ITS Library Membership

I.T.S. Library is primarily meant for student, faculty, research scholars, administrative staff and visiting faculty of I.T.S. Each member of I.T.S. Library (Faculty/Staff/Student) issued with a library card. If a member loses his/her Library card he/she shall make an immediate written report to the Librarian. He/she can get the duplicate card on appropriate payment.

Entitlement and period of issue

User Text Books Reference Material
Regular Faculty 10 books for a period of 120 days 5 books / periodicals / CDs 15 days (for books.),
7 days(for periodicals) & 2days (for CDs).
However, periodicalsOlder then 3 latest issues will only be issued
Visiting Faculty 2 books for a period 15 days -
Research scholar 4 books for 30 days -
Staff Members 2books for a period of 15 days -
Students 4 books for PG students for a period of 14 days.
2 books for UG students for a period of 14 days

General Rules

  • All library users must sign in/out register available with the attendant at the Gate.
  • Users must carry their Library card with them to enable checking by Library staff, if and when required.
  • Users should maintain decorum of the library and should not disturb others. Smoking, eating, talking, chewing, and usage of mobile phone are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • While entering the library users should leave their personal belongings such as bags, personal books, helmets etc. at the property counter at own risk. However purses, calculators and such other costly items should not be left at the counter.
  • I.T.S. Library follows an open access system. Book and other material taken from the library stack should not be restacked by the readers. These should be handed over to the library staff on duty. Remember a book misplaced is a book lost until traced.
  • Users of the library should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage the reading material in any way. Persons doing so are liable to be fined heavily, apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damage. In case a person repeats the offence his/her library card would be impounded and the membership terminated summarily.

Circulation & Fine

  • Borrowing facilities are available to the member of the Library against Library card to them. Books are issued through the counter on presenting the Library card. The borrower card is non transferable.
  • The holder of the card is responsible for any issued against his/her card as per the library record.
  • New arrivals of the books and new edition to library Magazines/Journal will be kept on display in the display shelf, afterwards it will be available for borrowing as per rules. This list is also e-mailed to all faculty members each month.
  • New additions can only be issued after technical processing (Accessioning, classification, cataloguing and clearance of bills) has been completed.
  • For renewing, it is necessary that the book be presented at the counter renewal is not automatic. If there is a pending demand for the book, the request for renewing may not be accepted by the library.
  • If any document is available as single copy, the same will not be issued and can only be consulted with in the library.
  • If a book is not returned with in the stipulated time the student will be charged a penalty of Rs.5/- per day per volume. The fine should be paid at the Library Book Return Counter and a valid receipt should be obtained.
  • Users can avail photocopy facility with in the Institute campus by depositing the library card to the library staff concerned. Library card will be returned once the books/periodicals are obtained back from the users.
  • Newspapers are not allowed to be taken out of the library.
  • The librarian can refuse to issue fresh books to those possessing books which are already overdue.
  • If a member loses a book issued against his/her card, the penalty will be as follows:
    • He/she will have to replace the book lost by a new copy of the latest edition. In addition, he/she will pay the late fine on the book, if any.
    • If the book is not easily available in the market then the member would pay double the current cost of the book, or the cost at which the book was procured, whichever is higher.