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Industrial Visit to AMUL

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized an Industry Visit to Banas Dairy (Amul Dairy Plant), Faridabad for students of PGDM - I Year (2022-24) Batch on October 15, 2022. 

The authorities of the plant welcomed the students and gave a briefing about the plant. While the Banas Cooperative does the entire production and maintenance of the plant, the marketing of its products is done by AMUL in Delhi NCR region.

The plant has a milk production capacity of 10 Lakh Liters per day. The major chunk of the milk comes from Gujarat (Banas Kantha region) via milk container train up to Palwal station of Haryana, from where milk container trucks, maintaining optimum temperature of 4 degree centigrade, are brought to the receiving bay of the plant. The cold supply chain helps in maintaining milk from deterioration during the transit period. Immediately, after offloading the milk container, the container truck moves for thorough cleaning for reuse the next day. The milk moves to the pasteurization process where it is maintained at 70 degree centigrade.

The plant has a diversified portfolio of milk products like cow milk, buffalo milk, mixed milk, double toned milk, flavored milk, Ice creams, Pedas etc. They have a quality check department, to ensure high quality of the products. The dairy has an automated packing division. The students were shown video clips related to Amul India and Banas Dairy development in the country. Amul truly deserves to be called “Taste of India”.  Faculty coordinators – Dr. Satish Kumar & Dr. Shailendra Kumar Dube handed over I.T.S Gift pack to authorities as a token of gratitude.

In all, the Amul Plant visit was a great learning session for the PGDM I year students. They not only learnt about different production processes but also quality aspects, cold supply chain, packing, safety & security and maintenance aspects. 

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Guest Lecture "ALM and the Risk Concept of NPA: Causes and Suggestions"

With a view to developing a broad understanding of the Asset-Liability Management (ALM) System as a part of the risk management and control systems in banks, I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad

organized a guest lecture on "ALM and the Risk Concept of NPA: Causes and Suggestions". The lecture was delivered by Mr. Raj Sharma, Senior Vice President, YES Bank & Cluster Head-Wealth Management, Noida for the PGDM    (2021-23) Batch on October 15th, 2022.

Prof. (Dr.) Timira Shukla, Director presented a plant sapling to welcome the guest.  Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson also greeted the industry speaker.

Mr. Raj Sharma enlightened the students on Bank Financial statements, various types of assets and liabilities, and how banks are exposed to credit and market risks. The lecture focused on how banks need to address credit and market risk in a structured manner by upgrading their risk management and adopting more comprehensive Asset-Liability Management (ALM) practices. He also explained other functions concerned with risk management and provided a comprehensive and dynamic framework for measuring, monitoring and managing liquidity, interest rate, foreign exchange, equity and commodity price risks of a bank. Further, he has emphasized the role of FOIR and loan-to-value ratio in loan management to minimize the NPA.

He also advised students on the opportunities to work in different fields of the banking sector like Branch Banking, Retail Banking, Administration, Credit Management, Agri. Banking, Corporate Banking, Project Finance, Foreign Exchange, Deputation to Subsidiaries, Deputation to Govt. Departments, Foreign Postings and Mandatory Assignments.

The session was very insightful and informative, with fruitful learning outcomes for all the students. The session concluded with the presentation of a plaque to Mr. Raj Sharma as a token of remembrance. 

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Session on “Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing”

As a part of MBA (2022-24) Orientation Programme- “Aarambh - 2022”, I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a session on “Campus to Corporate: Alumni Experience Sharing” was organized on 14th October, 2022.


The session commenced with warm welcome of all the alumni members joined for the session. Dr Nitin Saxena, the Alumni Coordinator, in his opening remark, said that the new batch joined I.T.S MBA programme with lots of expectations and dreams in their eyes to be fulfilled in the days to come.  They carry aspirations to become a true professional by inculcating all those traits and skills which are expected by corporate people from Management Graduates. Prof. Durba Roy, Associate Vice President, Corporate resource Centre moderated the session and shared her memories with these alumni and their batch mates.

Alumni of MBA Programme including Ms. Sarita Yadav, Manager, Digital Publishing, Aptara Corp, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, Enterprise Account Manager, HDFC Bank, Mr.  Rahul Bhardwaj, Team Manager, Oppo Mobiles, Mr. Rahul Kamboj, Territory In-charge, L’oreal India, Mr. Rohit Sharma, ASM On Premise, Beam Suntory, Ms. Rashmi Yadav, Deputy Manager, (Info Edge India Ltd.) shared their experiences of corporate life and given valuable tips to the students to make themselves corporate ready. The shared that Passion, positive attitude, communication, confidence, networking, team spirit are few traits, one should have to be a true professional. One should learn from failures and should come up with more courage to achieve the goals.

To listen to alumni was a great experience for the students as it gave them a glimpse of how their lives would be after two years from now. It is a matter of pride for I.T.S to have graduated such students who are scaling new heights of success in their respective fields and bringing glory to themselves and to their alma-mater. 

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Marrecus - Marketing Club organized Admaniac 2.0 - Mad Ad Show

Marrecus - The Marketing Club at I.T.S  School  of  Management , in its continued legacy organised its much awaited event 'ADMANIAC 2.0 - The Mad Ad Show' (Where Creativity Meets Madness) on Friday , 14th October 2022 in the Institute. The event was unique of its kind to witness the participation of large number of teams from PGDM (2022-24) batch.

The objective of this club event was to enable the participants to apply concepts, about product, pitching, brand recall, message delivery, promotional strategies etc. in marketing through short enactment/advertisements. The product & brand were mismatched to form new offerings in the market, which the participating teams showcased in the event. It comprised of humorous & conceptual ads, prepared and enacted by the students of PGDM first year in order to pitch their products. The evaluation was based on 5 parameters viz. Creativity & Innovativeness, Concept of advertisement: Customer appeal, Team Coordination, Time factor, Communication with clarity of thought. Out of large number of teams who participated, 3 teams were selected as winners from evaluation by the event judges Dr. Mayank Sharma and Dr. Sanjeev Tandon. Following teams bagged the top 3 positions:-

·                        1st Prize (Ad k Baadshah No.1) : Team Out of The Box – Pritam Debnath, Soumya Srivastava , Shubham Kumar, Tanisha Gupta, Shikhar Mishra (HIT DEODRANT)

·                        2nd Prize (Ad k Baadshah No.2) : Team Stardust – Ayushi Srivastava, Narjis Fatima, Khushi Jaiswal, Sunny Tyagi, Ayush

·                        (ROYAL ENFIELD GARMENTS)

·                        3rd Prize (Ad k Baadshah No.3) :  Team Marche – Sundari Tomar, Siddharth Garg, Satyam Kumar, Pankaj Garg, Manav Garg (BATA AATA)

Some participants were also selected for our special titles which were given to them as per their performance and overall presentation.

·                        Dumdaar Kalakar (Male) – Vikas Gautam

·                        Dumdaar Kalakar (Female) – Ayushi Srivastava

·                        Atrangi Kalakar (Male) – Shubham Kumar

·                        Atrangi Kalakar (Female) – Sundari Tomar

It was an interactive and fun-filled session as filler rounds were also there in which audience had to identify logos, jumbled taglines and Brand Ambassador of companies.

The felicitation ceremony was graced by the presence of Prof. (Dr.) Timira Shukla, Director & Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM who awarded the winning teams with trophies, certificates of appreciation and gift hampers. Certificates of participation were awarded to all the participating teams. Dr. Timira Shukla blessed the students for organising the wonderful event, with meticulous planning and error free execution. She emphasised that such events are the backbone for students learning, and hence has been an integral part of management education at I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad. The event was coordinated by Dr. Mayank Sharma.

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Guest Lecture on “Applications of Statistical Techniques in Management”

I.T.S School of Management organized a guest lecture for PGDM (2022-2024) Batch students on 13th October, 2022. The session was taken by Ms. Laxmi Raghuvanshi, Associate Manager, GMR Group, a Certified Professional Data Analyst, Data Consultant & Biostatistician.

Prof. (Dr.) Timira Shukla, Director presented a plant sapling to welcome the guest.  Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson also greeted the industry speaker.

The resource person during the session, emphasized on the Applications of Statistical techniques in an organization. She demonstrated the concept of 7 QCs with the help of live examples of industries. She also explained the different steps involved in implementation of Seven Quality Control Techniques in organizations. The key take-away from this wonderful session was about the use of different statistical techniques in different domains of Management.

The session was very interactive as the participants asked various queries like; how to chose appropriate technique and what are the precautions to be taken care of at the time of applying the technique.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, presented a memento to the guest speaker. The session was interactive and engaging for the students.

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International Corporate Talk on “Responsible Management and Leadership in the VUCA World”

I.T.S School of Management organized an International Corporate Talk on “Responsible Management and Leadership in the VUCA World” by Dr. Ivan Ureta, Head of Executive Education, Department of Business Economics, Health, and Social Care at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland for PGDM (2022-24) Batch on 12th October, 2022.


Dr. Ureta started the talk in a very interesting manner explaining about the importance of management, entrepreneurship and the leaders who carry a huge responsibility to make the world a better place by bringing and accepting change and innovation.

He explained the meaning of VUCA world and how the term came into existence. The acronym VUCA is composed of the four terms volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. He said that all of us are living in an age of unprecedented change and uncertainty that bombards us with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, fear, anxiety and distrust. He said that in the present scenario Businesses, Companies and Leaders are focusing on creating strategies to move from comfort zone to growth zone in order to remain competitive. The future is moving very fast and the world is preparing to cope up with the challenges that are emerging in the current context. The way to achieve success is to move from VUCA to positive VUCA which means Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility.

The session was very insightful and informative with lot of learning for all the students. Session concluded with the presentation of Virtual Plaque to Dr. Ivan Ureta as a token of remembrance and gratitude.

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PGDM (2022-24) Batch students of I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad namely Divyansh Jaiswal, Punit Agrahari, Poorvi Gupta, Priya Kumari,  Yuvraj Singh, Ritik Arora, Omesh Thakur, Vikash Gautam, Rohit Jain, Shobhit Agrahari attended virtual ASSOCHAM COLLOQUIM on the  theme of “ SOCIAL STOCK EXCHANGE: The Next Inclusive Growth Trajectory- Emergence, Sustenance & Governance”  through virtual mode on 07th October, 2022

The ASSOCHAM COLLOQUIM comprised high profile panelists from industry Mr. Sanjay Gupta (CMA), Mr. K.Hari ( Chief Business Officer), Mr. Jeevan Sonparote (Chief General Manager, Corporation Finance) Ms. Shruti Aggarwal (Director & Head ,Investment Banking & Corporate Finance), Ms. Meenakshi Sharma ( Technical Director, Capital Market) and many  others.

The students had a great learning experience on a very relevant  Social Stock Exchange, which is still an emerging concept in India, while it is already popular in UK, Canada & Brazil. The Social Stock Exchange allows the listing of non-profit/ non-government organizations on stock exchanges with an alternative fund raising structure. These may be listed on BSE or NSE in India. The discussion points were: how to raise funds for SSE- Zero options, Zero Principal Bonds; concept of accountability, SSE to bridge the gap between social sector and private funding. The SSE provides unified funding structure which acts as an umbrella and an issue like why SSE fails was also discussed. Undoubtedly, the SOCIAL COLLOQUIM was a new exposure to the participating students.

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Guest Lecture on “E-Commerce Strategy for B2B Market” for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad, organised a guest lecture by Mr. Ajay Chhabra, Senior Digital Transformation Expert, Trainer and Chief Digital Officer for PGDM-IV Batch (2021-23) students of B2B Marketing on 10th October, 2022.

Mr. Ajay delivered an exciting session about B2B Marketing. The welcome remarks were shared by Prof. (Dr.) Timira Shukla, Director and a plant sapling was presented to the guest.

In the beginning of session, the speaker shared a brief about his professional life and the various roles he had played during his career. He shared information about the leading B2B companies and the manner in which they have grown and exploited the global B2B markets. Mr Chhabra also shared the industry insights and sales of global B2B business. He talked about e-commerce and the strategies companies to grow their business. He also highlighted the difference between business models of B2B & B2C. Providing variety of examples of B2B & B2C, he explained about E-commerce characteristics and the strategic benefits companies adopt to win competition in the B2B market. He emphasized on the skill sets & key traits to become a successful professional. He also elaborated the E-commerce strategy of GE, where he had served exclusively for B2B operations. Towards the end of the session, students asked a few questions related to the subject.

Dr. Sanjeev Tandon, faculty parented a memento to the guest. The session was interactive and engaging for the students.

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“Sankriya” The Operations Club organizes “ Quiz Mania” for PGDM Students

The Operations Club- “SANKRIYA” of I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized the mind twisting “QUIZ MANIA” – an exclusive business quiz, for the benefit of PGDM I year students (2022-24) Batch  at AB-IV Seminar Hall

on  6th October 2022. Two distinguished faculty members- Dr. Neeraj Sanghi and Prof. Ashutosh Sharma were the judges of the event.

In her inaugural address the PGDM Chairperson, Dr. Anusha Agarwal, appreciated the participating students of PGDM I year for showing their motivation and enthusiasm in the Quiz Mania. The event witnessed a good response where 25 teams comprising two members each, which were later screened for final 8 teams.

 Prof. (Dr.) Timira Shukla, Director distributed trophies & certificate to the winners of the Quiz Mania.

The First Prize was begged by Nikhil Jawalia & Dilip Kumar; while Second prize was won by the team members of Soumya Srivastava & Udita Rastogi and Nitish Parashar & Priya Arora got the third Prize. The Director congratulated the winning team members and praised the organizing team members for meticulously organizing the event.

The event Coordinator, Dr. Shailendra Kumar Dube thanked the distinguished Guests and the participants for making the “QUIZ MANIA”, a great success. 

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International Educational tour to UAE (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi)

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized an International Educational Tour to UAE (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi) for PGDM (2021-23) batch.

Students of PGDM (2021-23) batch along with Prof. Shikha Aggarwal and Dr. D. K. Pandey on the flight to UAE tour (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi) in two different groups on 28th and 29th September, 2022. They landed at Dubai airport early in the morning.

After checking out from airport, they first proceeded for a city tour of Dubai covering tourist attractions like Burj- Al- Arab, Sheikh Palace, Palm Jumeirah beach, Dubai frame and Atlantis hotel.

In the evening the group visited famous ‘Fountain Show’ followed by the ‘Dhow cruise’. The cruise was an exhilarating experience with ethnic cultural beauty in the form of dance show, magic and lip-smacking Arabic cuisine for dinner. The day ended on a very beautiful note with the enjoyment of the Arabic culture and the group came back to hotel for an overnight stay.  They were amazed to see the cleanliness and beauty of the city, called Dubai.

Second Day of the UAE started with the visit to the famous shopping centers in Dubai, including Centro shopping Complex, Deira City Centre and Meena Bazar. Away from the glitter of Dubai city life the evening for the students was an unforgettable & joyful experience of Desert Safari including exhilarating dune drives in Land cruisers.

The feeling of sand dune bashing cannot be described in mere words. It is indeed a  ‘bucket list’ sport.  After the exciting experience of desert safari, the group was welcomed in a  camp setting for barbeque dinner and some fun, dancing, musical and cultural performances which are symbolic of the Arabic culture. Dubai desert safari in the surrounding sandy desert is a thrilling and electrifying experience.

Third day of the UAE started with a visit to the  Synergy University, Dubai. The session at the university focused on the internationalization of education and its significance in the global corporate world. The university officials elaborated on the various opportunities in Dubai. This was followed by industry visit to MediaPro Venues that offers world class venue management services. The Assistant Director of MediaPro Venues Production house conducted a tour of the largest warehouse in Dubai for international venue management.

This was followed by a lavish lunch. Both the groups then proceeded for  Sharjah City tour. The major attractions in Sharjah included an on route tour of the University City. The university  city is a township area located near the central university of Sharjah. The city had university hospitals; university library; a piece of marvelous architecture and Dewan which is the central administrative office of the Royal Government of Sharjah. The tour also had a stop at the Central Souk, also known as  Gold Souk or Blue Souk in Sharjah.

The day ended with a long walk at the Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Beach Road famously called JBR Road and a lavish dinner at the Grand Hyatt.

Fourth Day of the UAE trip included a visit to Abu Dhabi where students witnessed the jaw-dropping beauty of Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Ferrari World. Beauty of the mosque was beyond words with decorated walls, sky touching tombs and matchless architecture. Thereafter the students visited the most awaited Ferrari World witnessing the real Ferrari cars with the audible sighs later students were taken to wholesale dates market for shopping.

At last it was time to finally board the flight back to India and students returned with countless stories and experiences of the International Educational tour to UAE. They were feeling proud of being a student of I.T.S School of Management that gave them this lovely chance to explore UAE with the best of stay, facilities and the amazing experiences.

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