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Interaction with Mr. Tong Cheuk Fung in Friday Club.

The Friday Club Activity at Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad, was an interactive session of Mr. Tong Cheuk Fung.

He is affectionately referred to as “Uncle Tong” by his staff. He is the founder of WASABI Creation. The company acts as a middleman for other brands hoping to expand into new markets in South East Asia, providing services such as consultancy, execution, project management, market research studies etc. After graduating from NUS Engineering, Mr. Tong worked in a Japanese Bio-diesel company as a chemical engineer. He founded WASABI Creation in Singapore, after his initial exposure with various companies.

Mr. Tong initiated an interactive question-answer session with the faculty members. Dr. Sanjeev Tandon enquired about the various challenges faced by the company, while entering a new market. Mr. Tong talked about market research, competition, customer perception for a new product or the existing products, as a big challenge faced by the company. Dr. Garima enquired about the cultural limitations faced by the company. The response shared was about variety of food habits, taste preference of Singapore citizens, which is not matching Japanese taste and preferences. The company educated the people about cooking processes to be introduced in the market. A Cultural and religious challenge for Muslim tourists was also addressed to suit their eating habits in Singapore. Dr. Satish enquired about the similarity in culture of Japan, Singapore and China. Mr. Tong talked about product quality, service offered and product offering in these three countries. The differences on these factors were also shared by him. Dr. Sanjeev Tandon enquired about environmental consciousness of his company and the initiatives taken.

Mr. Tong explained Japanese culture and consciousness about clean energy. He shared about his experience with a bio-diesel company in Japan. He explained the consciousness of companies in Singapore regarding hygiene and clean energy. Singapore is not as strong as Japanese way of life regarding environmental consciousness. Dr. DK Pandey enquired, “Why should anybody work for WASABI Creation?” Mr. Tong attempted the question very intelligently stating that, “it’s on the employee to find reasons to work with them. The aim of the company is to grow together. The employee should not take his work as a burden. Dr. Surendra asked about collectivism, which was answered sharing various examples of Japan & Singapore culture.

It was a very interactive and informative session.

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Department of Management organized Friday Club Activity.

Department of Management organized Friday Club Activity in the Management Learning Centre on 3rd August 2018.

Club activity was initiated by Dr. SanjeevTandon, who spoke of his experiences while attending the meeting of the Ghaziabad Management Association. Participating institutes included IMS, Ajay Kumar Institute of Management, IMT Ghaziabad, KIET, etc.

The items on the agenda, which were deliberated on during the meeting included:

· Starting incubation programs in the institutes – It was decided that students would be encouraged to be involved in these programs.

· Including student executive members in GMA – This would be made free of charge, so as to encourage active participation from the side of the students.

· Initiating SIP Programme – The effort would be towards allowing the students to be involved in good companies.

The second speaker for the day was Dr. Shuchita Singh, who talked about the Second Edition of the CII Regional Insurance Conference 2018 on Customer Centric Insurance.

The inaugural session of the conference was graced by luminaries like Mr. Trevor Bull, CEO and MD, Aviva Life Insurance Company India Ltd.; Mr.Joydeep K. Roy, Partner, Insurance and Allied Sectors, PwC; Dr SrinivasaRao N, Economic Advisor, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India; andNileshSathe, Member (Life), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The deliberations revolved around digitalization of services.

There were three plenary sessions Visualizing Professional Advice in a Digital World; Building Deeper Bonds with the customer in a Digital Era; and Data Science versus Actuarial Science – The Future.

It was a very informative interaction covering myriad areas of interest for the assembled faculty members.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme

29th July 2018, activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad, turned out to be a different kind of day for the children.

After the continuing rainfall of the past week, it was a bright and sunny, though undoubtedly hot and muggy day. It was time to learn about a practical aspect of life.

Volunteers of the day were – Abhishek Chandra Dwivedi, Ankit Pal and Abhay Gupta.

In the first session Prof. Lokesh Upreti enlightened the students about currency notes and how they are used. He highlighted the different denominations of notes and coins in India, to which there was an enthusiastic response from the kids. He also spoke about the different elements that make up a currency note, including the fact that as many as 17 languages are used to mention the worth of the note.

The second session was taken over by the volunteers Abhishek and Ankit. They first explained to the children the security features on the notes of different denominations in order to protect them from counterfeiting. They made the children aware about how to distinguish between a real and a fake note. Finally they involved the children in solving sums related to expenditure of money using currency notes.

Despite the uncomfortable weather there was a marked sense of enjoyment among the children throughout all the sessions.

The activity concluded with the distribution of “Butter Bite biscuits” and “Mango Bite toffees”. Dr. Indraneel Mandal accompanied and motivated the student volunteers. Prof. Lokesh Upreti guided the volunteers in the conduct of the programme as the faculty coordinator of CSR Club - Parivartan.

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Friday Club Activity held at the Management Learning Centre.

Department of Management at I.TS Ghaziabad organized the Friday Club interaction among PG faculty members on27th July, 2018. The speakers for the day were Prof. Alok Singh and Prof. ShikhaArora.

Prof. Alok Singh chose to speak on the topic “Review of Dairy and Milk Supply Chain”. He had spoken on this topic recently during a conference at IIT Kashipur. It was also part of his Ph.D on the topic “Supply Chain Performance of Perishable Products in India”.

He explained that supply chains could exist for both perishable and non-perishable products. Similarly they could be judged on the basis of both financial and non-financial measures. He also pointed out some of the inconsistencies in existing supply chains. In addition, he spoke about potential issues in his research.

Prof. ShikhaArora then came forward to talk about her experiences while attending a Summit on Gender Equality. She spoke of how women’s programs werenot up to mark in India. She mentioned how India’s ranking had dropped from 87 to 108. The gender pay gap had risen in the rural areas. Even in the corporate world there was a lot that was still to be done.

The summit had three plenary sessions. These were on Gender mainstreaming, Accelerating and implementing gender specific initiatives and the transition to policy development, respectively.

Both the talks were followed by lively discussions among the faculty members.

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Industrial Visit of PGDM 2018-20 Batch to Coca Cola, Greater Noida.

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized an industrial visit to Moon Beverages Ltd, Coca-Cola plant, Greater Noida, on 21st July 2018.

The visit started with an introduction session about the start of the company and its different brands. The session continued with a video exhibiting the whole journey of Coca Cola Company.

The second session started with our entry via a door called The Vault. This session was based on the production and packing procedure of the product. students got to know about the procedures followed in Ready Syrup Room, Blending Room and Filing Room.

The third session was based upon the history of changing shapes of Coca-Cola bottles and even all the bottles were displayed over there. First it was served by glass then they moved on to bottle, when some fake soft drinks came they changed the color of the bottle after that they created a new shape of bottle inspired by the dress of Cinderella and later on the patent edit.

The next session was based on the Corporate Social Responsibility. Here, our guide explained us about the different CSR programs like VEER, PARIVARTAN, and SUPPORT MYSCHOOL. In the year 1993 they started with a venture called LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS although it’s not a part of CSR. Then we got to know about the recycle, reduce and replenish process used by the company to ensure minimum wastage of water.

The last session untangled all doubts and queries of students. The visit ended up with selfies and pictures in that beautiful gallery consisting of coke studio, polar beer and a nostalgic interior.

Our visit was a blend of great experiences and happy moments.

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Utthan - CSR initiative

On 21st July, 2018, new season of Utthan - CSR initiative of I.T.S, Ghaziabad was started.

The day was dedicated to “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. On this day, students were briefed about how they can contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan with small efforts with a practical session in Computer labs and Extempore Competition.

Volunteers of the day – Varun Arora , Punit Modi ,Samina Khatoon ,Hitesh, Aru, Apurva, Surabhi Jaiswal, Rahul Yadav, Harshwardhan, Rahul Gupta, Deeksha, Nikita, Prabhat, Richa Tyagi, Siddharth, Dhanesh, Ayushi Gupta, Mayukh Sah, Argha Majumdar, Prawan, Rohit, Shruti, Shubham, Jhalak, Radhika Jain, Niranjan, Archana, Nidhi Singh and Sakshi started the day with the brief on the day’s activities and the competition.

The talk of the day was on ‘Swachh Bharat Ka Irada Kar Liya Humne….’ during which the efforts to be put in for swachhta were discussed. The session was started by Prof. Nitin Saxena with explanation of blue and green dustbins and their uses. Bad effects due to plastic bags were also discussed. After this, Mansi Saxena of PGDM I showed them a video on sanitation and discussed the diseases caused by bad sanitation condition.

The second session of the day was a practical session in the computer labs. The children were taken to Lab 1 and Lab 2 where the task was to search and explore about the garbage management and ill effects of bad garbage management. The children entered the designations into Google and read the details on Wikipedia.

The last session of the day was an Extempore Competition during which all the children shared their views declaring – ‘Steps to be taken for Swachh Bharat and our responsibilities in implementing it’. They not only praised their country but also identified the areas of concern and accepted the challenges.

The day ended with the motivation talk by Director Management – Dr. Ajay Kumar Sir. He not only motivated the students but also shared the ways they can keep themselves healthy and clean. At the end, 33 little speakers were chosen as winners of fabulous prizes like School Bags, Pencil Box, Geometry Pouch and Colors etc.

The activity concluded with the snacks and the cold drinks served to all. All the children were gifted with Crax, Biscuits and chips. Prof. Nitin Saxena & Prof. Shilpi Rana guided the volunteers and enjoyed the activity as the faculty coordinator of Utthan.

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I.T.S Ghaziabad Organized Industry Visit for PGDM (2018-20) Batch students to Coca Cola

Department of Management of I.T.S Ghaziabad, organized an industry visit to Moon Beverages Ltd., Greater Noida on 20th July,2018 for PGDM (2018-20) Batch students.

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme

15th July, 2018 activity of ‘Parivartan’- the Slum Education Programme, a CSR initiative of ITS, Ghaziabad, was an interesting and enriching day for the children.

Volunteers of the day were – Aprajita Srivastava, Shashwat Sinha, Souvik Banerjee, Varun Arora and Nirja Rani.

During the first session, Dr Indraneel Mandal familiarized the students with the major states of the country and their capitals. It was amusing to note that while the children knew the names of certain states and capitals, they mostly could not connect one with the other. In that sense it turned out to be an eye opener for them.

The second session dealt with basic math skills – specifically addition and subtraction. Once again a lot of enthusiasm was noted among the children as Shaswat and Aprajita put up a number of questions, all of which were satisfactorily answered by the little students.

The activity concluded with the distribution of “Crax curls” and “Mango Bite toffees”. Prof. Lokesh Upreti accompanied and guided the volunteers as the faculty coordinator of CSR Club - Parivartan.

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I.T.S, Ghaizabad organized “Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing” during ASPIRATIONS 2018

The new batch joined ITS PGDM programme with a lot of expectations and dreams in their eyes to be fulfilled in the days to come.

They have aspirations to become a true professional by inculcating all those traits and skills which are expected by corporate houses from Management Graduates.

With the objective to sensitize the beginners on the issue and to motivate them to be able to use not only the curricular but also co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities during their two years stay with I.T.S to hone their skills, an exclusive session on Alumni Experience Sharing was organized.

Alumni members, Sudeep Jain, Darpan Sharma, Vineet Parashar Bhuvnesh Tomar, Deepak Tiwari, Sumit Kapoor, Sangeeta & Mrityunjay Tiwari representing some of the very prominent company like Samsung, Himalaya Ayurveda, V3S Mall, HDFC Life, Reckitt Benkiser, Modalez Cadburys of PGDM Programme, batches ranging from 1996 to 2016 shared their experiences of corporate life and given valuable tips to students to make themselves corporate ready. Passion, positive attitude, communication, confidence, networking, team spirit are few traits, one should have to be a true professional. One should learn from failures and should come up with more courage to achieve the goals.

The programme started with by welcome address by Dr Director Management -Dr. Ajay Kumar. Prof. Durba Roy, Head CRC also shared her experience with these alumni’s and their batch mates.

The alumni members introduced themselves and shared their experiences, thoughts and shared their wisdom to help students to be able to groom themselves as per the corporate expectations.

To listen to alumni was a great experience for the students as it gave them a glimpse into how their lives could be after two years from now. It is a matter of pride for I.T.S to have graduated such prodigious students who are scaling new heights of success in their respective fields.

At the end of the session winners of Movie analysis session were awarded. Shubendu Upadyay and Prakriti Singh were awarded as first & second winners. They were felicitated by Dr Director Management -Dr. Ajay Kumar & Dr. V.N Bajpai- Chairperson PGDM Program.

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PGDM (2018-20) students attended 8th Subir Raha Memorial Lecture.

25 Students of PGDM (2018-20) batch, attended session on the theme of “Assured Inclusive Innovation: Path to CSR 2.0” on 13th July 2018.

A doyen of Innovation & Outstanding Management Professional, Padma Vibhushan Dr. R A Mashelkar, - President, Global Research Alliance, Former DG of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has delivered the lecture. More than 450 professionals representing public and public sector, civil society and UN Organizations attended the lecture. The lecture delivered by DR. R.A. Mashelkar started with Introduction to the topic "ASSURED Inclusive Innovation path to CSR 2.0". He explained about what is CSR 1.0. He told that CSR 1.0 focused on “Doing Well & Doing Good” but the CSR 2.0 focused on “Doing well by doing Good”. He also told that the CSR was first introduced to the world by TATA in the Year 1892. DR. Mashelkar presented the Matrix of ASSURED Innovation, where A stands for (AFFORDABLE), S(SCALEABLE), S(SUSTAINABLE), U(UNIVERSAL), R(RAPID), E(EXCELLENT) and D(DISTINCTIVE). He also explained the key drivers of the CSR in which he presented 3T Model as TIME, TECHNOLOGY and TRUST.

DR. Mashelkar ended his lecture by saying that “1.25 Billion Indians are not 1.25 Billion Mouths but 1.25 Billion Minds.”

The visit was coordinated by Prof. Alok Singh and Dr. Satish Kumar.

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