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Workshop on the Topic: Towards the Professional Life for BBA and BCA students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a workshop on “Towards the Professional Life” for the final year students of BBA and BCA courses on Wednesday, 12thApril, 2023. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Shikha Arora and Dr. D K Pandey.

The workshop was aimed at enhancing the professional skills of the participants in the current hybrid working environment.The workshop consisted of various activities that focused on improving interpersonal skills and collaboration among the participants.

During the workshop, the resource persons emphasized the importance of emotional and social intelligence, a growth mindset, and building skills related to adaptability and resilience. These skills are essential in building effective business relationships, communication, and overall professional effectiveness.

The workshop provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of the professional world. The students were encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the workshop to their future careers, and the event was a great success in preparing them for their professional lives.

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Management students attended Youth Empowerment - 2023

The students of  I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad (PGDM 2022-24 Batch) namely namely Puneet Agrahari, Ritik Arora, Divya Singh, Varnika Gupta & Sana Zareen attended Youth Empowerment - "Global Peace Leadership Conference, Indo-Pacific 2023" at The Royal Plaza, New Delhi on 12th April, 2023.


The Global Peace Leadership Conference Indo-Pacific 2023 (GPLC 2023) brought more than 1000 students, ambassadors, and peace builders both virtually and in-person to the Le Meridien and Royal Plaza Hotels, New Delhi, India on April 11-13, 2023. The theme for the conference was Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Vision for Advancing Human Consciousness and Peace. Renowned personalities like Mata Armitanandamayi, Dr. Binny Sareen, Padma Shri Agus Indra, Dr. Marsudi Syuhud, Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Dr. Vivkrant Tomar addressed the gathering with their wisdom of words.

All the eminent speakers and leaders gathered to affirm “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” a universal ideology that we are one family under God, reflects the aspiration of all people for harmonious and prosperous lives in peace, love, and brotherhood.

It was an enriching experience for the students.

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Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized the Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for the students of PGDM batches (2021-23) and (2022-24) on April12, 2023.


The ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. Timira Shukla, Director-I.T.S School of Management, Dr. V. N. Bajpai, Director- Institute of Technology & Science and Dr. Anusha Agarwal, PGDM Chairperson.

The commencement of the ceremony was marked by an auspicious lamp lighting ceremony. This was followed by the Welcome Address delivered by the Director. She congratulated the awardees and their parents for this achievement and said that continuous learning is important in all walks of life for professional growth. Dr. Anusha presented an overview of the Awards and motivated the students to put their best efforts in academics for a bright future.

The students were presented with awards in two categories as follows:

1 – Merit Awards

2 – Performance Improvement Award

•        Top 10 position Holders of PGDM (2021-23) Batch Trimester V

•        Top 10 position Holders of PGDM (2022-24) Batch Trimester II

•        Top 11 Performance Improvements Awardees in PGDM (2022-24) Batch Trimester II over Trimester I

•        Top 12 Performance Improvement Awardees in PGDM (2021-23) Batch Trimester V over Trimester IV

All the awardees were appreciated with loud cheers by their batchmates.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Shikha Arora and Dr. Vivek Pachauri.

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Workshop on "Career opportunities and Competencies in the area of Marketing" for BBA and BCA students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a workshop on "Career Opportunities and Competencies in the area of Marketing" for the final year students of BBA/BCA course on Monday, 06th April 2023.


Dr. Mayank Sharma, I.T.S School of Management was the resource person for the workshop.

The main objective of this workshop was to enable students to learn the transitional traditional and to contemporary modern era and provide insights on new career opportunities in marketing 4.0 and 5.0.

The session began with Dr. Mayank discussing about the paradigm shifts that have taken place in the field of marketing, concepts of FOMO, FOBO, ROPO, changing customer tastes, habits, preferences, increased expectations, last mile service delivery needs, and overall solution. He briefed students about the emerging job titles, their complete job roles, their median salaries, growth rate and an outlook for next 10 years in the industry. Industry student engaging exercises were conducted, which were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the students.

It was a highly interactive session as students asked their queries related to multiple concepts and contents covered during the workshop. 

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Webinar on “Recent developments in World Finance”

The students of I.T.S School of Management namely Ankit Kumar, Anubhav Chaturvedi, Ashutosh Saxena, Dileep Kumar, Mohd Amaan, Rahul Kumar, Shubham Pandey, Rohit Jain, Shobhit Agrahari, Kunal Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Shashi Raj,

Vivek Kesarwani, Rupali Kanchan, Priya Arora, Rahul Sharma, Ritik Arora, Yachika Tyagi attended a webinar on the topic “Recent Developments in World Finance”, conducted by  Institute of Quantitative Finance, which is India’s First Quant Finance Institute on Saturday,  08th April, 2023

The resource person Mr. Rajat Bhatia, Founder & CEO of NEURAL CAPITAL. He briefed about the recent developments and trends in the financial markets.

Point  discussed:-

·         The demise of Credit Suisse and what it means for the Too Big to Fail Banks.

·         The rapid collapse of American Banks, particularly Silicon Valley Bank


The Webinar was very useful to all the students for updating their knowledge.

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Workshop on “Understanding Importance of Data Analytics using Excel for BBA and BCA students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a workshop on "Understanding Importance of Data Analytics using Excel" for the final year students of BBA and BCA courses on Friday, 07th April 2023.

The expert for the session was Prof. Sunil Upadhyay, I.T.S School of Management.

 The objective of the workshop

·        To enhance the day-to-day efficiency of the students by training them in various operations of Microsoft Excel.

·        To improve their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Prof. Sunil Upadhyay started the workshop by introducing the importance of data analytics in the business world. He then proceeded to demonstrate various advanced Excel tools such as Conditional Formatting, Index, Pivot table, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP to perform effective data analysis. He emphasized the importance of lookup and pivot table functions of Excel for day-to-day operational activities. He also explained the various features and functions of Excel that can be used for complex calculations, data analysis, and much more. The workshop was highly interactive, and participants were enthusiastically involved throughout the training.

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Workshop for on “Blue Ocean Strategy” for BBA and BCA students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a workshop on “Blue Ocean Strategy” for the final year students of BBA and BCA courses on Thursday, 06th April, 2023.


The resource person of the workshop is Dr. V. N. Bajpai, Professor and Director , Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad.

The rapid pace of innovation and change in recent years has led scholars and executives to search for an approach to strategy that is more dynamic than Harvard Professor Michael Porter’s classic “five forces.” One of the most successful efforts to do so is “Blue Ocean Strategy,” developed by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

Dr Bajpai shared Blue ocean strategy as the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant. He focused on the concepts of Value innovation and technological innovation and explained the ways of creating new demand and attracting non customers. He shared that Value innovation is created in the region where a company’s actions favorably affect both its cost structure and its value proposition to buyers.  Cost savings are made by eliminating and reducing the factors an industry competes on.  Buyer value is lifted by raising and creating elements the industry has never offered.  Over time, costs are reduced further as scale economies kick in due to the high sales volumes that superior value generates.

He discussed cases of Godrej ‘Chotookool’ in the refrigerator industry and McDonalds in restaurant as a successful innovation model. It was a great learning experience for students and faculty present.

 Workshop was coordinated by Dr. Vivek Pachauri

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Marketing Club - INNOVATIVE VIKRETA 2.0 - Salesman of the Year -2022

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad after the grand success of first edition, organised 'Innovative Vikreta 2.0 -Salesman of the Year 2022'the 2nd edition of the event of institute’s Marrecus - The Marketing Club, on Thursday, 06th April 2023.

Its objective was to enable the participants to apply the learned concepts in marketing & sales, about product, pricing, pitching, promotional strategies etc. in marketing through innovative product/service development/ concept selling (through prototypes/demo or charts) and pitching them for sale in a common marketplace. For the purpose, a whole market place was developed & decorated on the theme of summer carnival.

In total 17 teams showcased their offering through a demo/ prototype along with poster of their innovative product in the event. The event was judged by a panel of 03 faculty members comprising of Dr.Shailendra Kumar Dube, Prof. Yachna Malhotra and Dr. Vivek Pachauri who evaluated the teams on 4 parameters viz.

·         Understanding of the real-world problem,

·         Innovativeness in the proposed product.

·         Sales Pitch & Marketing Skills

·         Ability to Convince Customers

The winning teams were awarded with Trophies, Certificates of Appreciation and Individual gifts by Dr.Timira Shukla, Director & Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM.

The winning teams were:

1)     Team ZEAL (Ist) –for alternative source of protein from ‘sattu’- SATTUAN SHAKE

2)     Team – Out of The Box (IInd) – for Battery sharing via wireless - ‘BiFi’

3)     Team Money Magnets (IIIrd) – for Solar Power based Car Cooling system during parking ‘SYVA’

4)     Team Queen Bees (Best Decorated Shop) –ZO-ZO  Drinks

5)     Team KAPA (People Choice Award) –Safety Smart Jacket for women ‘KAPA TRAVEL JACKET’

6)     Team ASRA (Best Sales Pitchers) – for need based customisable Alarm Clockwith drone.

7)     Lucky Draw – By a coupon system and drawing chits from lots.

This activity aimed to usher the participants of PGDM 2022-24 batch towards creative thinking, team cohesion, active participation and enable them to understand and apply the classroom concepts in a practical & fun way. It was a replica of the actual marketplace but there was no actual buy or sell of the product, but heavily focused upon prospecting, sales presentation, pitching to visitors, query handling, visitor convincing, Q & A, taking feedback.

The event was conceptualised and organised by Dr. Mayank Sharma, Club Coordinator – Marrecus - Marketing Club.

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Workshop on Selling Skills and its Significance for BBA and BCA students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a workshop on “Selling Skills and its Significance” in professional life for the final year students of BBA and BCA courses on Wednesday, 05th April, 2023.

The resource person Dr. Timira Shukla, Professor and Director introduced the concept and elucidated the role and scope of professional selling in contemporary world. She used videos to articulate the importance of non-verbal communication in a selling situation.

Prof. Shukla further elaborated the significance of listening to the customer. Role plays was used as a method to demonstrate the role of probing the customer’s mind and mapping. A communication exercise was used to explain the importance of reading and writing.

The different skills explained included listening skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, presentation & persuasion skills, negotiation skills and customer service skills. The importance of when and why to ‘pitch’ was described in detail.  The do’s and don’ts which can kill a sale were highlighted by using real life examples.

It was an interactive session

Workshop was coordinated by Dr. Vivek Pachauri

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SIP Workshop “Corporate Expectations from Summer Internship” for PGDM students

A SIP workshop on “Corporate Expectations from Summer Internship” was organised at I.T.S School of Management on, Wednesday 05th April, 2023.

The objective of the workshop was to make PGDM 2022-24 students understands the corporate expectations from them during their summer internships beginning May 2023.

The workshop was taken by distinguished alumni resource, Ms. Anchal Ganjoo, India Compliance Lead, Asset Management, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC (Alumnus PGDM 2013-15 Batch) and Ms. Shivangi Singh, Team Lead, Google Cloud Sales Enablement, Cognizant (Alumnus PGDM 2016-18 Batch) for PGDM (2022-24) Batch.

The workshop began with the welcome of alumni speakers by Prof. Durba Roy, AVP – CRC. In her welcome remarks, she discussed on the changing landscape of organisations with respect to SIP interns over a period of time and deliverables expected. She focussed on developing the right set of learning attitude and observe go-getter approach to gain maximum.

Ms. Anchal Ganjoo, shared that the responsibilities of an intern have evolved.In many internship programs, one can be working on projects, managing a small team and even working along some executives. It’s also not uncommon to receive a full-time offer upon completion of one’s internship with a company. Also, employers like to hire interns and use their internships source new talent for their company. Students shall definitely aim for PPI & PPOs from their SIPs.

Ms. Shivangi Singh, during her interaction with the students discussed about developing the niche skills to perform better. She discussed that companies expects a problem solver. At the time of joining, the main job will be to assist, learn, and grow. After one is settled in, he/she be expected to pull his/her own weight. She advised picking up hard skills and brushing upon the soft skills.

The alumni’s answered the queries of the students too and shared that Internships are usually short-term. They’re smaller investments in time and energy than full-time jobs. But they are certainly without a doubt a great investment of your time.

Dr.Timira Shuka, Director and Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM presented the plaque of honor and token of gratitude to the alumni speakers.

The workshop was coordinated by Prof. Yachna Malhotra and Dr. Mayank Sharma.

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