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Guest lecture on the topic ““Innovation and Technology Development” for the students of PGDM

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad recently organized a Guest lecture on the topic “Innovation and Technology Development” for the students of PGDM (2021-23) Batch on 09 January, 2023.


Mr. Rajat Khatri, Director, Cloud Consulting, Deloitte India was the invited speaker for the session.

Dr. Timira Shukla, Director, I.T.S School of Management, welcomed the distinguished speaker.

Mr. Rajat Khatri spoke about the latest developments in the area of innovation and technology. He explained in a simple and lucid manner how new technological developments have changed the market dynamics over the years. The demand pattern has changed due to various disruptive technologies. He touched the following points:

·               Innovations happened over the years

·               Cloud technology and digital transformation

·               Development in computational power and data analysis

·               Creation of exponential business proposition through advanced technology

Towards the conclusion of the guest lecture, he welcomed queries from students and answered them compressively. It was indeed a very compact program, with lots of questions from the students.

The session concluded by honouring Mr. Rajat Khatri with a plaque presented by  Dr. Anusha Agarwal. The corporate talk was coordinated by Professor Kumar Biswas.

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Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized the Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for the students of PGDM batches (2021-23) and (2022-24) on January 7, 2023.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Honourable Shri Arpit Chadha, Vice-Chairman, I.T.S -The Education Group, Dr.Timira Shukla, Director - I.T.S School of Management, Prof. Nancy Sharma, Vice Principal-UG Campus and Dr. Anusha Agarwal, PGDM Chairperson.

The beginning of the ceremony was marked by the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony. This was followed by the Welcome Address delivered by Dr. Timira Shukla. She congratulated the awardees and their parents for this achievement and said that continuous learning is important in all walks of life for professional growth. Dr. Anusha Agarwal presented an overview of the Awards and motivated the students to put their best efforts in academics for a bright future.

The address by the honourable Vice Chairman, Shri Arpit Chadha was truly mesmerising as he congratulated all the awardees and their parents as well for the academic achievement of their ward. He advised the students to nurture the spirit of continuous improvement, compassion, and zeal to learn in life.

The students were presented with awards in two categories as follows:

1 – Merit Awards

2 – Performance Improvement Award

•           Top 11 position Holders of PGDM (2021-23) Batch Trimester III

•           Top 13 position Holders of PGDM(2021-23) Batch Trimester IV

•           Top 11 position Holders of PGDM (2022-24) Batch Trimester I

•           Top 10 Performance Improvements Awardees in PGDM (2021-23) Batch Trimester III over Trimester II

•           Top 10 Performance Improvement Awardees in PGDM (2021-23) BatchTrimester IV over Trimester III

All the awardees were appreciated with loud cheers by their batchmates. 

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Guest Lecture on “Shareholders Supremacy” for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized the Guest lecture on the topic “Shareholders Supremacy” for the students of PGDM (2022-24) Batch on January 06, 2023.


Mr. Rajendra Singh Bedi, Advisor, RJB Associates and Ex Head, Legal Affairs, Micromax Informatics Limited was the speaker for the session.

The session started with welcome by Dr. Timira Shukla, Director, I.T.S School of Management, Dr. D. K. Pandey, Professor also greeted the speaker.

Mr. Rajendra Singh Bedi disseminated the knowledge about Shareholders Supremacy in companies. He familiarized the participants that shareholders are the stakeholders of the company, wherein wealth maximization is the main aim of the company. They are supreme and they have whole right to participate in annual general meeting. He further elaborated about different practices being adopted to keep shareholders silent in board meetings. SEBI has come up to protect the rights of shareholders to ensure that they grow. He also gave the example of PayTm and said that keeping a high rate of shares does not always work. In his address, he also talked about position of Directors in a company.

Towards the end of the session the speaker talked about the rights and duties of shareholders and the role of Central Government.

Towards the conclusion of the guest lecture, he welcome intriguing questions from students and answered them compressively. The session concluded by honouring Mr. Rajendra Singh Bedi with a plaque by Dr. Shailendra Dube. The corporate talk was coordinated by Dr. D. K. Pandey.

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Cultural Club’ Activity “Make it, to Exhibit” Competition for PGDM (2022-24 Batch)

Vibgyor – The Cultural Club at I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized “Make it, to Exhibit” competition for PGDM students (2022-24 Batch) on 5th January, 2023.

Total 08 teams participated in the competition. The event was Judged By Prof. Shilpi Rana.Winners of the competition were Simran Prajapati, Priya Ranjan, Vinay Yadav & Sakshi Yadav, who made a show-pieces with news papers.  Whereas First Runner-up were Aman Kumar Singh, Abhinav Srivastava, Anjali Verma & Sundari, made water fountain using waste-material like bottles, thermocol -sheet, cooler-water-pump etc. The Second Runner-up were Priya Kumari, Udita Rastogi & Vipin Yadav, who made Beautiful art on glass. Consolation prizes were awarded to Dharna, Kunal, Ayushi, Saquib, Anupam Shaw, Khushi Chachra, Usha Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Shashi Raj & Sandhya.

All the winners were awarded with trophies & medals by Dr. Timira Shukla, Director- I.T.S School of Management and Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson- PGDM Program.

Event was successfully organized by the members of Cultural Club; Ram Krishna, Poorvi, Sunidhi, Lovely Rawat, Manisha, Ayushi, Narjis, Akshita, Himanshu, Sweety, Rahul & Ujjwal under the guidance of Prof. Ashutosh Sharma.

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Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Marketing Skills in International Business

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad, organized the workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Marketing Skills in International Business” for the students of PGDM (2022-24) Batch on December 27, 2022.


Expert for the session was Prof. H. P. Singh, Director, ‘ChoteVyapar Ki Pathshala’, Export Management & Service Institute, Delhi. The session began with the warm welcome of guest speaker by Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM, with her valuable words.

Prof. H P Singh addressed students of PGDM 2022-24 Batch on the nature and scope for International Business, and various perspectives related to International Business. He elaborated on the challenges and opportunities in this sector. He also discussed about the different career prospects in the field of International Business.  Prof Singh provided information on Export Business and how one can start on own. Workshop provided information on how can we use technology in International Business. He also threw light on ‘Make in India’ campaign and how it has affected our Markets specially Manufacturing Industries and Export Businesses.

The expert also mentioned that how different organizations like Mohan Exports, Dimple Creations, Dadu- Khujra and Taj Exports started their businesses and have made revenues.

Prof Singh also gave different ideas on how we can identify the opportunities in the global world and can make a profitable business out of it. The talk was coordinated by Dr. Rajeev Johari.

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‘Christmas Day Celebration with Children’ by Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad- organised “Parivartan – An Education program for underprivileged children” a CSR activity in Sahibabad area, on December 23rd, 2022.


The volunteers were students of PGDM (2022-24 batch). Day’s focus was to celebrate “Christmas Day” with the underprivileged children of Sahibabad area. The student volunteers included Surendra, Akansha, Harsa, Simran, Abhinav & Kartikey.

The Christmas day was celebrated by executing the following activities;

(i)                 Story Telling - Story about the birth of Jesus.

(ii)               Teaching - Cap making with the help of Paper sheets.

(iii)             Drawing competition - Drawing of Christmas tree.

(iv)             Carol singing & Dance with Santa

(v)               Management Games- Balancing the balloons to learn Team Building.

One of the student volunteer dressed as Santa and distributed the gifts & food items to the children. The event was coordinated by Prof. Ashutosh Sharma

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International Corporate Talk on “Management in the VUCA world”

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a virtual International Corporate Talk on the topic “Management in the VUCA world” for the students of PGDM (2022-24) Batch on December 23, 2022.

Expert for the session was Prof. Mary Rose, Research Management Cluster Coordinator, Polytechnic University, Philippines.

Prof. Mary talked about the fundamentals of Management and elaborated the managerial functions of Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling through which an organization accomplishes its objectives in an efficient and effective manner. She mentioned tha the VUCA- Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world is a reality and organizations must find out ways to deal with the challenges posed by the VUCA dimensions.

The main objective of the talk was to develop an understanding of the VUCA world,the challenges faced by the organizations in this context and further the management strategies to overcome these challenges.  She explained the 3Es of the Triaxial Model of Values i.e., Economic pragmatic group, EthicalSocial group values, and Resilience Value Pie which talks about Creativity and Transformability. Organizations need innovation and adaptability to thrive in this environment. Finding new ways of working is one of the critical enablers of an organization’s agility. She concluded that the VUCA world is not going to disappear, change is relentless and the landscape in which we work is constantly shifting.Therefore, the need of the hour is to develop relevant skills and inculcate right set of values in the future managers to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

It was a very insightful session and all the students participated with enthusiasm and zeal. The talk was coordinated by Dr. Shikha Arora.

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Management students attended CII - 7th National Standards Conclave

The budding managers of I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad  of PGDM (2022-24) Batch  namely Yogit Aggarwal, Anjali Verma , Manav Garg, Manisha Kasana, Anjali Sharma, Nikhil Jawalia, Vipin Yadav, Nandini Chandna, Yuvraj Singh, Ashutosh Saxena, Shubhanshu Purwar, Neeti Singh  attended the two days  7th National Standards Conclave, on the theme of “Re-orienting & Implementing India’s Value Chain Integration through Standards Compliance” on 19th – 20th December, 2022 at Hotel Hyatt Residency , New Delhi


The event become more special for I.T.S School of Management as students get the edge in media coverage by Times Today as the students group photograph was printed in Trending Now column.

The theme underlined the achieving the vision of 5 Trillion Dollars economy through the role of MSMEs and trade. The first  session discussed the  tariffs  barriers ( TBs) and non-tariffs barriers ( NTBs). The sessions also took the issues related to role of standards and technical regulations in ‘Gloval Value Chain’ (GVC) integration.

"Investing in innovation will indeed boost Indian standards. We need to engage with the huge start-up ecosystem that is emerging in the country", said Mr. Anil Agrawal, Additional Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in his keynote address at the opening session.

In his address, Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, Additional Secretary, Department of Commerce, GoI, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in his address stated that “Every industry must look into, think over and see if we can prepare products that we offer within domestic and international markets.  

Dr M Balaji, Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce, GoI, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India mentioned that “Capacity building, technical assistance for standards etc., are of late, turning out to be a protectionist measure being used by most of the countries.

The session was also addressed by Mr Deep Kapuria, Chairman, NABCB - National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies & Co-Chairman, CII International and Trade Policy Council & Chairman, The Hi-Tech Group and Dr R P Singh, Secretary General, Quality Council of India (QCI).

The  second session underlined the need for the role of technical regulation in GVC integration based on quality control order, but not having domestic manufacturing capacity  nor sufficient testing facilities. Mr. T S Viswanath, Co-Founder, VeKommunicate gave the briefings regarding sectoral challenges and meeting SPS and TB compliance. The session also stressed upon advocacy, reputation, product standardization etc.

The last session assessed the industry’s preparedness on emergence of sustainability standards based on transparency, FICCI- Mitra-scheme, food safety skill development and technology.

By attending such knowledge enriching sessions, the budding managers not only learnt the pithy development oriented topics pertaining to Industry but also soft skills too.  Such corporate exposures certainly help in shaping the personality of a student. 

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Management Faculty and Students attended FICCI 95th Annual Convention

The students of PGDM I Year ( 2022-24) Batch from I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad namely  Abhishek Kumar, Ansul Taragi,  Divya Singh, Astha Tiwari, Karan Kumar, Kunal Singh, Pankaj Garg, Simran Srivastava, Udita Rastogi, Vikash Gautam, Himanshu Gautam along with management faculty members Dr. Anusha Agarwal and Prof. Durba Roy  attend the  FICCI’s 95th Annual Convention on the theme of “INDIA @ 100: AMRIT KAAL, SUSTAINABLE & INCLUSIVE” organized by FICCI (The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry ) on 16th – 17th December, 2022 at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi

The event become more special for I.T.S School of Management as students get the edge in media coverage by Times Today as the students group photograph was printed in Trending Now column.

On day one, during the inaugural session,  Mr. Sanjeev Mehta, President, FICCI & CEO & Managing Director, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), welcomed the distinguished guests Honourable Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman, and Mr. N Chandrasekaran, Chairman TATA Sons Pvt. Ltd.

The next session was a panel discussion comprising CEOs from the Corporate. The distinguished panellists comprised Dr. Anish Shah, Mr. Hitendra Dave, Mr. Vipul Tuli, Mr. Ankur Gupta. The session was moderated by Mr. Alok Kshirsagar. The theme focussed on a very pertinent topic- “ How to achieve the vision of creating a New India”. This session was also addressed by the Honourable Minister for Road Transport and Highways(GOI), Mr. Nitin Gadkari through a virtual mode.

The Panellists of the last Panel Discussion comprised Ms. Kalpana Morparia, Smt. Soma Mandal; Ms. NainaLal Kidwai; Ms. Prabha Narsimhan, who represented  “Women in Leadership” . They reached to dizzy heights in the corporate by stint of their hard work despite of the harsh challanges in  the professional world.   Moderator: Ms. Shereen Bhan, famous  TV journalist moderated the session.

On December 17, Honourable Defence Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh, addressed the august gathering. He exhorted that Government is committed to increase the Defence production target from $ 12 billion to $ 22 billion by 2025. The closing remarks were given by Mr. Sanjeev Mehta while Vote of Thanks was extended to distinguished guests by Mr. Subhrakant Panda. The budding managers of ITS School of Management had a rare glimpse of corporate functioning and knowledge sharing.  This had also enhanced their PR skills too.

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Management students attended CII -National Telecom Summit

The students of PGDM I Year ( 2022-24) Batch from I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad namely  Harsa Singh Bhatti, Ritika, Sumit Kumar Jha,  Omesh Rathour, Sourav Jaiswal, Yachika Tyagi, Narjis Fatima, Ram Krishna Mishra and Rahul Kumar attended the  CII National Telecom Summit- “Bridging Digital Divide: Role of Telecommunication” on 16th December, 2022 


organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Le-Meridian Hotel, New Delhi.  The objective of the event was to have a better understanding of Telecommunication sector in bridging digital divide. There were two panel session followed by the inaugural session.

Mr. Kiran Karnik (Former Chairman, CII National Committee on Telecom and Broadband) gave the welcome address in the inaugural session.

This was followed by discussion on topics like Rural connectivity and Bharat Net. One of the important discussions in this session was PM VAANI is a new scheme launched by government in which it will provide Wi-Fi facilities in Rural areas with the tie-up of BSNL. The session also included discussion about several other schemes like ‘AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT’&‘LOCAL FOR VOCAL’. Shri Devusinh Chauhan (Hon’ble Minister of state, Ministry of communication) discussed about the challenges that hinder the digital divide.

The panel Discussion commenced  with the wise words of Mr. Rahul Hakeem (Partner, KPMG) who also moderated the session. The session included discussion about Building Robust and future ready digital infrastructure. The session elaborated about how usage of digital technology has split the world into information rich and information poor regions. Mr. Vimal Kumar said that technology is also important in the agricultural sector. There also was a discussion about ‘Gati-Shakti’. Further discussion was based on some ground level facts wherein, Firstly Mr. Amit Marwah said “I am not thinking about the AI, driver less car and many more issues rather improve the connectivity in rural areas.

The panel Discussion 2 began with the wise words of Ms. Sonica Bajaj (Partner, KPMG), she also acted as a moderator for the panel. The session focused issues about Roadmap for Rural connectivity utilizing the digital infrastructure. Several other esteemed speakers talked about how traditional wireless networking technology have already offered communication services in urban areas, but they are not very effective in addressing communication needs in rural areas.

The program ended with a note that how can India Bridge digital divide and make India a future ready digital infrastructure. 

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