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Visit to NCUI for the 66th National Cooperative Week

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized visit of PGDM First Year students to the office of the National Cooperative Union of India on August Kranti Marg, New Delhi for the Inaugural Session of the National Cooperative Week.

The session was graced by Mr. Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Minister of State with independent charge of the Ministry of Labour. The programme started with Mr. N. Satya Narayana, CEO of NCUI, laying down the details of the Cooperative Week. He mentioned that the attractions would include events like seminars, debates and quizzes. He spoke of the need to make the cooperative movement strong. He also read out congratulatory messages from a wide range of dignitaries including the Vice President, the Home Minister and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

Next it was the turn of Dr. Chandrapal Singh, MP and President of NCUI. He extolled the virtues of the cooperative movement and appealed to the youngsters to join cooperatives instead of the corporate world. He suggested that this will help to deal with the problem of unemployment. In addition greater impetus for the sector could help to double the income of the farmers. Dr Singh also took the opportunity to request the Minister to work for tax concessions for cooperatives along with increased budgetary allocations.

Finally Mr. Gangwar took the podium and mentioned why it was important to keep the cooperative movement free from politics, giving the example of his own bank. He spoke of the need to take the cooperative movement forward effectively, suggesting that the government was ready to provide the necessary support. He too indicated that it was necessary for employment generation and development of the country. Mr.Gangwar pointed out that often cooperatives are clubbed together with agriculture and said that the time is now ripe for a separate ministry of cooperatives.

The session was very interesting and students were satisfied to return with a valuable learning experience.

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Management faculty attended Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Summit by ASSOCHAM

Management Faculty members Dr. Anusha Agarwal and Ms. Parul Gupta attended Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Summit by ASSOCHAM at Hotel Imperial, New Delhi on 13th November, 2019

The summit was organized byASSOCHAMtoenable industry leaders to exchange views, discuss policies and share experiences which facilitate women advancement and promote diversity and inclusiveness, by bringing together the most successful and highly accomplished women leaders who have made a difference in their businesses and communities.

The event was graced by Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development as Chief Guest. The distinguished speakers from Industry deliberated on different issues and challenges which women in India are facing in urban as well as rural areas. The speakers also discussed how Women can take advantages of various opportunities to break free of the chains holding them from achieving their true potential.

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Management faculty attended Business World Education- Future of Management Education Conclave 2019


Management Faculty members Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Dr. Charu Chaudhary and Ms. Parul Gupta attended Business World Education- Future of Management Education Conclave 2019at Hotel Imperial, New Delhi on 12th November, 2019

The conclave was organized by Business World to explore how management schools can take a leaf out of successful organizations in the spheres of business, technology, higher education and public service and work towards establishing their institutions as leaders.

The event was graced by Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman AICTE; Dr. Pankaj Mittal, Secretary General AIU and many other eminent speakers from top B-schools of India like IIM- A, IIM- I, MDI and SP Jain Institute of Management Studies.  The distinguished speakers from Academia and Industry deliberated on different dimensions which play a significant role in carving the desired future of Management Education keeping in mind the emerging challenges and opportunities.

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Staff Development Program at I.T.S Dental College, Murad Nagar

Prof. Yachna Malhotra of I.T.S - Mohan Nagar conducted a training program on "Effective Communication and Time Management" at  ITS Dental College,Murad Nagar for the Patient Care Staff team.

Participants were highly delighted to have such an opportunity to learn and add new set of skills and competencies so as to develop and enrich their capabilities as a successful  professionals and to contribute the best possible to the students and hence the learning environment was highly interactive and resulted in  deep routed team cohesiveness among the participants.

Initially to get connected with the participants, an ice breaking session was conducted to  get affiliated with each other by introducing each other with sharing their feelings and disclosure of strengths and weaknesses so as to predict  personality traits of the participants.

The training was a mix of both the slide show coupled with some interesting activities to sensitize the staff members for giving effective and quality service in general and making their interactions with students more polite, clear and result oriented.

An activity on Time Management(Ball Game) was conducted among the participants to make them understand and demonstrate the importance of managing time in both their personal and professional life.  Participants were over whelmed with the outputs and experiences they had during the game. Again this was followed by an activity (Walk/Stop) to understand the significance of effective listening in order to have desired response from the patients during their daily communication

Prof. Yachna Malhotra offered thanks to all participants for their patient listening and active participation during the session.

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Workshop by Dr. Sandeep Goel for PGDM students

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad  organized a workshop

on  “Corporate Governance: Issues & Challenges”  by  Dr. Sandeep Goel, Associate Professor, Finance at MDI Gurgaon on  5th November, 2019 for the students of PGDM (2019-21) batch. The session started with the formal welcome of the Guest by Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management) followed by her opening thoughts on the subject.  

During his discussion with students Dr Goel covered all possible dimensions of corporate governance, particularly from the perspectives of the corporate board and stakeholders – the two pillars of corporate governance. He also covered the inter-related aspects of different functional areas of management from the financial perspective; along with allied areas of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Further, he highlighted the concepts and practices of corporate governance from an Indian business environment viewpoint; but with an international focus.

Dr. Goel said that Good Corporate Governance standards are not only important but essential to ensure significant value gain to all the stakeholders of a company, including the minority shareholders, the government and the economy at a large. India has always been at the top in protecting the interests of minority shareholders which can be attributed largely to positive corporate governance norms that have been put in place by the Government and SEBI. He shared the examples of many companies including Satyam, Enron, Reliance, Tata, Infosys etc to discuss the various faces of Corporate Governance.

At last many questions on the topic were raised by the students. The session was very much appreciated by the learners.

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Video Conferencing on Supply Chain Management

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a video conference on Supply Chain Management for PGDM First Year.

The video conferencing featured Mr. Jintendra Kumar Singh, Assistant General Manager, Indorama Polychem, Indonesia, who spoke about the importance of the supply chain management in warehouses.

Mr Singh illustrated the concept ofbackward integration during the session in order to enlighten the students about this concept,where a company purchases or internally produces segments of its supply chain. He also discussed how it is benefiting companies.

The importance of IT software in the business was also explained. The application of RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Devices) and GPS (Global Positioning system) in supply chain management to reduce costs was also demonstrated.

The last part of the session was dedicated to supply chain management in the service sector. The discussion was about how companies are getting closer to the customers by improving their supply channels.

It was a highly informative and interactive session for the students

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‘Parivartan’ – The Slum Education Programme

Department of Management at I.T.S Mohan Nagar, conducted Parivartan - The Slum Education Programme on 3rd November 2019 with a new type of activity during the monthly Game Day.


The session for the day was opened by Prof. Lokesh Upreti as he tried to make the children aware about the current hazards of pollution. He explained to the learners the difference between fog and smog, pointing out why the latter was more dangerous. Interestingly, the children were aware of many of these topics, including the burning of crop stubs by the farmers.

Then it was time for the new teacher of the day Prabhanshu to take over. He expertly handled the class as he familiarised the kids with common GK concepts.

At last it was time for the game of the day. The volunteers had designed a game where the children were divided into groups of six. Each group was assigned a topic. The members of each group were required to run up and write one word each relating to the topic given. They were to avoid spelling mistakes and repetitions. The more the number of correct words, the higher the points. Thus the game was a test of English vocabulary, along with team building and presence of mind. The final winners consisted of three boys and three girls. Each of the boys received an I.T.S Cap while the girls were given a TT set each. The smallest children had been engaged separately by Mansi, and were provided with packets of Krax Curls.

With the day’s programme coming to an end, Butter Bite Biscuits and Coffee Bite toffees were distributed among the children. Prof. Lokesh Upreti planned and guided the volunteers in the conduct of the programme as the faculty coordinator of CSR Club - Parivartan.

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HR CONCLAVE- 2019 organized on 2nd November 2019.

Department of Management atI.T.S Ghaziabad organized HR conclaveon the focal theme HR 4.0 CHANGING LANDSCAPE” with the objective that how organizations are changing mainly due to technology.

This Conclaveprovided a platform to highlight the various upcoming issues, opportunities and challenges in corporate in coming future. Eminent speakers from Industry and Academia shared their insight and valuable thoughts on various subthemes.  Mr. Dinesh Jain President( Legal& Corp Affairs) Uflex graced the occasion as a chief Guest and Dr. Debi S. Saini Emeritus Professor-HRM , IIM, Ranchi was present as a Guest of Honor. In the very beginning the program was started with inaugural session where Mr. Arpit Chadha (Vice Chairman) felicitated the chief guest and the guest of honour with plant sapling. He also shared words of wisdom and motivation to address the audience. In the inaugural session, Dr. Debi Saini make us aware what AI is actually and how it is helping and intervening in HR and Mr. Dinesh Jain shared their views like what challenges can come with AI listed as which process, Is AI can replace human workforce? He also added no one will be jobless. The Various eminent speakers during the Technical Sessions and Panel Discussion focused on concepts like AI is mainly Augmented Intelligence and we need to work on pace of change. VUCA(Volatile, uncertain, Constant, Ambiguous) is current scenario and how technology will affect various activities by 2030. We need to be ready to unlearn for adapting change. Mundane jobs can be handle by AI. With AI, value plays a key role.In Technical Session 2, eminent speakers gave an insight on topic “Leaders of 2030- Decoding New Paradigm”. Their views were “Leaders will be self, critical & bold.” There are 3 major competencies- Talent development, communication, leading change. The Top Management should be easily reachable for good leadership. Authenticity will have to be come in a big way.In session 3, Panel discussion on topic “Diversity & Inclusive Initiative” speakers enlighten and added in our knowledge by saying that there should not be only Lip Service. We need to be change from D&I to I&D. Inclusion should be worked on as society.At the end Dr.(Prof.) Vidya Sekhri(Director-Management) expressed his gratitude by Presenting Mementos as a token.


Overall session was very interactive and full of practical knowledge and insights shared by them on the topic which we are going to face in upcoming years.

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Utthan Club activity

Utthan, a CSR initiative of I.T.S - Mohan Nagar organised an activity based on the theme of auspicious festival “Diwali” for the school students in the campus on 24th October, 2019.


Students made different decorative beautiful items to decorate their homes to celebrate Diwali festival. Students were divided into groups and they made beautiful decorative items with the help of different materials.

Students were also made understand the importance of Diwali Celebration by I.T.S volunteers.

Best decorative items made by students were awarded with prizes by Dr. Vidya Sekhri, Director (Management) and faculty coordinators, Dr. Nitin Saxena and Prof. Shilpi Vaish.

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Guest Lecture organized for PGDM students

Department of Management at I.T.S Ghaziabad organized a lecture on Supply Chain and Operations by Dr. Saroj Koul for the students of PGDM

on 23rd October, 2019. Dr Saroj Koul is a Professor of Supply Chain Management at Jindal Global Business School, India. A Ph.D from IIT Delhi,  and  Masters of System Engineering and Operation Research from IIT Roorkee, She has over 35 years of industry experience including over 14 years’ experience of teaching Management Studies in India and North American Universities.

Along with the basic concepts, she discussed the emerging trends of Supply chain area. She shared that there has been enormous changes in this area around the world. Environmental pressures, technology revolution and internal evolution are prompting companies to revisit their network to determine how their future supply chain should be structured, both in terms of capacity and capabilities. What should organisations do now? She highlighted some of the latest technologies and automation solutions impacting global supply chains in varying degrees including Digital Manufacturing, Blockchain, Robotics, Cloud Computing, AI – Artificial Intelligence, IOT – Internet of Things, AR/VR – Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The session was very useful for the students.

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