions from India and abroad. He highlighted achievements of the Government plan and programs initiated by Hon’ble Prime minister and role of digitalization in effective utilization of such programs. Guest of Honor Sh. Raghvendra G.R.(IAS) addressed  role of digitalization in globalized economy, copyright treaty, encryption device scheme, new disruptive technology, data mining techniques and financial inclusion in the light of  digitalization. Chief Guest Major General  Dilawar Singh stressed on evolving new business modules, creation of long term strategy with short term project, hybrid model for adopting changes, aggregation vs segregation and inspirational leadership. Finally he energized the audience with the slogan “Nation First and Character Must” and “Jai Hind”.

Session I deliberations were focused upon Marketing Practices During Innovation

Mr. Vinayak Lal  , Senior GM, DS Group was the moderator of the session through out the session he enhanced the spontaneity of the session. Mr. Bharat BhushanHead (IT& Social Media), Doordarshan addressed issues based on role of social media in marketing, artificial intelligence and virtual media and how rapidly data getting transmitted on regular basis on the world wide web. Mr. Jyoti and Ms. Margarate Chari  elaborated how to  create a desire for a product, relevance of E- commerce. Mr. Avinash Srivastava focused on augmented reality and virtual reality and prediction of customer need.  He focused upon disruption drivers in form of market dynamics, geopolitical disequilibrium & environmental concerns.

Session II deliberations were focused upon Customer Engagement Trends in Financial Services

Mr. Narendra Kumbhat, Founder Mentor, Virtual  CFO Partners Pvt Ltd was the moderator of the session and thus made it ensure that it provides meaningful takeaways for the audience. Mr. Amit Kumar Tanwar, AVP – Business Banking Group, IndusInd Bank expressed their views on the theme during panel discussion. He specifically pointed out development in last 10-15 years indicating scope of numerous opportunities & innovation in India. He spoke about digital revolution and innovations in Indian Banking Sector. Mr. Prashant Sharma Senior Vice President ,Kotak Securities explained customer online query related with money transfer, check balance, money investment and loans. He emphasized upon customer relationship in era of Digitization & Artificial Intelligence. Ms. Daniela Tello RiojaCEO and Co-Founder Tinto Libre from Columbia discussed banking sector innovations with the help of digitalization and   enhancing banking efficiency in terms  of sanctioning online and offline loans to the customer in context with the country Columbia. Mr. Akash Sharma , VP – Finance ,Bajaj Hindustan Ltd. elaborated various trends in Financial Services Sector and the factors to keep in mind before investing money.

Session III deliberations were focused upon Leveraging Digital HR for Organizational Excellence  

Dr. Shobha Kulsrestha, Corporate Trainer was the moderator of the session and elaborated process of promotions and increments with effective digital system. Mr. Abdibeshir SaidRegistrar, Haramaya University (Ethiopia) expressed their views on contemporary HR issues and role of digitalization in Human Development in Ethiopia. He emphasized upon technology updation of HR fraternity in order to imagine the future, design the future & align the future with the present. Ms. Malvika Sharma, AVP –HR, BIS Research addressed about hiring talent, on boarding process and rewards and recognition process with the help of digitalization. She spoke about digital revolution, virtual organization & challenges related with them. He said that the decision making will be data-driven along with inner gut & feeling in time ahead and intellectual work will be done by machines. Mr. Pramod Joshi, CEO Winning Mantra attempted issues related with interview, employee data and  HR planning  in contemporary age with rapid digitalization. Ultimately entire sessions were highly informative, productive and sensitizing to students, academicians and business professionals. He advised everyone to rethink about the concept of leaders & the leadership in changing times.

I.T.S Mohan Nagar has a rich tradition to organize such events based on contemporary social, business, academic, industrial and other developmental issues in addition to its regular academic, professional and research based activities with its prime objectives of   creating a sense of awareness among audiance and ensuring sincere efforts of the institution for  socio economic  development and thus acting as a catalyst for nation building. Business Summit- 2019 is also a part of the same endeavor to strengthen Industry- Institution- Interface to facilitate competitive and time demanding professional education and to produce business leaders and executives to cater demand of industry, business and society. 

Business Summit 2019 ended with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Vivek Pachuari.

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Department of Management organized International Conference ICCSIDTB-2019

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized two days International Conference on the emerging focal theme Convergence of Social Innovation and Digital Transformation in Business. 

The Inaugural Session commenced with the welcome Address of Director Management – Dr. Ajay Kumar and during his address he  stated that today digital technology has radically influenced our life and some organizations are already using it in a manner that were never anticipated earlier. Thereafter, Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha presented a Conference Overview to the audience. Director PR – Shri Surinder Sood emphasized on the urgency of determining the extent to which digitalization should be induced in our lives so that the human – human relationship is not taken away from the society.


The Special Guest of the Inaugural Session, Mr. Charudutta Bodhankar, Academic Director of IDRAC, India focused on the role of digital transformation in Entrepreneurship and how students can convert their great business ideas into start-up venture. The Guest of Honour for the Day, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Joshi, Professor and Chairperson – Research, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi, deliberated that growing population of the country should be supplemented with innovative technology so as to leverage the strength of the nation. He also stated examples of various countries where digital revolution had a significant role in the growth of agriculture and thereby increasing the productivity. The Chief Guest Mr. Ashish Goyal, Managing Director Accenture Technologies Ltd. stated the relevance of speed, persuasiveness, entirety, hyper personalization and constant sense of connectivity among students in this era of rapid digitalization.

Theme of Track 1 was Contribution of HRM in Social Innovations and Business Transformation.

Dr. Amita Srivastava, Director, BRENCIS Group chaired this session with opening remark on the need of Social innovations and Business Transformation. Dr. M. K. Jha emphasized on the need of social innovation and differentiated it with traditional approach of resolving societal problems and challenges in isolation and at the same time emphasized on the role of Human Resource Department  in this endeavor. Dr. Urmila Yadav, from Sharda University, Gautam Budh Nagar and Ms. Tarushi & Ms. Simran from Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, new Delhi presented their research papers on Role of Value Based Education in Social Innovation and Green HRM respectively. Prof. Shikha Arora coordinated this session with welcoming and introducing the guests and words of gratitude.

Theme of Track 2 was role of Financial sector in Social Innovations & Business Transformation

Dr. Anusha Agarwal set the ball rolling by introducing the topic of the session to the audience. Dr. Ajay Chauhan (Senior Professor, IMT Ghaziabad) emphasised the importance of research for both the students and faculty. He apprised the audience by giving an example of block chain technology and its impact on the finance industry in the future. Second speaker was Dr. Sunil Gupta, Senior Professor (direct taxation and tax planning) IGNOU. He spoke on the topic of various Aspects of taxation individual & corporate. Session concluded with the address of Dr.Uchit Kapoor (Senior Manager ACRC,AIMS New Delhi Chapter& AVP-CLAG, Veritas financial Services New Delhi). He addressed the audience on topic of social innovation for using business & corporate finance, corporate credit, credit management ,syndicate finance, banking and insurance, Behavioural research ,taxation on digital goods, E-auctions.

Theme of Track 3 was Marketing Innovations in Business & Social transformation

The first session of the day was addressed by Dr. Mahua Dutta from NGO-Leeds in Heels, California, USA she apprised the audience with the importance of incorporating social innovation in business practices. The presenters presented their research work on the theme of the session “Marketing Innovations in Business and Social Transformation”. Prof.C. K Aggarwal delivered presentation on role of digitalization on rural development and agricultural innovation, Dr. Lalit Kumar Sharma discussed theme of the track and coordinated the session.

Theme of Track 4 was Role of Digital Transformation in Social Innovations 

Session Chair of this session was Dr. Abhishek Singh, Birla Institute of Technology, Mera. Keynote speaker was Shri Deepak Chaudhary, CEO, Audi Motor

The speaker initiated the discussion on the topic by talking about the digital transformation in automobile industry. He also shared that how enquiry management system and software like emax, facilitates in collecting accurate details about customers   for better service. He shared some very specific examples of various luxurious 4-wheelers.

The session Chair initiated the discussion on the topic by talking about digitalization in the field of finance and highlighted “financial technology” with its applications. He also discussed the advantages of new technologies and how it will help students to gain knowledge about them. Seven papers were presented in this session.

Best Paper Awards in each area were given in valedictory session.

Dr. Vivek Pachauri Co- Convener delivered Vote of thanks to all the guests, management authorities, speakers, presenters, delegates, faculty, staff and students.

The students could have an exclusive opportunity to interact with foreign speakers, resource persons from various institutions and organizations.


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Induction Seminar in association with AIESEC for PG Students

Department of Management at Institute of Technology & Science organized an Induction Seminar in association with AIESEC in IIT Delhi for PGDM and MBA students on 24thJanuary 2019 in Chanakya Auditorium. This seminar was organized with the objective of giving students opportunities in the areas of Global Entrepreneur and Global Volunteer.

AISEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Since their inception, they have engaged and developed over 1,000,000 young people who have been through AIESEC experience. They are a Non-Political, Independent and Not for Profit organization run by students and graduates of institutions of higher education. Their members are interested in world issues, leadership and Management. The internships offered are in the following broad areas: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales, Content Writing, Business Development, Graphic Designing, App. Development, Education, Web Development, Education, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, etc.The recommended countries are: Bahrain, Eqypt, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Mainland of China, Malaysia, Nepal, Poland, Turkey,  Vietnam and many more.

The Post Graduate students of I.T.S interacted with the team with full enthusiasm and zeal. They were looking forward to opportunities like this in our esteemed Institute and are ready to encash on it very soon.

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Faculty of Department of Management attended SHRM India National Public Enterprises Conference

Dr. D K Pandey and Dr. Charu Chaudhry, Faculty of Management Department at I.T.S, Ghaziabad attended SHRM India National Public Enterprises Conference on 18th December, 2018 at the SCOPE Complex, New Delhi. The theme for SHRMPEC 2018 was 'Unite to Ignite'.The objective of conference was to bring together diverse elements of business, strategy, and people, to harness the power of unity and thus redefining the future of HR in public enterprises.

The conference commenced with an interesting panel discussion on ‘New Challenges of leadership in the Emerging Business Environment’ highlighting the dynamic business environment and direct competition of Public organizations & with agile Private Organizations . Mr. Suresh Sethi, MD & CEO, India Post Payments Bank discussed about Igniting Transformational Change. In this session, he shared insights on how to drive change at a transformational level in the organization with an example of Indian post office system. Mr. Prithvi Shergill Advisory Partner, Tomorrow/Smarten Spaces & Former CHRO – HCL deliberated on role of talent analytics in HR and its implementation in PSEs. A panel on Future Ready PSE Leaders explored into what attributes leaders must have, to be Future Ready. Mr. Stephane Michelin, Chief Executive Officer, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, India,  elaborated the relevance of new-age employee benefits in the digital world to keep a highly motivated and productive workforce. Panel discussions also delved into strategies to engage and motivate employees and how to utilize CSR funds for the growth of a new India by 2022. Ms. Garima Garg Director, Deloitte India shared insights on the future of work and HRs changing role. Mr.D.D Misra, President, "Janm" Trust and Former Director HR, ONGC, had drawn very interesting insights from Indian Mythology, the Ramcharitmanas, focusing on the three attributes of God Hanuman to create learning for employees. Conference also witnessed the launch of ‘A Stranger Truth', book by Ashok Alexander Founder-Director of ‘The Antara Foundation’. He is the man who led the India office of ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ from its inception in 2003, until 2012 and created Avahan, which became the best ever private prevention program in HIV, and a model of scaling up health delivery.

In nutshell, the conference was an eye opener on various dimensions of HR as well as PSEs challenges & perspective related to workforce, HR strategies and expectations of all stakeholders including government as one of the key player.

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Dr. Rajeev Johari attended IARNIW conference at Jaipur.

Dr. Rajeev Johari attended a two day illuminating annual conference of the Indian Association of Research on National Income and Wealth, IARNIW a registered society funded by the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, Govt. of India & RBI at The Theme Hotel, Jaipur during 16-17 March, 2017.

    The conference was based on the following themes:
  • National Accounts
  • Indian Economy & Data Base
  • Regional Accounts
  • Social Sector
  • Each theme had eminent discussants engaged in observation, commentary, evaluation and suggestion. Each session was chaired by distinguished subject and area experts from Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Reserve Bank of India and senior academia from various universities. Each paper was discussed for about 40- 60 minutes. Most of the paper presenters were specialists and macroeconomic research analysts in CSO, NSSO, RBI, NCAER, IHD, IIPA based in every corner of India. The main purpose of the conference was to compile and collate information regarding National Income and Wealth for government record as in economic surveys and dissemination of the same. The topic of research paper was “Social Sector Accounting – A SWOT Analysis”. It was a learning experience for him as very senior experts present for the session threw tremendous light on new concepts pertaining to the subject deepening his understanding of the topic and his paper was reviewed to the fullest unlike previous conference presentations which are restricted to simple and brief question answer session.

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International Conference: ICDMTB-2016

Department of management of Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organised an International Conference on “Developments in Management, Technology & Business” on 01st & 02nd April, 2016.

The International Conference has made ripples in Management Education. The congregation of academicians helped in creating very positive vibes in the academic industry. In all 18 academicians of repute including Dr. Vinay Sheel Gautam, Sr. Advisor KPMG and Founder Director IIM K, Dr. T V Rao, Chairman TVRL and Former Professor IIM A, among the most renowned name in management education, Dr. C P Srimali, Director MDI Gurgaon , Dr. Ganesh M Prabhu, Professor Strategy, IIM B, Dr. Atanu Ghosh, Prof. Strategy SOM , IIT Mumbai , Dr. Punam Sehgal , former dean IIM Lucknow , Dr. Srini R. Srinivasan, faculty Jamnalal Bajaj Mumbai and many others from MDI, IMI, IMT , joined us during the conference.

01st April, 2016: Inaugural Session

The conference was jointly inaugurated by the chief guest Dr Vinayshil Gautam, Sr Advisor KPMG, Founder Director IIM K and First Head of Management Department, IIT Delhi and keynote speaker Dr C P Shrimali, Director, MDI Gurgaon and Shir B K Arora, Secretary, I.T.S The Education Group.

Dr Sapna Rakesh, Director Management delivered the Welcome address followed by Conference overview by Dr Anita Mathew.

During his keynote address Dr Shrimali talked about technology as a driver of modern age and touched upon various issued concern with Technology leverage. Dr Vinayashil Gautam in his address sensitized the younger generation about opportunities available in India and their role to drive India ahead. He said that our challenge is to train and mentor the next generation of effective leaders who will shape the future of business, politics, and education in the face of global change.

At the end of the session the conference proceedings were released. Prof Anuja Roy coordinated the session effectively.

Technical Session 1:

The first technical session was on Financing, Marketing and Capability Building to accelerate competitiveness. Dr Ajay Pandit, Former Professor, FMS, Delhi University, Dr Ganesh M Prabhu, Professor- Strategy , IIM Bangalore and Dr Deepak Tandon, Professor- Finance, IMI, New Delhi were the speakers of the session.

Dr Ajay Pandit talked about the increasing demands on marketing organizations that are leaving marketers and their firms vulnerable. Most marketers would endorse this assertion and then acknowledge their uncertainty about how to navigate this reality. The drivers for the widening marketing performance gap are increasing complexity, interacting with an accelerating rate of change in markets and serious organizational impediments to responding.

Dr Ganesh M Prabhu highlights that goal of most strategies is to build an enduring competitive advantage by establishing clever market positioning or assembling the right capabilities and competencies for making or delivering an offering. Companies undertake periodic strategy reviews and set direction and organizational structure on the basis of an analysis of their industry and some forecast of how it will evolve and develop competitiveness.

Dr. Deepak Tandon said in the marketplace, it’s not the strongest who win, but ones most responsive and adaptable to change. Today, for business leaders and CXOs, it is a constant struggle to adapt to a fast-changing business environment. It’s not just about making the right choices for themselves but for all their stakeholders – employees, business partners, clients, customers, policy makers, shareholders and investors.

The session was well coordinated by Prof Shikha Arora.

Technical Session 2:

The second technical session was on Strategic drivers for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in business. Dr Shailendra Nigam, Professor- HR, IMI New Delhi, Dr V J Sebastian, from IMT Ghaziabad and Mr C K Sabharwal, MD Crop Health have addressed the gathering and answered the questions of the participants.

Dr Sailendra Nigam said that today we live in a technological ‘age’ and global economy where competition has become knowledge-based. In modern theories of growth and development technological innovation has taken the centre stage. Our love for novelty and new gadgets is thus based on practical and theoretical foundations.

Dr V J Sebastian highlighted the growing interest in the relationship between technological innovation (and entrepreneurship) and the way it can promote global growth and development. Prof. C K Sabharwal said that Governments and development agencies are focusing on generating inclusive innovations, using policy instruments that induce the private sector—working on its own or in partnership with the public and non government sectors—to create and disseminate innovations that relevant for underserved market segment.

02nd April, 2016:

Technical Session 3:

The second day of the conference took off with deliberations on another exiting theme “Management Challenges to engage with New order stakeholders” with the prolific academicians like Dr Atanu Ghosh from SJMIMS, IIT Mumbai, Dr Srini R Srinivasan from Jamna Lal Bajaj Institute, Mumbai, Dr Shobha Kulshretha, Renowned consultant in International Business Area and Dr Deepak Singh, Director HR, KPMG.

The discussion and deliberations revolve around Stakeholder engagement as a cutting edge tool. Some companies like Starbucks, which is crowdsourcing new product ideas through its “My Starbucks Idea” social media platform, are showing leadership in identifying and holding discussions with diverse stakeholder groups. But just as many companies are struggling to build the basics of engagement and appropriately respond to increasing pressure. This is happening in part because stakeholder engagement is part of the CSR basics.

It has become such a norm that companies complete it to tick a box rather than endeavoring to understand what engagement specifically means to them. Managers charged with stakeholder engagement are also feeling pressure created by social media. More voices clamoring in more outlets for more attention is changing the reasons companies engage, how they engage, and with whom they engage.

The session was very well coordinated by Dr V N Bajpai.

Technical Session 4:

Dr Punam Sahgal, VP HR National Institute of Smart Govt., Dr Ganesh M Prabhu from IIM b and Dr Rishiraj Singh, Director, NIESBUD discussed in length on Emerging Business models to drive growth in India. The speakers of the session talked about the opportunities and challenges involved in managing with the emerging business models based on IT platform. How India is benefiting from the growth of startups in this area.

Technical Session 5:

Dr T V Rao, Chairman, TVRLS, Former Professor IIM A, Dr Kavita Singh, Professor-OB, FMS, Delhi University, Dr. Debi Saini, Professor HR, MDI, Gurgaon, Dr A M Sherry, Head & Dean, HCL Talent Care discussed the issues related to the theme Technology, Society and Social change in India. Dr Rao said that in the wake of modernization and globalization, the processes of social mobility, the nature of demographic changes and increase in urbanization and industrialization have brought significant changes in Indian society. There have come vast changes in the fields of new professions, banking, management, media and information and several other sectors of service.

The conference received huge response from research scholars, academicians and industry participants. Over 200 research papers were received. 151 abstract and 6 theme papers have been included in conference proceedings published by Bloomsbury, a well known publication house. There were 66 selected paper presentations from close to 45 institutions including paper from IIM Kashipur, BHU, Jamia Islamia, RGIIT Kerala, amongst many others in six different tracks with session chairs of Professors from IIM B, IIT B, Jamna Lal Bajaj, Mumbai, IMI, Delhi and IMT Ghaziabad. 111 delegates and 18 speakers attended the Conference, which included 22 international delegates from Ghana, Butan, Kambodia, Peru, Russia, Namibia, Zimbabwe also.

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