The Binary Club

The ITS Information Technology Club, i.e., THE BINARY CLUB serves as a place where all students, who have an interest in IT — not just computing students — gather to discuss topic of professional interest, exchange experiences they have gathered at their workplace, and review the current development in the global IT job market. The major goals of the IT Club focus on the following:

  • Providing insight to the students on the current status and forecasts of the computing profession.
  • Helping members understand the current trends and needs of the IT job market.
  • Assisting members in defining their personal career paths.

Finance Club

The purpose of the club is to promote interest in and knowledge in the area of Finance. An important agenda of the club is to facilitate communication between students on various financial issues & queries. It achieves this by hosting numerous quizzes, finance paper

  • Innovative Idea Exhibition
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Best out of Waste Competition
  • Ad-Mad Show
presentation, case study competition, speech competition, debate competition, business plan competition, virtual stock trading competition and workshops. The objectives of the club are:

  • To increase interest in Finance students by relating the experiences of students, professors & alumni.
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the Finance Industry.
  • To help the students in grooming by arranging different activities related to the finance area.
  • To help the members to improve their interpersonal skills.

Marketing Club-marrecus

The chief objective of the club is learning by fun. This club provides the platform to the students to develop their convincing ability and showcasing demonstrating behavior. All Club activities are driven by students. The 2nd year students organize these activities for their 1st year students.The Marketing club organizes following events for all management students:

Cultural Club

Main objective of cultural club is to organize cultural activities for students which motivates them and also teaches lesson for the corporate world as well as life. Debate and case writing competition will be held. Students are also provided information and encouraged to participate in various external contests and events.

IB Club

IB club is an exclusive club for PGDM students which aims at - To generate skills, knowledge and interest in different aspects of IB and IB enabled services. To involve a large number of PGDM students to IB related activities; To sensitize PGDM students at large with the concepts and scope of IB area and career prospects in IB; To attempt and carry out certain IB related activities which is appreciated by ITS community.

Since its inception IB club 2014, has carried out 4 meetings of the IB club members. During these meetings most students echoed a strong need for an intensive training in IB activities and IB area.

Library Club

Library club has been constituted for the students of management program of Institute of Technology and Science, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The club is responsible creating an environment which is conducive for learning and developing the research skills .The key activities that the club undertakes are : awareness activity for the e-journal database, book summary competition and quiz. The club is being run by the students.


The purpose of Ensemble is to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate and encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. This club is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do. The HR Club provides a platform for:

  • Networking with fellow HR Professionals from various organizations.
  • Sharing Information, Best Practices, Survey Results, Anecdotes, Experiences and Learning.
  • Seeking help on HR issues and problems from peers.
  • Invitation to HR Conferences & Conventions

5's Club

5S is a very innovative club formed to improve physical hygiene and operational efficiency in the organisation. The club organises time to time various activities such as sensitizing students about importance of health, hygiene and environment.