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Seminar on 'Investment Awareness Program'

I.T.S School of Management organized a Seminar on 'Investment Awareness Program' in association with Geojit Financial Services Ltd for PGDM Participants of 2021-23 Batch on 8th April 2022.

The Program was initiated under the presence of Mr. Ramesh Bharti, Product Head, Equity at Geojit Financial Services Ltd,  Mr. Manish Kumar, State Head, Geojit Financial Services Ltd, Mr. Bhavuk Garg, Senior Manager, Geojit Financial Services Ltd, Ms. Moumita Goswami, BSE, Geojit Financial Services Ltd, Mr. Sachin Narang, Senior Manager – HDFC AMC, Dr. V.N. Bajpai, Director, Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM and Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, Professor (Finance).

Dr. V.N. Bajpai and Dr. Anusha Agarwal welcomed the distinguished guests of the session, by giving plaques and gifts. Dr. Bajpai discussed the importance of such seminars for participants in his inaugural address. Dr. Anush Agarwal emphasized on importance of investment for participants in her address. Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, in his seminal introduction, discussed traditional and modern investment behavior of the investors and its implications.

Mr. Ramesh Bharti, disseminated the knowledge of various investment avenues to the participants in his session. He briefly introduced the participants about investment in banks, post office schemes, public provident fund, equity shares, mutual funds etc. He discussed the power of compounding and rule of 72 and their importance in equity and mutual fund investments with the participants.

Mr. Sachin Narang explained the concept of mutual funds to the participants. He discussed the types of mutual funds and expected returns of mutual funds and equity in long run. In his session, he emphasized on long term investment and clarity of investment goals for mutual fund investment.

It was an interactive session as participants asked their quires related to the contents covered during the seminar. The resource persons answered the quires of the participants. In concluding remarks, Dr. Neeraj Sanghi extended thanks to all the guests for their benign presence.

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Unity is Strength - Multiplying Advantages and Numbers at Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme

I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad conducted ‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme on the 8th of April, 2022.

The volunteers for the day were Sagar, Akash, Amit, Anubhav, Sourav, Baishnabi, Neha, and Abhijeet.

The first session of the day was conducted by Sourav as he involved the students in an exercise on multiplication. The students were called to the board to complete the tasks. With practiced ease, the children completed the assigned sums in a jiffy; those who performed well were presented with toffees.

The second half of the day’s session was carried out by Neha as she narrated a story. The moral of the story was based on the truism Unity is Strength. One of the volunteers Baishnabi had her birthday on the day; so she had brought along pens for the learners, which were then distributed by the volunteers.

With the day drawing to a close, Bikano Namkeen and Melody toffees were distributed among the kids before they proceeded homeward. Prof. Lokesh Upreti planned all the sessions. Prof. Ashutosh Sharma guided and motivated the students in the performance of the various tasks.

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Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights & IP management for Startups” conduct by GLOCAL, IB together with Institution’s Innovation Council.

GLOCAL, IB club of I.T.S School of management together with Institution’s Innovation Council organized “Workshop onIntellectual Property Rights & IP management for Startups” for participants of PGDM (2021-23) batch on 6th April, 2022.


The session was delivered by Ms. Smriti Yadav, Partner- Khaitan &Co. & IPR Practice Group. She initiated the session by explaining about Intellectual Property Protector in India. She explained about trademark registration process, conventional marks & non-conventional marks,strong and weak trademarks, designs, exclusion, revocation,commercialization and its impact on IPR. She also quite nicely highlighted on what can’t be registered as a trade mark and confidential information. She emphasized on the concept of trade secrets and peculiarities from Indian law perspective using popular case/ company examples.Further in the session she discussed about the timelines and process for filing patents in India.

The session was quite interactive as participants asked many relevant questions and the guest answered them up to their satisfaction. The session was then concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque to guest of honor as a token of gratitude. Overall, the session was indeed a very engaging and insightful.

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Virtual Corporate Talk on- “The New Media Revolution in India”

I.T.S School of management has given an opportunity to participants of PGDM(2021-2023) Batch to attend the Corporate Talk on -“The New Media Revolution in India” organized by I.T.S School of Management on 5th April, 2022.

The talk was delivered by our respected guest Mr. Ritesh Dhawan (Co-Founder & CEO at Influenzr Lifestyle) he initiated the session by explaining about how today’s media is changing day by day. How the brands are using the digital media and influencers to promote their products or services. In today’s world users are increasing on digital platforms. He talked about how traditional media like FM, Newspaper, Radio is abolished.

He further added that the Internet is used in various ways. Some of the key points & critical ways can be BGC & UGC. These are the terms of today’s advertisement era like BGC stands for (Brand Generated Content) and UGC stands for (User Generated Content). The difference between two key terms is that brands promote their products by themselves or they use some influencer to promote their products. It's called UGC. Brands are generating more revenue from digital media than the traditional media. He also talked about consumer behaviour towards the advertisement. He gave some examples like Nyka, Boat, Mamaearth; they don’t advertise their products in the Newspaper, FM or any other traditional way. He talked about the technical revolution that happens in every decade. Mr. Ritesh has discussed about advertisement process. He gave an example of former US president Donald Trump and famous singer Justin Bieber how they became successful through digital campaigns. Companies like Netflix and Spotify are using premium pricing to keep the platform advertisement free. Companies are generating more revenue from the influencer. At the End of the session he reveals how digital media influencers earn more money than the normal job going person. 

The session was quite interactive as participants asked many relevant questions and our guest answered them to their satisfaction. The session was then concluded with the presentation of a virtual plaque to the guest of honour as a token of gratitude. Overall, the session was indeed very insightful and thoughtful.

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Guest Lecture on “Building Sales Team” for PGDM participants

I.T.S School of Management organized a guest lecture on 2nd April 2022 of Mr. Ravish Malhotra, Senior Manager, Accenture for PGDM- III (2021-23) participants for their course “Sales & Distribution Management”. The topic of the lecture has been “Building Sales Team”.

He has shared his vast experience working with Delloite and Accenture as senior manager, looking after supply chain and HR business process. He has served 25+ domestic and international clients completing various project assignments. He spoke about the nuances of sales in any organization and the significance of distribution system to support sales. He cited many examples of companies, who have used variety of technology to improve sales through an efficient distribution system. He demonstrated the concepts of CRM& its relevance in developing a sales team. He shared examples of Apple, Microsoft, Intel etc. with reference to the technology upgradation and their endeavor to develop sales team to achieve measurable targets. The achievements of budding entrepreneurs known as shark tank India was also being highlighted. Aman Gupta, Ashneer Grover, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Ghazal Alagh, Vineeta Singh and their achievements were discussed with reference to building an exclusive sales team. Overall, the session was highly interactive and Mr. Ravish answered various questions being enquired by the students.

The session was concluded by Dr. Sanjeev Tandon and Dr. Sunil Yadav, followed by presenting a plaque as a token of gratitude to the Guest Speaker. 

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Felicitation ceremony of PGDM (2020-22) & (2021-23) Batch

I.T.S School of Management has organized a Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for PGDM (2020-22) & (2021-23) Batch on 2nd April, 2022.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Shri. Surinder Sood, Director PR, I.T.S – The Education Group; Dr. V. N. Bajpai, Director   and Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM.

The beginning of the ceremony was marked by the motivating speech by Dr. V. N. Bajpai who motivated the students by emphasizing with his kind words that how recognition and continues learning in life is important in all walks of life which helps everyone to grow more in their future.

Dr.Anusha Agarwal addressed the students & briefed about the ceremony by highlighting the importance of recognition of young talent and motivated them to have the spirit of continuous improvement, compassion and zeal to learn in life.

Shri SurinderSood Sir motivated the students with his words he talked about the opportunities, knowledge, thinking process and efforts putting in life which cumulatively become big for future. He congratulated all awardees and their parents for the success of their efforts and believes. The students were presented with awards in two categories as follows:

1 – Merit Awards

2 – Performance Improvement Award

•        Top 10 position Holders of PGDM Trimester IV

•        Top 10 position Holders of PGDM Trimester V

•        Top 5 Performance Improvements Awardees in PGDM Trimester IV over Trimester III

•        Top 6 Performance Improvement Awardees in PGDM Trimester V over Trimester IV

•        Top 12 Position Holders of PGDM Trimester I

•        Top 13 Position Holders of PGDM Trimester II

•        Top  10 Performance Improvement Awardees in PGDM Trimester II over Trimester I

The event culminated with a Hi-Tea.

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The Statesman Club Activity (ENTHUSIA V) for PGDM students

The Statesman Club of I.T.S School of Management organised an event named ENTHUSIA V which consisted of three activities:-

1.      Race with Hurdles

2.      Shot put

3.      Badminton Doubles

The activities were held for participants of PGDM (2021-23) Batch on 31st March 2022.

The event began with the inaugural ceremony of ribbon cutting by our Director Sir, Dr. V.N. Bajpai and PGP Chairperson Dr. Anusha Agarwal. Our faculty members Prof. Yachana Malhotra and Dr. Vivek Pachauri attended the event to motivate the students. The club coordinators Dr. D.K. Pandey and Dr. Sanjeev Tandon were there to guide the active organising members of the event.

All the three events were held parallelly in the sports complex area and at the playground. Badminton was held in the badminton court in the sports complex and race with hurdles and shot put were held in the playground.For the race with hurdles, participants had to pass through the hurdles on the racing track and the one who could successfully cross the hurdles in the shortest time would be the winner. Side by side badminton was also going on. Shot put participants were given three chances with 4 kg (shot put ball) for girls and 6 kg for boys and the one who could throw the longest distance would be the winner.

The winner for badminton doubles girls were Kumari Nitu Pandey and Ishvi Chaudhary, and AkanshaGujran and Papiya Dey were first runner up. For badminton doubles boys Naitik Jain and Harshit Joshi were the winners and Prakash Chandra Pandey and Rakesh Kumar Singh were the first runner up. For shot put boys, Kunal Sharma was the winner and Sachin Kumar Parashar was the first runner up. Amongst girls in shot put, Supriya Singh was the winner and Vidushiwas the first runner up. For race with hurdles, held for boys, Akash Kumar Singh was the winner and Bhuvaneshwar Sharma was the first runner up.

The sports activities were mood refreshing as students got some time to take a break from studies and enjoy leisure time to explore their hidden capabilities. The event was well coordinated, collaborated and executed. Overall, the event was energising and a great learning experience for the students.

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Utthan Club - "Drawing Competition and Computer Lab activity”

Utthan, a CSR initiative of Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad, Department of Management, organized a session on  “Drawing Competition and Computer Lab activity” for Government School students of class 1st to 8th in the campus on 31st March, 2022. 


The aim of the activity was to enhance the skills, knowledge, and confidence of the children. Drawing competition was conducted for the students of 1st to 4th standard where they drew the Indian Flag as instructed by the student volunteers of PGDM batch (2019-21) and for the students of class 5th to 8th, Computer Lab activity was conducted where the students were taught basics of Microsoft Word i.e., text formatting, text correction, etc.

Faculty Coordinators, Prof. Nitin Saxena and Prof. Shilpi Rana started the activity by addressing the students and motivating them for upcoming club activities.

Stationery goodies were distributed among the children and winners of the Drawing competition were awarded exciting gifts. They seemed to be quite enthusiastic after visiting the Computer lab.

Students were given refreshments at the end of the session.

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Management faculty attended Mega International Summit on MSMEs’ Competitiveness and Growth

On the 29th and 30th of March 2022 Dr Rajeev Johari and Dr Indraneel Mandal from I.T.S Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad attended the Mega International Summit on MSMEs’ Competitiveness and Growth organised by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad at the India International Centre, New Delhi.


The inaugural session was graced by Shri Narayan Tatu Rane, Honourable Union Minister for MSMEs, Govt. of India as the Chief Guest, with the Honourable Minister of State, Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma, attending as the Guest of Honour. Among the foreign dignitaries present on the occasion were Dr Gholamhossein Hosseinina, Honourable Deputy Minister of Cooperative, Labour and Social Welfare, Iran and Dr Ali Chhegni, Ambassador of Iran.

Dr Sumit Shukla, Director General EDII, welcomed all to the summit and highlighted why MSMEs matter on a global scale for the economic development of peoples and regions. Sh. Narayan Rane stressed on the important role MSMEs are playing in the economic growth of India, while Sh. Bhanu Prasad Singh Verma spoke of the steps taken by the present government towards the development of this sector. Dr Hosseinina in his address pointed out to the similarities in the MSME story in India and Iran; Dr Chhegni referred to the historical linkages between the two civilisations in India and Iran, and how it was significant for the economic development of both nations. Dr Amit Dwivedi, Summit in Charge, laid down the plan for the interactions at the summit over the coming two days, before Smt. Mercy Epao, Joint Secretary, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India offered the Vote of Thanks for the inaugural session.

The format of the summit consisted of an interesting mix of invited talks as well as panel discussions on wide ranging topics. The invited talks featured entrepreneurs – many of them from different parts of the globe – speaking about their individual experiences and how it helped them in their growing their respective businesses. Several of them offered their viewpoints on the experience of the MSME sector and how it could pan out going forward. Among the panel discussions, which included dignitaries, experienced practitioners as well as academics and researchers, the diverse issues covered included role of conducive policies and non-financial business development services in MSME competitiveness; MSME challenges and opportunities in the era of Covid 19 pandemic and the role of incubation/acceleration in MSME growth; how MSMEs can work in consortia to achieve sustainability; and people, planet and profit in the light of development of the MSME sector.

All the sessions were highly interactive and rich in content as the assembled audience joined in with their own myriad experiences and insights on the issues at hand. The summit was a very well managed exercise as all participants came away with a lot of food for thought for further deliberations.

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Received Prestigious Award “Innovative Professor of the Year 2022” by “Asian Education Awards” at AEA Conference 2022

It's indeed : a matter of Pride, Pleasure & Honor to be shared amongst, that Dr. Anusha Agarwal, has been awarded with the Prestigious Award of ” Innovative Professor of the Year 2022”, on 26th March’ 2022, by Asian Education AwardsJudiciary at AEA Conference 2022.

The event was graced by Prof. Dr. Firdos T Shroff, Dr. Mala Dasgupta, Ts.Dr. Aslina Baharum, Prof. Dr. Kinjal H Shah.

The aim of this award ceremony was to provide the opportunity, to showcase leading Educationalist’s & their Organization’s ideas and Innovations,across discrete learning aspects.

“Asian Education Awards” was held to celebrate and recognize excellence in education,highlight positive impact of Teachers.

Process of selection was as under:

1.      Nomination

2.      Leadership & Personality Test

3.      Innovative practice in teaching Test

4.      Feedback from 2 persons from Academics

She  reciprocates with gratitude, towards our Institute and our entire Management of I.T.S, Mohan Nagar, GhaziabadChairman Sir, Vice Chairman Sir, Secretary Sir and Director PR Sir for their continued Support, Appreciation and Encouragement.

She extends sincere wishes to each Faculty Colleagues, for their support, whilst taking care of the designated responsibilities, together.

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