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International Education tour to UAE (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi)

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized an International Education Tour to UAE (DUBAI, SHARJAH and ABU DHABI) for PGDM (2023-25) batch..

Students of PGDM (2023-25) Batch along with  Dr.Gurpreet Kaur, Prof. Yachna Malhotra and Dr. D. K. Pandey on the flight to UAE tour (Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi)  in three different groups on 23rd , 25th and 26th April, 2024.  Group 1, Group 2 & 3 landed at Sharjah Airport early in the morning.

After checking out from airport, they first proceeded for the city tour of Sharjah and then students went to 1 to 10 mall, one of Dubai's most renowned shopping destinations. They explored a variety of shops offering traditional handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs.

In the evening, students embarked on an exhilarating desert safari adventure, away from the bustling city life. Students enjoyed traditional Arabic performances including music, dance, and cultural displays, immersing themselves in the rich heritage of the region.

Desert Safari experience provided students with a well-rounded exploration of Dubai's diverse attractions and outdoor adventures. From the opulence of Burj Al Arab and the cultural significance of Sheikh Palace to the exhilarating dune drives and cultural performances in the desert. The day ended on a very beautiful note with the enjoyment of the Arabic culture, and the group came back to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2: The day was spent in exploring the Dubai City tour . The students went to   Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Road famously called as JBR Road, Palm Beach and Atlantis Hotel.

This was followed by the visit to the Canadian University in Dubai (CUD), a leading institution known for its excellence in higher education. The visit included a campus tour, during which students had the opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art facilities, academic departments, and student amenities offered by CUD.

In the evening, the group visited Dhow Cruise. The cruise was an exhilarating experience with ethnic culture beauty in the form of dance shows, magic, and lip-smaking Arabic cruise for dinner.

The day concluded with the group returning to the hotel for an overnight stay, filled with memories of their enriching experiences exploring Dubai educational and cultural treasure.

Day 3: The day commenced with a guided city tour of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, offering students an immersive experience into the region's rich cultural heritage.

BAPS Hindu Temple: Students were captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the BAPS Hindu temple, appreciating its intricate architecture and serene ambiance, which provided a glimpse into the spiritual practices of the Hindu faith.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: The visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque left students in awe of its grandeur and architectural magnificence. As one of the largest mosques in the world, its intricate design details and stunning beauty left a lasting impression on the students.

Ferrari World: At Ferrari World, students indulged in an array of attractions and experiences, from admiring real Ferrari cars to enjoying thrilling rides, offering a blend of excitement and fascination.

The day concluded with a visit to Dubai Mall and the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. The mesmerizing fountain show, synchronized with music, added an enchanting touch to the experience, creating unforgettable memories for the students.

Overall, the day was filled with enriching experiences that allowed students to explore the cultural treasures of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, fostering a deeper appreciation for diversity and heritage.

Day 4: The students in the last leg of the educational tour visited Rajyong Water Bottling LLC, renowned for its international water brand, "AquaDeFonte and JK Cement Works, Fujairah, UAE.

Rajyong Water Bottling LLC:  Students were provided with insights into the bottling process, quality control measures, and the company's commitment to sustainability. They had the opportunity to witness first-hand the production line and learn about the advanced technologies employed in the bottling industry. The visit aimed to enhance students' understanding of the beverage industry and its global operations.

JK Cement Works, Fujairah, UAE: An introductory session by the Head of Safety Department, where he gave a brief introduction about the plant and detailed safety provisions practiced at the plant. The plant visit started with the Control Room Visit. Later students visited the Laboratory, where students came to know about how the finished product is tested continuously to comply the international quality standards.

Following the industry visit, the students explored the vibrant Meena Bazaar of Dubai. The visit to the Meena Bazaar provided students with a glimpse into the vibrant market place culture of Dubai and its significance in the region's economy.

In the evening, the students concluded their enriching educational tour to Dubai and proceeded to the airport. After a memorable day of learning and exploration, they boarded their flight back to Delhi, filled with fond memories and valuable experiences.

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Opening ceremony of UAE Alumni Chapter - I.T.S School of Management

A grand opening ceremony of UAE Alumni Chapter - I.T.S School of Management was held on 28th April, 2024 at Hotel Hyatt Palace, Dubai.

The event started with the chapter meeting wherein the illustrious alumni, along with their family, attended the event.

Dr. D. K. Pandey welcomed alumni and briefed about the association and the purpose, aim, and objectives of the chapter.

The event was also attended virtually by the Director - Prof.(Dr.) Timira Shukla, Chairperson PGDM – Dr. Anusha Agarwal,  Associate VP-CRC – Prof. Durba Roy and Secretary, Treasure  and member of I.T.S – SOMAA; Mr. Kunal Bedi, Mr. R Sengupta and Mr. Himanshu Paliwal. Mr. Anuj Tomar, the President of I.T.S – SOMAA could not attend due to prior commitments.

This effort of the institute was very much appreciated by the alumni and showed their conviction towards achieving the objectives of the chapter. Later, the chapter memorandum was signed by the alumni.

Further, an interaction session was conducted with the students of PGDM 2023-25 batch. Dr. D. K. Pandey and Prof. Yachana Malhotra addressed the gathering.  Alumni shared their experiences and their journey from B-School to Board Room. Lot many questions were asked by our students, which was answered by the alumni.

The  alumni were felicitated with a plaque & souvenir with a followed by dinner.

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Management students participated in CASE STUDY COMPETITION

Shikha Misha, Aditya Gaur, Akash Sharma, Nidhi Kumari Misha, Atharv Pratap Singh Raghav, Shiv Shankar Patel and Sanjana Pandey, students of the PGDM program 2023-25 Batch,

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad participated in the “3rd Case Study Competition- INTELLECTUAL ALLIANCE OF IDEAS” on April 25, 2024 organised by School of Business Administration, Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology (BPIT).

In the competition, 36 colleges participated in the first round for presentation of the case, and nine teams qualified for the second round. The round was based on the solution-based question and answer session.

One team of students, including Shikha Mishra, Aditya Gaur, Akash Sharma, and Nidhi Kumari Mishra participated in case “Downfall Of Patanjali” and secured second position in the competition.

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FLAG OFF CERMONY for International Tour to UAE (Dubai Abu Dhabi and Sharjah)

I.T.S School of Management organized FLAG OFF CERMONY :for International Education Tour to UAE (Dubai Abu Dhabi and Sharjah) for students of PGDM (2023-25) batch on 23rd April, 2024.

Dr. Timira Shukla, Director presided over the Flag - off ceremony. In the address she advised the students to learn about new cultures and perspectives. She encouraged the students about developing new insights from their visit to different places including universities, industries and popular tourist attractions.

Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM Program also encouraged and bestowed her blessings on the group for a safe and learning-filled journey & other faculty members were also present for the flag - off ceremony.

The students will be leaving in 3 groups on 23rd , 25th  and 26th  April, 2024 respectively and will be accompanied by Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, Prof. Yachna Malhotra and Dr. D. K. Pandey.

We wish all of them a great journey of exploring & learning.

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Guest lecture on “Strategic Marketing” for PGDM students

I.T.S School of Management Ghaziabad organized a session on the topic “Strategic Marketing” for the PGDM (2023-25) batch on April 19, 2024 .


Director I.T.S School of Management, Dr. Timira Shukla welcomed resource person  Prof. Sheetal, Assistant Professor IIM Shillong.

Prof. Sheetal started the session with an interesting question about what Strategic Marketing means. The speaker inquired about different views and made the idea of Strategic marketing easy to understand, talking about the changing dimension of strategic marketing in contemporary world.

Students were given insights into the significance of Strategic Marketing for a developing nation like India.

In the session a Case study on Challenges Faced by Byju' was studied. Key takeaways intakes were- Financial Challenges: Job cuts, delayed IPO, pressures from lenders, Consolidation: K-10 and exam preparation, Fundraising and Valuation Adjustments: Discrepancies in valuation, Board and Auditor resignations, Ethical and Legal Troubles: Unethical accounting, mishandling user data, legal disputes.


The session ended with an engaging question-and-answer round. This not only heightened students' interest but also contributed to building awareness about the emerging trends of Strategic Marketing.

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Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for PGDM

I.T.S. School of Management, Ghaziabad organized the Merit and Performance Improvement Award Ceremony for batch PGDM (2022-24 & 2023-25) on Monday, April 15, 2024.

The ceremony began with auspicious lamp lighting and seeking blessings of Maa Saraswati.

Prof (Dr.) Timira Shukla, Director, I.T.S School of Management lauded the achievements of all merit and performance improvement awardees for their  dedication to academics and learning. She emphasized that life-long leaning, adaptability and agility are important attributes for success.

Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM briefed about event and inspiration behind the conceptualization of these awards given by the Institute.

The Award Ceremony was conducted into two categories viz. the Merit Awards and Performance Improvement Awards. In category I, top 10 students of each batch were awarded based on their performance in II & V Trimester. In category II, students were awarded for their performance improvement from Trimester II to I and Trimester V to IV respectively.

All the students were very enthusiastic and contribute their best. The session ended with the concluding remarks by Dr. Anusha Agarwal. She congratulated all the students on this achievement and advised them to put in their best efforts with the same zeal.

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Participation as a Session Chair in the International Conference on Digital Transformation & Sustainability of Business( ICD TSB)

Dr. Namita Mishra, Professor of I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad participated as a Session Chair  in the International Conference on “Digital Transformation & Sustainability of Business( ICD TSB)”  organized by Vardhaman  College of Engineering  Hyderabad on March 29, 2024.


 The objective of the conference was to provide a robust platform for Research paper presentation and discussion to  promote research among all the active participants in the conference .The session was held on the basis of presentation of research papers and posters , discussions and followed with one to one feedback  . The experts talk based on the Session on  Evolution of digitalisation and India's Achievements till 2024  . Further the research papers were focused on use of Technologies such as AI, ML ,Cloud computing ,block chain in finance for financial inclusion and sustainability.

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Management faculty presented Research Paper in National Conference

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Assistant Professor at I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad, Presented his Research Paper “A Study about the factors influence the Social Media users to purchase Goods” during National Conference on the topic “The Future of Retail Education Embracing Technology and Innovation” organized by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Delhi, School of Vocational Studies in Collaboration with Retailers Association of India (RAI), Mumbai on March 27th, 2024.


The Conference was organized on hybrid mode where around 20 selected papers were presented by Researchers & Scholars from various places of India.

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Workshop attended by Management Faculty

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Assistant Professor at I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad, attended an online Two-weeks workshop on "Capacity Building Program - Advance Research Insights with Research Methodology and SEM Essentials" Sponsored by ICSSR & organized by IES's Management College, Bandra Reclaimation, Mumbai from March 11 - 22, 2024.


The FDP was organized on Zoom Platform where around 50 Faculty & Research Scholars participated from different parts of India. During the workshop, Research related very important aspects like; Simple and Multiple Regression Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), Introduction to the software AMOS, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), Common bias (CMB) test, Measurement Model Assessment, Discussing Fit Indices and higher order construct etc. were covered. Mr. Ashutosh Sharma was awarded with participation certificate.

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Workshop on the Topic "Personal Branding using Social Media" for BBA and BCA students

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized a workshop on "Personal Branding using Social Media" for the final year students of BBA and BCA courses on March 18, 2024.

Prof. Yachna Malhotra, I.T.S School of Management introduced the importance and requirement of Personal Branding in the professional and corporate life.

An ice breaking activity was conducted to make students alert and active listeners for the session. The session was a mix of both the slide show coupled with some interesting activities, engaging videos and online quizzes to make students understand the significance and need of Personal Branding and how to make best use of their smart phones and social media to increase their networking and branding in the virtual age.

The session covered various aspects of personal branding like creating a personal brand statement, identifying target audiences, and using social media platforms to build a brand. The advantages of personal branding like creating connections, enhanced reach, making narrative and leadership building were discussed at length. Some real life examples coupled with video examples were discussed  for better comprehension of the subject among the audience.

The session concluded with an online quiz on Personal Branding in which all the students actively participated and realized their learning outcomes of the session. The students' joy was further enhanced with the virtual certificates they generated based on the scores in the online quiz.

The attendees were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the workshop, asking questions and sharing their experiences related to social media and personal branding.

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