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14 Aug 2012

Faculty Development Programme on “Securitization”

A Faculty Development Programme on “Securitization” was organised on 14th August,2012 by Department of Management Studies of I.T.S- Management & I.T Institute, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

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13 Jan 2012

Faculty Development Program on Rational Application Developer (RAD) inaugurated on 13th January, 2012 at the institute

A 4-days Faculty Development Program on Rational Application Developer (RAD) being conducted during 13th - 16th January was inaugurated today in the Seminar Hall-II. In his welcome address, Dr. Vineet Kansal, Director - IT welcomed the Resource Person and briefed about the objectives and benefits of this program. Prof. S.K. Pandey introduced the Resource Person, Mr. Sunny Narang who is conducting this FDP. In this FDP, various aspects of RAD shall be covered during next four days including Workbench Basics, Java Development Environment, Web Development Basics, Running Web applications using using WebSphere, Database connectivity, Struts & JSF Development5 Tools, Packaging and deployment of projects, Testing & Debugging Web Applications using JUint and JSP Debugging tool. The FDP shall be conducted using Discussions, demonstration and practical implementation of the discussed concepts. About 40 faculty participants from our group are attending this FDP.

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18 Dec 2016

Prof. Shikha & Prof. Neetu attended workshop on “Research Methodology” at Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi.

Prof. Shikha Arora and Prof. Neetu Purohit attended 5 day workshop on ‘Research Methodology’ organized by Delhi Technological University at its Campus on Bawana Road, Delhi from 14th to 18th December 2016. The workshop was organized with the objective to equip the research scholars with the necessary skills to carry out research effectively in the various disciplines so as to produce high quality of articles, research papers, thesis and books. The workshop was designed to offer not only the conceptual basis and theory for research but also the qualitative and quantitative research methods, also covering the data analysis packages useful in research. There were 109 registrations for the participants across various disciplines in areas such as engineering, medical and management.

On day one, the workshop commenced with registration and formal inaugural function with welcome address by Dr. Rajan Yadav, Head Delhi School of Management, Delhi Technological University and Presidential Address by Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor Delhi Technological University. The Chief Guest for the session was Prof. Shyam B. Menon, Vice Chancellor, Ambedkar University. Vote of thanks was presented by Prof. G.C. Maheshwari, Delhi School of Management, DTU. Thereafter there was session by Prof. G.C. Maheshwari on Introduction to ‘Research and Research Ethics’, then a session on Art of Research Paper Writing & Literature Review by Prof. S.K. Garg, Pro-VC, DTU and the last session for the day was by Prof. Anil Singh on ‘Research Design’. Day 2 sessions were on ‘Scale Construction-Questionnaire Design, Reliability and Validity Analysis’ by Dr. V.P. Singh, Associate Professor, NCERT; ‘Techniques of Data Collection’ by Dr. Shikha N. Khera, DSM-DTU; Factor Analysis by Dr. A.R. Rao, Principal Scientist, IASRI. Day 3 sessions were on Sampling-Types, Size, Techniques by Dr. Rajan Yadav, DSM, DTU; Hypothesis Formulation & Testing by Prof. P.K. Suri, DSM, DTU, Differences of Means, Anova, Chi Square, Regression and Correlation by Prof. P.K. Suri, DSM, DTU. Day 4 sessions were on Theoretical Framework for Research by Prof. Sushil, IIT Delhi and Structural Equation Modelling by Prof. H.K. Dangi, Associate Professor, FMS, DU. Day 5 also continued with Structural Equation Modelling and hands on session on AMOS and Smart PLS softwares. Thereafter Valedictory Session was held wherein the brief of all the sessions was provided by Dr. Shikha N. Khera, DSM, DTU, thereafter there was address by Chief Guest by Prof. Anil K. Tyagi, Vice Chancellor, IP University and address by Prof. Yogesh Singh, Vice Chancellor DTU and Vote of Thanks by Prof. G.C. Maheswari, DSM, DTU followed by brief feedback session from the participants and finally giving certificates to the participants.

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20 Feb 2010

Guest Lecture by: Mr. Shyam Sundar, Technical Director, NIC.

A guest lecture for MCA (semseter IV) students was organized by IT Department, I.T.S, Mohan Nagar on Managing Information & Infrastructure: NIC - A Case Study. Mr. Shyam Sundar emphasized on how NIC is working for providing e-Government/e-Governance solution adopting best practices, integrated services and global solution in Government sector. He also briefed the students about data centre setup operations and management in NIC.

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12 Sep 2015

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

Staff Development Programme Conducted on Service Orientation and Professional Excellence

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29 Apr 2014

Faculty Development Programme on topic “Xcel with MS Excel” for management faculty

A two day Faculty Development Program was organized on the topic “Xcel with MS Excel” at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad on 28 & 29 April, 2014. The resource person for this FDP was Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad. The Participants in this session were Prof. Nitin Saxena, Prof. Sumit Gulati, , Prof. Dushyant Tyagi , Prof. S Bhattacharya, Prof. Prof Lalit Sharma, Prof. A.P. Tripathi, Prof. Mona Sahay, Prof. Shikha Arora, Prof. Vinita Srivastava, Prof. Neetu Purohit, Prof. V.N. Vajpai, Prof. D.K. Pandey, Prof. Pankaj Kr, Prof. Satish Kumar, Prof. Anusha Agarwal, Prof. A R Mishra.

Objective of the FDP was to discuss and understand data analysis and business modeling techniques using important Microsoft Excel Tools. Also, FDP covers the basics and fundamentals of data editing, coding, analysis and interpretation using MS Excel. The whole coverage was comprised of 4-5 integrated exercises covering different techniques of MS Excel. The difficulty level of exercise increases with exercise number where each exercise represents some meaningful business data. The participants were provided with instructions (each exercise) during respective deliberations and hands-on experience of MS Excel.

From this session all participants felt benefited and enlightened.

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17 May 2013

Faculty Development Programme on “Future of Finance”.

The department of management studies of Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad organized a Faculty Development Programme in Finance Area on “Future of Finance” on 17th May, 2013.

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07 Jun 2012

Staff Development Programme (SDP) on Effective Communication and Personal Grooming

A Staff Development Programme (SDP) on Effective Communication and Personal Grooming was conducted on 6th and 7th of June, 2012 by Capt. Sonia Singh, Prof. G. K. Dwivedi and Prof. Roopsi Bhardwaj. Thirteen staff members attended the SDP.

Day one began with a micro lab where the participants introduced themselves to others and warmed up for the sessions. The first session was conducted by Prof. G. K. Dwivedi on Essentials of Effective Communication which was followed by the second session on Effective English Communication. Prof. Dwivedi discussed the basics of effective communication and the most common errors of English grammar made by the Indians. He also conducted a practical exercise on letter writing.

The second day of the SDP started with the nuances of non-verbal communication shared by Capt. Sonia Singh through an exercise followed by a discussion amongst the participants. She also discussed Attitude and Etiquette at the work place which saw the participants going through the experiential learning. The last session of the SDP conducted by Capt. Sonia was on Personal Grooming. The session informed the participants of corporate dressing. It also emphasized on creating a positive impression in organizations.

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