Faculty Participation


Management Faculty attended workshop on “Stress Management”.

Management Faculty members Dr .Manoj Kumar Jha, Prof. Ritu Saxena & Prof. Bhawna Bhardwaj attended One day workshop “Achieving Excellence Through Stress Management” for corporate and academia, organized by Brencis Group Centre for Research, Training & Consulting at Radisson, Noida. The Session was conducted by Dr. Amita Srivastava Director BCRTC.

The workshop was graced by the presence of President, Noida Management as the guest of the event.

The session objective was to resolve stress, how to make life healthier and happy, how to overcome the fear , balancing between heart & brain , how to make life energized & how to control our minds.

The session was full of activities to reduce stress, stress test and burnout test. Dr. Amita enlightened the “Flight or Fight” concept, causes of stress. She talked about the action oriented & Emotion Orientation approaches also.

The workshop was based on experiential learning and wonderful experience for participants.

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Faculty of Management Department attended “10th Annual International G20 Conference”.

Dr. Rajeev Johari faculty of Management Department had the privilege to attend the “10th Annual International G20 Conference” From Global Cooperation to Building Consensus: Views from G-20 Countries on 11-12th October, 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

G – 20 members are heterogeneous with varied levels of development, economic growth, spread of technology and financial strength. Apart from the G-20 members, other multilateral institutions and international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) participate in the discussion at the G-20 Summit and pre-summit planning. While the members cooperate against economic crunches, cooperation without consensus could be futile in the long run when countries are governed by varied political ideologies and policies.The 13th Annual G-20 Summit to be held in Argentina is centered on the topic “Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development”.

ICRIER has been organizing annual international conferences since 2009 prior to the G-20 Summit. The discussions in these Conferences have provided a platform for engaging eminent researchers, academicians and policymakers in rich debate on topics of relevance to the G-20 Summit.The broad topics and the impending questions or issues covered in the two day conference were Evaluating Global Financial Architecture and Regulatory Practices, Future of Work,Trade, Investment and the Multilateral Process, Role of Technology for Mitigating Climate Change, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains - The Right Approach, Financing Infrastructure for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Food Future.

The scholarly deliberations were delivered by eminent national and international speakers from the government, embassies, international institutions like IMF, World Bank, academia and industry like Shri Suresh Prabhu, Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Sanjeev Sanyal, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Jaimini Bhagwati, Suman Bery, Fred Bedore, Sujata Mehta, Usha Thorat, Ashima Goyal, Alok Sheel, Parag Waknis, R Nagaraj, Manoj Pant Imran Valodia, Shankar Acharya, Bustanal Arifin, Ashok Gulati, Daniel Chuburu, Hideki Asari, Andreas Bauer.

Rich exchange of ideas featured all the sessions.

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Management Faculty attended FDP on Insight of Investment Avenues.

Prof. Nitin Saxena with Prof. Ankur Ahuja attended a National level Faculty Development Program on “Insights of Investment Avenues” organized by DAV Centenary in collaboration with The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Faridabad on 01st September, 2018.

Speakers for the day were CMA Sunil Sigh, Chairman of Northern India Regional Council of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Dr. K.P Kaushik, Professor, National Institute of Financial Management, Dr. Ajay Garg, Certified corporate Valuer and Mr. Ravish Bhateja, Motivational Speaker.

Mr. Sunil Singh elaborated the traditional investment options and their return history with reference to government policies in last 7 years.

Dr. K.P Kaushik explained the derivative market and about new instruments which can be traded in capital market.

Mr. Ajay Garg explained that how secondary income can be generated and how much it is important to link the family regular expenditure with savings. He also explained the risk associated with each investment option.

The purpose of the program was to enhance the understanding about the different investment avenues available in the financial system, so that one can contribute towards the economic development. The program also aimed to enhance the knowledge of capital market and hence to better prepare students as well equipped advisors and investor.

FDP was very insightful for the participants.

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Training Program conducted for Teachers at Chadha Public School, Murad Nagar (UP).

A training program on "Time Management and Problem Solving" was conducted at Chadha Public School, Murad Nagar.

Program started with lamp lighting in front of Goddess of Learning, Maa Saraswati.

Participants were highly delighted to have such an opportunity to learn and add new set of skills and competencies so as to develop and enrich their capabilities as a successful teacher and to contribute the best possible to their students and hence the learning environment was highly interactive and resulted in deep routed team cohesiveness among the participants.

Prima facie, Dr. M. K. Jha gave opening remarks on Time Management and Problem Solving and addressed the participants to accept and appreciate the concept, significance and application of Time management and sensitized them to participate actively during the session with greater enthusiasm and expectations.

Initially to get connected with the participants, ice breaking session was conducted to get affiliated with each other by introducing each other with sharing their feelings and disclosure of strengths and weaknesses so as to predict personality traits of the participants.

Prof. Shilpi Rana presented slide show in order to illustrate a systematic and organized over view of Time Management and Problem solving in day to day personal and professional life and how to balance work life of working females.

Time Management activity (Group Juggling Game) was conducted by Prof. Yachna Malhotra and Prof. Shilpi Rana among the participants to make them understand how to perform duties and responsibilities during the shortest time period judiciously without exerting stress with complete involvement and participants were over whelmed with the outputs and experiences they had during the game. Again this was followed by Simon Says activity, problem solving activities and ultimately by Query Handling , where participants shared their problems and got insight to resolve such problems.

Dr. M. K. Jha offered thanks to all participants for their patient listening and active participation during the session. The essential arrangements and hospitality hosted by school principal was praise worthy.

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Management Faculty attended FDP on Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics.

Dr. M.K Jha and Prof. Bhavna Bhardwaj from Management Department, ITS Mohan Nagar, attended eight days Faculty Development Program on Basic Level - Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics, organized by Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TQEP), Government of India Phase III and AKTU, Lucknow, from 23/6/18 to 30/6/18, at ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.

The workshop was divided into four different levels:

  • Self harmony
  • Harmony in the family
  • Harmony in the Society
  • Harmony in nature and cosmos


The first level concentrated on understanding co-existence of self and body, importance of right understanding, analyzing the importance of relationship and identifying the required physical facilities for self comfort and existence. This session also emphasized on role of our pre-conditionings in our day to day decisions and behaviour.

The second level talked about prosperity in the family. The difference between intention and competencies of an individual was brought about in this session. Thus, the importance of right evaluation of a person’s competencies was discussed very elaborately. The nine core family values were also shared in this session.

The third level talked about extension of family’s harmony with the society. In the fourth level the importance of correlation amongst the four orders of the entire cosmos i.e physical order, pranic order, animal order, human order so as to understand the relationship of mutual fulfillment within each order. During workshop, sessions were organized on video shows, group discussions and experience sharing, thereby, giving a holistic understanding on the subject.

The session concluded with an understanding that mutual fulfillment is inherent in nature to live in harmony and prosperity. The resource persons for the session from university were Shri Gopalji , Shri Manoj Gupta, Mr. Tarique and Mr. Talaan. Around 80 faculty members from different management and engineering colleges of AKTU participated in the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to propagate human values to the student fraternity through faculty and thus creating sensitization amongst students for a better, value driven behavior and self development.

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Dr. Shuchita Singh attended Seminar on Financial Literacy.

Faculty of Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad attended seminar on Financial Literacy.

The topic of the seminar was Financial Literacy Awareness Program (FLAP). The seminar was conducted by Mr. Varun Malhotra, IIM A alumnus and eminent speaker on Financial literacy. Mr. Malhotra has conducted such sessions in BSF, CEGR, DAV schools, IIFL and many other Institutions.

The points discussed during the seminar were, Knowing Investing, Understanding Active and Passive income, understanding the risks associated with investing, different investment strategies, like buy and hold, when to buy and when to sell, IPO strategy and the power of compounding.

The speaker not only delivered the talk in a very smooth manner, but also answered the queries of audience in a simple and easy to understand way.

The lecture was highly informative and useful for the beginners in investment world.

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On May 25th, 26th and 27th, 2018, International Conference on Sustainable Management (ICSM-2018) was organized at IIM Kashipur.

The conference saw a great gathering of wonderfully acclaimed speakers throughout the world. This conference was devised to create a platform for discussion on the current and contemporary issues on Supply Chain Management, E- Business, Process Excellence, Optimization and Operations Management. The conference had also allowed the participants to discuss current and pressing issues with senior level executives and academicians from different countries.

On the behalf of I.T.S- Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad; Prof. Alok Singh has participated among the elite galaxy of eminent scholars and presented his research paper titled “An Empirical Framework on Supply Chain Performance Evaluation of Dairy and Milk Products”. Total 142 quality research papers across the world were submitted by different area experts in their different domain of expertise. The conference was inaugurated with benign presence of Prof. (Dr.) Somnath Ghosh (Chair of Center of Excellence in Sustainable Development- IIM Kashipur), Dr. Vishal Gupta (Associate Professor- University of Mississippi), Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Sinha (Founding Director- IIM Kashipur) and Prof. (Dr.) K. N. Badhani (Dean Academics- IIM Kashipur).

This three day International Conference was organized by Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur.

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Dr Umang delivered Session at BVICAM

Dr Umang delivered Session on “Routing Protocols for IoT” on 21st May 2018 in in Two Weeks Faculty Development Programme on “Emerging Research Trends in Computer Science and IT” from 14th - 26th May, 2018, organized by IEEE Delhi Section & IIPC (AICTE) of BVICAM, New Delhi, in collaboration with IEEE Computer Society (Delhi Section), CSI Delhi Chapter & ISTE Delhi Section at BVICAM, New Delhi.

The session had witnessed the participation of 40+ young faculty members and researchers from renowned colleges and universities. In this session, various communication technologies and its impact on different real-life applications were discussed. While discussing about proliferation of technologies, a detailed discussion on IoT devices in MANETs, Vehicular Ad hoc Networks & FANETs, IoT based Routing Protocols RPL and its empirical research issues was presented. In addition to this, Introduction of Cisco Packet Tracer, NetSim, its Importance, types of Network Simulators, Requirements and simulation of IoT devices were also explained through demonstration using Cisco products.

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