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Guest Talk on “Applications of Statistical Techniques in Managerial Decision Making”

I.T.S School of management organized a guest talk for PGDM (2023-2025 Batch) students on 10th October, 2023. The session was taken by the resource person  Mr. Sanjeev Nayak, Founder S & N Services, Transformation Partner Strategy Tools-Norway. Dr. Timira Shukla, Director- I.T.S School of Management welcomed the guest by presenting a plant sapling.

Mr. Nayak, emphasized on the Applications of Statistical techniques in an organization. He demonstrated the concept of Regression Analysis with the help of live case studies from the industry. He also discussed about different statistical techniques to be used in forecasting the stock market. The key take away from this session were about the use of different statistical techniques in managerial decision making.

The session was very interactive as the participants asked various queries like; how to choose appropriate technique and what are the precautions to be taken care of at the time of applying the technique. The guest tackled the questions very effectively. Finally, the speaker emphasized on what organisations are expecting from forthcoming professionals.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma presented the Memento to Mr. Sanjeev Nayak as a token of gratitude.

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Alumni talk on the topic “Navigating Real World Challenges”

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad organized an Alumni Talk for students of PGDM (2023-25 batch) on the topic “Navigating Real World Challenges” on 7th October, 2023.


The talk was delivered by Alumnus of PGDM (2010-2012 batch) Mr. Arindam Mitra, Learning & Development facilitator (India & APAC) SAGE. Dr. Timira Shukla, Director- I.T.S School of Management welcomed the guest by presenting a plant sapling.

Ms. Arindam started the session by sharing his experience at during his PGDM programme. Further, he shared his journey from campus to corporate. He spoke about the career in Human Resource as a HR Manager. During his address, he emphasized on the changing of mindset about salary package. He said that except being focused about higher salary packages, budding managers should try to be focused about being ethically professional. He highlighted the challenges for HR manager in the corporate world. He discussed various aspects like; Generational Cold war, Mentorship, Extra working hours, Adaptability, Teamwork, Networking etc. Which will be faced by a fresher during job in corporate/industry.

He also pointed out some important aspects like; Communication, Presentation, Appearance, Attitude etc. He answered all the queries asked by the students satisfactorily.

At last Dr. D.K. Pandey presented a memento as a token of gratitude to Mr. Arindam.

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SANKRIYA club activity “ANDE KA FUNDA Zero Budget based Business Idea”

The Operations Club- SANKRIYA, organized an event  “ANDE KA FUNDA Zero Budget based Business Idea”, for the benefit of PGDM I year students ( Batch 2023-25), on October 5, 2023. The basic objective of the event was to inculcate business idea development, promoting start up culture and to develop business acumen among the students of the PGDM.

The senior members of the club welcomed the Director , Dr. Timira Shukla, the Judges of the event- Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, Dr. Rajeev Johari & Club Coordinator Operations  Dr. Shailendra Kumar Dube.

Dr. Timira Shukla urged the students to develop innovative thinking and developing business ideas which will promote “start up” culture in the campus. The Club coordinator encouraged students to be active during the business idea presentations so that they can also understand the process.

Total 09 teams comprising 3 members each, participated in the event. Each team was given opportunity to present ideas  through PPTs and they were evaluated by the judges on different parameters like branding, Industry knowledge, key problems etc.

The prize distribution ceremony was graced by the Director, Club Co-ordinator and judges, who presented prizes to all the winning teams and Jury Award winners:

First - Team Cheeta (Vijay, Himanshu Mathpal  &  Saurabh Anand); 

Second- Team Well –Wishers ( Harshit Agarwal, Kishan Goyal & Khushboo Dubey) Third- Team Superiors ( Akash Sharma, Gunne Tyagi & Shikha Sharma). 

The Jury’s Award was given to Team Graphites ( Shivam Kumar, Khushi Kashyap & Nidhi Kumari Mishra).

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Workshop on Marketing - The Science of Persuasion for PGDM 2022-24

The workshop on "Marketing - The Science of Persuasion" was conducted by I.T.S School of Management for the PGDM (2022-24) Batch on 7th October, 2023. Dr. Timira Shukla, Director- I.T.S School of Management welcomed the guest by presenting a plant sapling

The session aimed to enhance the students' understanding of the art and science behind persuasive marketing techniques and its relevance in contemporary business scenarios. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Sarabjit Singh, Executive VP at Bandhan Mutual Funds.

The workshop was designed to create an interactive learning environment. Mr. Singh encouraged active participation from the students, encouraging them to share their perspectives and experiences related to marketing strategies and persuasion techniques.

Throughout the workshop, Mr. Singh explored various key concepts related to the science of persuasion in marketing

He also pointed out some important aspects like; Communication, Presentation, Appearance, Attitude etc. to be prepared for job-interviews. He answered all the queries asked by the students satisfactorily.

At last Prof Neha Shrotriya presented a memento as a token of gratitude to Mr. Sarabjit Singh.

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Guest lecture on ‘Private Market and Fund Accounting’

I.T.S School of Management organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Private Market and Fund Accounting’ for PGDM 2022-24 Batch finance specialization students on 7th October 2023. The session was held in online mode.

The program was initiated under the presence of Mr. Pawndeep Singh Bhandari, Project Delivery Manager, Acuity Knowledge Partners; Dr. Timira Shukla, Director I.T.S School of Management; Dr. Anusha Agarwal, Chairperson PGDM; Prof Durba Roy, AVP-CRC and Dr. Neeraj Sanghi, Professor (Finance).

Mr. Pawndeep Singh Bhandari disseminated the conceptual aspects of Private Market and Fund accounting to the students present in his session. He briefly introduced the students about Private Equity, Investment Management Fund, Risk Capital Management, Investment Fund, Pension Fund etc. Mr. Bhandari explained Accrual Accounting and Cash Accounting concepts to the students. In this session, he also discussed about the requirements of corporate sector in finance domain from the students.

It was an interactive session as students asked their queries related to the contents covered during the session. 

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4th CII Delhi International Technology Summit 2023 attended by PGDM students

The students of  I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad (PGDM 2023-25 Batch) namely  Akash Sharma, Saurabh Singh, Krishna Rai, Nitin Kumar, Ankit Kumar, Harshit Dubey, Kirti Chaudhary along with faculty members Dr. Anusha Agarwal & Prof. Neha Shrotriya attended the “4th International Technology Summit 2023” on 5th October 2023 at  ITC Maurya, New Delhi  


organised by CII Delhi With the focused theme '“Unleashing Exponential Growth with NextGen Tech-Innovations and sustainable solutions” – the event will highlight the increasingly crucial role of technology in accelerating and fostering business growth.

The event inaugural session begins with opening remarks of Mr. Puneet Kaura, Chairman, CII Delhi State Council. The event's theme, underscores technology's pivotal role in accelerating business growth. The summit delved into cutting-edge topics such AI, blockchain, 5G, IoT, and more through keynote speakers, panel discussions, and experience-sharing sessions, offering valuable insights into technology's transformative potential across sectors.

The session saw enlightened speakers like Ms Irina Ghose, Managing Director Microsoft India and Sai Arul Head of Region SAARC and others. 

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Workshop on Business Simulation 'BankStrat' for PGDM (2022-24) Batch

I.T.S School of Management organized  a workshop on “Business Simulation Game”  for the  PGDM (Batch 2022-24) on October 4, 2023.


The Resource Persons was Mr. Debashish J. Das, Co- Founder, Humanlinks Learning.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Director, ITS School of Management , Dr.Timira Shukla, in the presence of  Mr. Debashish J. Das, Prof. Kumar Biswas  & Dr. Shailendra Kumar Dube besides PGDM II year students of Strategic Management .

Prof. Timira Shukla in her opening remarks, laid emphasis on the “First Hand Experience” through “ Simulation Games” because it helps one to enhance its decision making capabilities and get a holistic picture of the organization.

Mr. Debashish J.Das introduced simulation game “ BankStrat” to the participants,  which was about the banking operations and how to perform on four given parameters.

In the first “Demonstration Round”, two students scored 63 out of 80, and in “Assessment Round” majority of students achieved the green band. There was a final round for self improvement too. The top successful students also shared their strategy with the participants. The PGDM Chairperson, Dr. Anusha Agarwal presented Memento and Plaque to Mr. Debashish J. Das, for his contribution towards simulation games.

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Session on Self- Exploration by Shree Pawan Sinha “Guruji”

I.T.S School of Management Ghaziabad organized a session on the topic “Self- Exploration” for the PGDM (2023-25) batch on 4th October 23.


The session was conducted by the spiritual preceptor, philosopher, writer and an educationist Professor Shri Pawan Sinha “Guruji” founder of Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram.

Hon’ble Chairman, ITS - The Education Group, Dr. R.P. Chadha welcomed “Guruji” and “Guru Mata” Dr. Kavita Asthana. “Guruji” initiated the talk by delving into the complexities of ‘Self’ and how can we know about oneself in different layers.

Drawing from his extensive experience in the field of education and spirituality, he engaged the audience with real-world examples of people who were not only knowledgeable but also spiritually inclined. He gave example of Lord Krishna acquiring deep knowledge in diverse fields before taking the role of on administrator.

During the session he provided practical insights on how students could develop capabilities and achieve their dreams by exploring oneself. Guruji also deliberated on the importance of confidence and concentration and how these two qualities are required for leadership and change in the dynamic world. He emphasized on the mental and physical wellbeing for the holistic development and to relentlessly pursue dreams.

He concluded the session by urging the students to expand the horizons. He suggested to students to keep a good company of dreamers who have some great aim in life. He further explained, in doing so students, uplift one another to reach greater heights.

Towards end of the session, plaque of honour was presented to the guests, as a token of appreciation and respect, by the Hon’ble Chairman, ITS - The Education Group, Dr. R. P. Chadha. The event was stimulating and left the audience with valuable insights about life and ‘Self-Exploration’. 

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One day Excursion Tour to Rurban Resort

I.T.S School of Management, Ghaziabad  organised a one-day excursion trip to  Rurban Resort, Murad Nagar,  Ghaziabad for PGDM 2023-25 batch students  on  30th September, 2023.

The prime aim of such of excursion tour is to empower students with experiential learning i.e., by engaging in team activities, coordinating with team members, leadership development,  risk analysis capabilities, handling situational problems, crisis management, time management and gaining hands on experience.

It was a bright sunny day,   the students had the thrilling experience while venturing through the meandering routes of village enroute to the resort.

The students participated in various activities such as:

·         ZipLine

·         Wall Climbing

·         Tyre climbing

·         Zig Zag walk

·         Ladder walk

·         Wood walk

Such activities not only tested ones risk taking capabilities but also endurance, fitness and decision making capabilities. 

 After the eventful session, the students were served with lip smacking, sumptuous lunch. In the post lunch session, the students participated in several games & sports  like basketball, Netball, cricket, handball, shooting, etc. However, the most enjoyable activity was tug-of-war of boys and girls. It was indeed a high voltage game with real time team coordination. Individual goals were culminated into team objective to win. These activities helped them to overcome their fears and bond with each other. In the evening “Rajasthani Folk Dance” & “Balancing Skills on Wire” was showcased by the artists which was truly amazing.   This was followed by evening tea and snacks.

This outbound excursion tour helped the students learn the importance of working in teams, collaborating and learning from one another.  They also understood the importance of imbibing cultural values with modern outlook.  The different activities stimulated the physical and emotional quotient of the students.

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International Corporate Talk “Leading in the Age of Disruption-Navigating Uncertainty and Innovation”

I.T.S School of Management organized an online International Corporate Talk on the theme "Leading in the Age of Disruption-Navigating Uncertainty and Innovation" for the students of the PGDM batch (2023-25) on Friday, September 29, 2023.

The esteemed speaker for the session, Mr. Ivan Muniz Rothgiesser, Director of the ACCEDU Action for Education, Cusco – Peru, was welcomed by the Director of I.T.S School of Management, Dr. Timira Shukla.

Mr. Rothgiesser initiated the talk by delving into the complexities of leadership in a rapidly changing world, where disruption and uncertainty have become the norm. Drawing from his extensive experience in the field of education and innovation, he engaged the audience with real-world examples and encouraged active participation.

During the session, Mr. Rothgiesser emphasized the critical importance of adaptability and innovation. He provided practical insights on how students can navigate uncertainty, harness innovation, and develop the skills needed to excel in leadership roles in today's dynamic business environment.

The speaker elucidated the multifaceted role of leaders in addressing disruption, from strategic to effective decision-making. He highlighted the need for leaders to balance short-term goals with long-term sustainability and encouraged students to develop a holistic understanding of leadership.

The event was intellectually stimulating and left the audience with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of leading in an era of disruption and innovation.

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